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  1. Front 3 need to do a good job taking on blocks and clogging up running lanes. Can't let SF just run it for 5 yards a carry every down
  2. Palardy - he has pinned teams deep quite often this season with his punts and helping us to win the field position battle
  3. Kyle Allen is capable of making throws Matt Moore could not make... Outside of the Jags game, his throws have been pretty pinpoint accurate, which with his mediocre at best arm strength, he has to be.
  4. I personally would want Cam to have a couple weeks of practice to shake off the rust. I think we need to stick with Allen for at least the 49ers game and see how he does against a defense that has played well this season.
  5. So.... when are we going to have robot refs to replace these inept bozos that officiate games...
  6. No, it was kicked from the 50. They didn't need to go back 7 yards because there was no rush
  7. Hopefully we don't allow him back on the team jet and just leave his ass in London
  8. It would also help if all of his weapons except Tate weren't hurt
  9. I'm an FSU fan, and the same thing was said about him in college about his laziness. I just think he was someone that was gifted talently and just didn't want/have to work because his physical ability trumped most of the players he went against... until the NFL.
  10. It isn't that easy... Have to play the Rams and Seahawks 2 times each + the Packers, Saints, and Ravens - I believe all of these teams were in the playoffs last year
  11. Even with the fumbles, I really liked how Allen looked against Arizona and Houston. That being said, he did not look good against Jacksonville (and yes, I know the pass blocking was crap). The one thing I liked about the previous 2 games was that Allen seemed to make pinpoint accurate throws into small windows, even if they didn't have the most power behind them. Yesterday, his accuracy was not very good and lucked out he didn't throw at least 1 INT. I still like what I have seen from Allen and believe once we put literally anyone but Darryl Williams at LT, he will do better
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