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  1. Yep! In the past I use to be wishy washy and go back and forth on if I want to make a playoff run or tank so Rivera gets fired. I am planting my flag solidly in the fire Rivera by any means camp. I don’t even care if he gets us a SB ring because he is just the type of coach to get a ring and stop caring after that, just like the Eagles. I want a dynasty, a consistent winning franchise and SB win or not, I am fully confident Ron is NOT that guy
  2. Sure.. Just like I also wouldn’t be a fan of my Neighbor’s new Bentley if I’m still driving a old ass Jeep Grand Wagoneer with the wood siding on the side
  3. My prediction; We lose and Rivera being on the hot seat starts to become a real story in the media and not just amongst us here at the Huddle. Expect to start hearing media “leaks” about Tepper being dissatisfied and Rivera officially on the hot seat
  4. True but I also remember that clearly, Seattle was coming of an away game in Minnesota the week before where it was well below freezing, I watched that game, looked so cold and miserable I almost had to put on a coat at home watching it lol.
  5. Hate to be the Debbie downer but I’ve seen quite a few people say the fact they play us at home in a 1:00 PM game, that it somehow gives us a huge advantage. Well 2014 they played us at home at 1:00 PM, lost by 4 pts. Not saying that the past equals the future, just saying there is precedent of them beating us at home at a 1:00 PM start. Oh and If that’s not enough, they went into that game at .500 3-3, they are going into this one also at .500 at 5-5. Fun facts is all.
  6. HornetsSting

    Mike McCarthy or Ron?

    Hence why Bill Lazor- Bengals OC is my top HC choice
  7. HornetsSting

    Seattle controls their own destiny

    I’m absolutely pulling for a loss. Cleaning house and good draft position should be no 1 priority and whatever advances that agenda is what I want
  8. HornetsSting

    losing out will be the best thing for us

    Ron Rivera has overstayed his welcome. It’s painfully obvious he’s here to collect a paycheck. No doubt in my mind that he really doesn’t take making the SB serious
  9. Being the poor kid that always sees his neighbor with new toys and really cool gadgets and always wondering why they should have all the cool stuff and we can’t! Our neighbor (Rams and Chiefs) has the PS4 pro on a 75 inch 4K OLED TV with VR! We as Panthers fans under our stingy and old fashioned father Ron Rivera has a launch PS3 console 60gb model playing on old ass 55 inch, bulky projection HD tube TV. I was very envious watching that game last night and finally came to the realization that we aren’t even in the same class as the better teams of the NFL.
  10. HornetsSting

    losing out will be the best thing for us

    I 100% agree with OP. I think if this was 5 or so years ago and we were still a young and upcoming team that is learning how to grow and win, then I absolutely do think making the playoffs would be great for the learning experience. But we are WAY past that point. We have had our learning experiences and then some. We are a team and fan base that is ready for a SB win and if Rivera can’t do it by now, HES never going to do it. Best possible outcome is to lose out and start with a whole new coaching staff and fresh perspective
  11. HornetsSting

    So, what will it take..

    Clean house.
  12. If you want my personal opinion, I think the whole notion that a SB ring solidifies a great player is overrated. Trent Dilfer, Nick Foles and Brad Johnson. All three have SB rings, now tell me.. Who to this day do you think has it better.. Dan Marino or those guys?
  13. Let me put it to you this way.. Russell Wilson is going make Luke and our D dress up in skirts and pony tails along with some bright red lipstick, tell them to bend over and refer to him as Master Wilson as he has his way with our D while Eric Washington just stands on the sideline as the cuck watching it all unfold before his very eyes and unable to do a damn thing about it.
  14. Great QB, elite, will be remembered fondly for years to come long after he retires, definitely first ballot HOF QB, but also unfortunately never won a SB. Again, Dan Marino to this day remains a household name and the first thing you think of is “elite QB” when you hear his name, so this is not a knock on Cam whatsoever and let’s be honest, would still be a damn good career for Cam. But I’m just starting to think that 2015 was our only legit, one and only chance to get that ring and we just may never see that again?