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  1. I see it on the Panther's site, but the link doesn't work right. Should be fixed soon.
  2. The problem with this thinking is you are putting the Rams game up against the rest of the season. We aren't guaranteed to beat the Rams WITH Cam. Just let that one go. Cut a finger, save the hand. Personally, I would rather feel better about weeks 2-16 than feel slightly better in week 1 while being nervous the entire game.
  3. I probably would. I would also be making probing calls to teams like the Dolphins to see what it would take to get Fitz. Allen, Grier, and Heinicke are not ready. I would be looking for a band-aid.
  4. I will get over it. I guess the best way to put it is it feels like you had a good friend at work and he just up and takes a better offer somewhere else without telling you. Happy for Ryan, but it still stings.
  5. You probably know more about it than I do. I thought he wouldn't count since we didn't " lose " him. We basically just let him go.
  6. I don't see how it could. He was an unrestricted free agent. He wasn't " ours ".
  7. I know. I am a little hurt right now so my judgement is off. I know it is ridiculous, but I expected a number where we all would just think ok, that is totally justified to take a dump on us, haha.
  8. The 8.4m/one year deal puts him at #12ish on the highest paid centers list, so it isn't INSANE money.
  9. I had that same wallet before I had to swap it out. Was giving me back problems. Fat wallet in your back pocket is no good. Slim in the front was a game changer. Nice shoes though, where di they come from?
  10. CXame here to post this. Told ya guys, optimism. Let them have thier privacy now imo.
  11. No, it doesn't, but I can think of plenty of reasons why a man would want to disappear for a while.
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