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  1. I felt like this article would have been great for the Buc's Michael Clayton - the guy had a phenomenal first year and then fell off the face of the Earth. I remember being pissed because I got an autograph jersey card of his in a pack of cards that year and it went from being worth a good chunk of change to not even being worthy enough to wipe my ass with...
  2. I feel like our PK is so bad because we are so aggressive on it. We are doubling people in non-dangerous areas and then scramble around to try and recover when opposing teams cycle the puck. That being said, the PP unit is a far greater concern than the PK unit - and agree that we need to get people that can finish on our team. Honestly, this team has significantly overachieved to get where they have. Boston is unfortunately probably the worst matchup for us, before factoring in the officiating that aided Boston a good deal in games 1 and 2 (although 2 it didn't really matter because the team looked like poo)
  3. Does Hamilton understand the meaning of a bad angle shot. Guy just looks to shoot wherever he is at in the offensive zone
  4. Well, if we are going to keep committing dumb penalties, can we at least break the smug piece of poo Marchand in half
  5. It's pretty disappointing watching Boston run a PP and then watch us look like a bunch of retards trying to run a PP
  6. Great first period except for no goals. Keep the same energy and intensity and we will score sooner rather than later
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