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  1. In all honesty, with how much Bradberry would have helped our secondary, could you imagine how terrible our LB corps would be this year if we paid him instead of Shaq?
  2. There is a reason that he went in the 4th round (and probably would have lasted much longer after we drafted him) - he was never very good from the get go. He is a terrible, terrible blocker, he doesn't run great routes, and he doesn't get separation. There is a reason he isn't a focal point of the offense and why Teddy doesn't look his way - because he is bad
  3. We were helped out by a god awful INT from Foles after the Davis fumble. That was 3 free points for the Bears if they just kneel it 3 times. We were also helped by how bad the Bears' oline is - they got 0 push the entire game in the run game and were able to avoid Foles getting sacked because 1) Foles gets rid of it quick, whether it is to his own team or the other team, and 2) we only rushed 3 or 4 most of the time
  4. The problem is teams know that everyone will want one of those 2, so whoever has that pick (if they don't draft them) will probably be getting 2 very high first round picks or 3 first round picks. That isn't something we can afford to do with how terrible we are at so many positions
  5. Yikers at that throw... Don't worry, we will give Teddy a 10 year extension because we aren't going to be able to draft a QB
  6. Still can't believe we had a chance to tie it up. We lose to just about every team in the NFL with how bad the Panthers played today
  7. I'm not sure its refusing, as much as we literally had to rebuild the entire team. Every position group was terrible outside of RB
  8. We need a TD here, because our defense is at best holding the Bears to a FG
  9. The only good news about the drive is that not much time ran off the clock
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