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  1. PleaseCutStewart

    Panthers 3-4 defense confirmed.

    I just don't see us having the personnel to run a 3-4. Teams are going to be able to run on us all day with the weak ass d-line we are going to throw out there.
  2. PleaseCutStewart

    For anyone who wanted Jaylon Ferguson

    Damn, those are some pretty good roasts...
  3. PleaseCutStewart

    NFL: Bengals cut Vontaze Burfict

    Can't wait to see how well Burfict and Brown get along...
  4. PleaseCutStewart

    Schefter: Bruce Irvin to Panthers on 1-year deal

    Assuming we didn't pay a ridiculous price, really good signing
  5. PleaseCutStewart

    Panthers Currently At 6.73M Cap Space

    Agree Searcy starting is less than optimal. Just see it as a strong possibility with how little we love safeties
  6. PleaseCutStewart

    Lol Cam and CmC trolling on IG

    I got a good laugh from the guy at the bottom of the twitter comments that said name a better RB-RB duo
  7. PleaseCutStewart

    Panthers Currently At 6.73M Cap Space

    The more I look at safeties available in free agency, the more I think we are going to hope to hit one in the draft or throw Searcy at FS. Boston is really the only average or better coverage safety left in FA. Maybe we can look at nickel corner in free agency (wouldn't mind Dennard) or a rotation DT/DE and focus on DE in 1st round, G/T in 2nd round, FS in 3rd round, and DT/nickel CB with our comp pick.
  8. PleaseCutStewart

    Kyle Love to New England?

    Maybe we can write in his contract that if he outperforms Poe or KK, he gets half of their yearly salary.
  9. If we could give a contract with limited guaranteed money and tons of incentives for playing in X amount of games, then that would be nice. Otherwise, hard to give out money for somebody made of glass
  10. PleaseCutStewart

    Hurn 2.0

    With how soft Poe was last year, no way in hell would he be better as a NT. Guy struggled to get by (or at least negate) one blocker. Taking on 2 blockers might result in him being on his ass 80% of the game. And I too was one that liked the Poe signing, because I thought he would be similar to Star except a little bit better of a pass rusher.
  11. PleaseCutStewart

    Hurn 2.0

    Torrey Smith was kind of insurance, since Samuel was coming off injury, Moore was unproven, and Funch was a bum - and we didn't have to pay him a stupidly expensive contract like many receivers got last season. Also couldn't really utilize his strength (running deep) when Cam couldn't throw the ball more than 20 yards. CJ was just never utilized in our offense, which was a product of CMC being a beast. Would have liked to have seen more 2 RB formations with both on the field, but can understand why CJ got such few touches.
  12. PleaseCutStewart

    So, is Moton LT now?

    I don't know, those three look pretty terrible. Van Roten was about as bad as Clark was the 2nd half of the season and hope he is not starting there next season.
  13. Happy days!!! Now we can kick Matt Kalil's ass to the curb
  14. PleaseCutStewart

    Daryl Williams

  15. Easy.... clickbait. Pretty much just assume that 95% of what reporters/media people say are straight up lies or guesses