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  1. HornetsSting

    Albert Breer on Kyle Allen

    Back up to Cam? I was thinking more REPLACEMENT for Cam if Cam still keeps under performing
  2. HornetsSting

    Cam speaks out on IG

    The same, cliche obligatory “new year, new me” BS that people say
  3. HornetsSting

    Tepper won't speak

    But how many times over the years we have heard that. We make a mind boggling roster cut “oh there’s gotta be a further plan!” We cut CJ Anderson “Oh there is a reason, we have a deeper plan in the works.” We say this time and time again and there is never a plan At the end of the day, no plan, just a lot of incompetent people running things, Tepper included
  4. HornetsSting

    Tepper won't speak

    What sucks is the buck stops with the owner, meaning there is no one to fire a bad owner so we are stuck with this bafoon Tepper for practically forever.
  5. HornetsSting

    Tepper won't speak

    Yep, and let’s not forget Mr consistent 16 years Bengals HC Marvin Lewis! But consistency!
  6. HornetsSting

    Coaching changes likely on the way.

    Ok but who can they shake up at this point and have meaningful impact? Like seriously, does anyone really think shaking up the assistant O line position is going to make meaningful difference? Same story, different day
  7. HornetsSting

    Raiders Hire Mike Mayock as GM...

    A reporter with 0 front office experience, so basically you people have a hard on at the thought of replacing Marty Hurney with Marty Hurney.. Jesus and I thought I was bad
  8. HornetsSting

    Yikes Fournette

    So he’s their version of KB, one beast year, a lazy fat ass the next
  9. HornetsSting

    Wilks officially out in Arizona

    He sucked as our D coordinator, why do you people want him back? Do you not remember no pass rush, DBs playing 10 yards off, he was terrible and I don’t get why you would want him back
  10. HornetsSting

    Black Monday News

    Seems like not that many head coaches are being fired like in year’s past, wonder if that means that no good candidates are available this year, even Marvin Lewis didn’t get fired
  11. I hate this mother fugger from the depths of my soul. I truly do
  12. HornetsSting

    Updated Draft Order 1-10

    Where would we have been had we lost and where are we now?
  13. I actually think so as well.