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  1. Are those ratings? If so, why is Gaulden rated above Reid??? Lmao
  2. Haha ok... I forgot that high end athletes, (who have immense resources), can't have new training methods over a 12 month period. Makes sense now
  3. Because training methods are constantly evolving? Very logical, smart, and standard for people to try new methods of training.
  4. What would this cost us? A 1st in 2020 + this year's 1st plus a 3rd or 4th? There's no way I could get on board with this, nor do I think Hurney 2.0 is so stupid
  5. I know Baker looks like he'll be good, but jury is still out. I'm skeptical TBH
  6. Haha yeah.... 80% of the Huddle doesn't understand this
  7. Is Deionte Thompson really projected to fall to the 3rd round? That seems like a steal... I've largely see him going in the 1st or early 2nd
  8. Definitely do not want to trade up. A bigtime DE will be there at #16. Don't need to overthink it. Just pick the beast we want, then profit
  9. Yep, with the amount of cap space we had, Hurney 2.0 has done an outstanding job. Still feel weird saying that though
  10. No top C or G will "drop".... the top at both will be there, most likely including Jonah Williams, who people are projecting as a T mostly, but could play G as well
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