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  1. PleaseCutStewart

    Panthers sign Travaris Cadet

    Isn't Cadet the guy who backed up Pierre Thomas a few seasons ago for the Saints?
  2. PleaseCutStewart

    Offseason moves we need to make

    Not sure who will be available in free agency for a fair price, but LB, DE, S, and possibly TE if Third Leg Greg hangs them up are areas of concern. Think we can go cheap at safety if we resign Reid (hopefully find a centerfielder so Reid can play more in the box). DE will probably have to be through the draft and will take time to develop. Might be able to find a decent, cheap TE in free agency. LB will be interesting - we ask our LBs to do a lot in our defense and not sure we can find one that can do everything for us like Luke and TD do. We really need TD to come back next year or we are going to have even bigger problems on defense.
  3. Wildcard won't do any good when we have to likely go through the Vikings/Bears, Saints, Rams, and AFC Champ (all NFC on the road) P.S. we have not looked good on the road this year.
  4. PleaseCutStewart

    which player does this forum overrate the most?

    Honestly don't think we overate anybody because we hate most people on our team.... Maybe Curtis or DJ
  5. RR must have Cam and CMC in fantasy. Only rational reason as to why they would have been in as long as they were...
  6. The lower the expectations, the better we play. That has been Panthers football since 1995...
  7. Going to need a LB. Shaq isn't very good and TD is retiring
  8. Why do we still have starters in.... If we have an injury to a star player, I might have to bash RR's legs with a baseball bat
  9. Well, at least we beat them in 4th down efficiency....
  10. I think Norv can scheme around the bad oline. He pretty much has most of the year. Defense is toast unless we get a new DC, preferably one that doesn't repeatedly call 3 man rushes and have DEs drop into zone coverage
  11. Can't wait to hear RR's excuses after this one
  12. Well, the good news is that after this loss, everybody will think we suck. Usually the Panthers play like ass unless everyone thinks they suck
  13. Ron Rivera "Don't worry, we got this. Cam will bail my ass out again"
  14. Can we just have a random fan replace Washington for the rest of the game? Can't be any worse with the playcalls...
  15. My god, this might be the longest opening post ever on this forum...