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  1. Tank - Draft a good QB next year and let him sit behind Teddy for 2 years before giving him the reins We need to fix a lot of positions on this team. We need to BPA among CB, LB, DT, OL (just about every spot), and TE Hopefully with some good drafts, we can have a good team in 3 years
  2. They should be blowing it up, starting from the top all the way down
  3. Yeah, Hurney looks like an idiot when he gave Reid a 3 year deal last year and we outright cut him before the start of year 2...
  4. If we keep accumulating all of this dead cap, I'm not sure we could even sign Shane Falco and The Replacements with how little available cap we will have....
  5. The front 7 was completely dominant that year. Teams were forced to be one-dimensional and our pass rush was able to get to QBs. The fact that our defense could be so good with bum ass safeties and pretty much no healthy corners outside of Norman most of the year was truly impressive. I thought Oher actually did a good job with pass blocking that year; run blocking not so much. The interior of our oline did a great job with run blocking and allowed our backs and Cam to run for like 5 yards up the middle each play. Unfortunately our idiot OC decided to have Remmers block Von Miller 1-1 the entire Superbowl and it went about as awful as one would expect. That and having whatever bum (was it McClain?) having to cover Emmanuel Sanders because of having no healthy CBs were why we lost.
  6. Not sure I would go that far, but he definitely didn't help
  7. Is that the reason he missed a crap ton of PATs and the 20 yarder that he missed against the Saints that put the nail in our coffin for the season?
  8. Guess it's time to change my pic to the Rudolph TD catch. Time to say bye to the non-call Ram's PI
  9. In the words of that girl from the show Bojack Horseman - Saints fans - "Suck a dick, dumbshits"
  10. FG, FG, 75 yard TD run by Cook would be a great OT
  11. So you're saying we were only TIED for the worst in sacks allowed? I thought we had that stat running away...
  12. We will start out 4-2 then lose the last 10 games to keep beating our previous seasons losing streaks to end the season
  13. McCoy, Cockrell, Bradberry, Boston, maybe Wright if he is cheap enough and Mario if he will stay for cheap Then switch back to a 4-3 for 1st down/short down and distance and nickel for passing situations (maybe 3-3-5 for more confusing blitzes) 4-3 Draft pick/FA/Mario - McCoy - KK - Burns Carter/Draft pick/FA - Luke - Shaq Bradberry - Reid - Tre - Jackson/Cockrell (whoever does better covering outside) Nickel (3-3-5) Draft pick/FA/Mario - KK - McCoy Burns - Luke - Shaq (sub in Miller/Haynes for Burns/Shaq as needed for pass rush specialists) Bradberry - Reid (I would blitz him a fair amount) - Tre - Jackson - Cockrell
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