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  1. At this point I'm convinced Frash is just trolling. There's no way that he believes the stuff he posts here.
  2. The cap can and should be manipulated in a situation like that. Don't tell me it can't be when New Orleans does it every single year.
  3. @frash.exe Yeah, he "evaluates" alright.... Remember when Dave Gettleman thought it would be okay to pencil in Byron Bell and Nate Chandler as our tackles?
  4. He never managed to field a roster that could post consecutive winning seasons. I for one would like to get away from the brand of "success". Please stop touting the 2014 season as some proud accomplishment. He gutted a playoff team and left us with a team that snuck into the playoffs with a losing record only because of how putrid our division was. Do I even need to mention the way he dismantled our roster in historic fashion after 2015? Regardless of how you constantly try to spin it the other way Dave Gettleman is not a successful GM.
  5. The fact he didn't find a partner is a sign that he used restraint and wasn't offering something outrageous. This isn't a bad thing......
  6. Yeah, people are upset with the guy who drafted him.... That's perfectly logical given the topic. If this were a thread about Everette Brown I would expect a lot of negative posts directed towards Hurney and would find it weird if someone brought Gettleman into the discussion. I have a hard time understanding why there are certain posters who rush in defense of our former GM anytime they feel he is being slighted.
  7. Don't call Butler out for being a bust unless you're ready to face the full wrath of the Gettlewarriors brigade.
  8. Uh, ok? How is this relevant in any way to the topic at hand? You Gettlewarriors are something else......
  9. Ugh, don't want to be reminded of that draft class. Yikes.
  10. Lmao you people complaining are hilarious. IT'S THE FIFTH ROUND! Anything after round three is basically just throwing poo at the wall and hoping something sticks.
  11. What's your issue with this draft? Honestly, to this point it's been damn near perfect.
  12. Without blinking you take a franchise LT over a FS every single time. Hopefully Little is everything we've been missing since Gross was ran off by G-man.
  13. I don't mind that he put feelers out. The fact nobody bit shows that he used restraint and didn't offer anything ludicrous. I'm extremely happy with how things have went to this point.
  14. This is true, you have to have a balance of the two. Dave Gettleman created a "need" by botching the Norman situation and in turn wasted an entire draft trying to fix his self inflicted wound.
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