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  1. By getting rid of Gettleman and now Matt we can finally close that chapter.
  2. I, for one, am completely shocked that Mr. Scot and frash.exe have once again hijacked another thread to defend the honor of their lord and savior.
  3. I'm very impressed with how Marty is navigating this offseason.
  4. The draft is a crapshoot.... Always play to win.
  5. I'll bet we didn't even reach out to Bill Cowher about taking this position! WE ARE THE WORST!
  6. I'd at least see if we could get Gettleman to throw a draft pick our way before outright releasing him.
  7. Give Dave a call and see what picks he'll give us to get his hog mollie back.
  8. Bahahahaha. Whatever helps you sleep at night. If YoU ReSpONd YoU LoSe ThE GaMe!
  9. Get over what? You're the only one getting emotional. Weirdo.
  10. I'm just fine. I make a couple posts here and there. I don't make thousands of posts mourning and defending the honor of a (bad) GM.
  11. You lost buddy, accept it. I thought you were done with this team anyways? You spend an unhealthy amount of time on a message board of a team you don't even like anymore.
  12. Nice job ducking! ;) YOU JUST LOST MY GAME!!!
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