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  1. It’s not going to work, people overseas HATE American football. The London games are mostly full of Americans that are in London anyway on business or vacation lol
  2. Good, I HATE these international games, they are garbage. Wish they didn’t even exist.
  3. An article was posted the other day by one of Hillary’s former advisors that she is seriously considering running again and going back to her progressive roots from 1994 when she pushed for universal healthcare. At first I thought this was absolute lunacy, but what if it’s not? America loves a good comeback story and boy oh boy wouldn’t Trump V Clinton part two be the story of the century. This time Hillary would have nothing to lose. Instead of being the shoe in candidate, she would be the underdog this time. I think she would absolutely thrive in that role. Plus, let’s be real. Do you really think the media and like are going to revisit those damn emails story and rehash it?! It’s a thing of the past, I mean besides that, what negatives does she have? To all the Trump supporters who hope she runs because she would be guaranteed to lose, really think about that, remember that your guy was also guaranteed to lose and look what happened.
  4. Meanwhile the Panthers have lost to three teams with a combined record of 16-10 by an avg of just 14 pts. Considering the Patriots are still favored to make another SB run by many (let’s be honest, does anyone actually trust the likes of Andy Reid/Mahomes and Phillip Rivers in the playoffs? Or even the Steelers for that matter since BelliBrady always has their number in the playoffs?) I would say we aren’t that bad off after all.
  5. HornetsSting

    Cameron Newton to bounce back Sunday?

    Same, will be our most complete game of the season. We almost always do good at beating up bad teams who are out of the playoff race
  6. Oh we win handily in one of our most complete games of the season, we will put up 40 or more
  7. Ohhh that’s right! Totally forgot about him. Bet he becomes our next Norv Turner and gets hired as DC next season. More realistic than Fox
  8. HornetsSting

    Panthers sign Travaris Cadet

    Who the fug is Travaris Cadet?
  9. Stop, won’t happen. Saints will absolutely not lose another game this season. The Vikes, Cincy and Rams was our best chance for them to lose one. If they didn’t lose one of those, it just isn’t happening
  10. Then how in the actual fug is their offense the best the NFL has seen in years?!
  11. Considering that with the exception of the Saints, every single team we play from here on out currently has a losing record. I see the season going one of two ways. 10-6; Sweep by the Saints plus one more “poo the bed, lose to a bad team” loss which brings us to 10-6. 11-5; Getting swept by the Saints but roll all the rest of the teams we will be favored to beat to begin with. One thing I will say about this team is with the exception of a game here and there, we actually do beat the teams we are suppose to. Also considering we are a great Nov/Dec team, I’m leaning toward the 11-5 side with our only two remaining losses against you know who.
  12. Ok this is going to be a HUGE win for us, will have our most complete game of the season
  13. They still play us TWICE this year, lol Brees will get those 15 TDS this year with ease and then some.
  14. Yay, another participation trophy for the Panthers to make the playoffs. If this team had any sense they would tank so they can rebuild this sorry pass rush and just let the Saints take this one.
  15. HornetsSting

    NFC South

    Jesus H Christ some homers on this board, lmao. 50/50 us or Saints.. Yea, ok lol