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  1. Well, we all know he can still play. The question is how effective, aka is he still worse than Corn Elder... I mean, Matt Kalil still plays - Doesn't mean he is worth a poo though
  2. Poor throw from the QB, but a prime example of what happens when you look up field before catching the ball. Wish there was film on Funchess' route - Seems like he rounded off his route (or is that slow) if the CB is right on his hip as the QB throws it
  3. The good news is with the WR depth we have, we can keep rotating bodies in there. Or, if Olsen gets injured, we can run 4 wide and CMC out of the backfield in passing situations. I still think Wright will anchor the slot position. He knows how to get open and get enough to move the chains
  4. Yep, seems like a long time ago you had receivers like Wayne Chrebet running over the middle, getting laid out but making the catch, and then having a concussion as a result. It has to be no fun playing defense anymore for the players. Half of the times you get a sack some BS roughing the passer call is made (unless you are Cam), the slightest touch of a WR beyond 5 yards is a penalty, and hitting a receiver over the middle is a penalty and likely ejection.
  5. Julian Edelman, Wes Welker, Deion Branch, Brandin Cooks, Josh Gordon - All receivers Brady has played with since Cam got in the league (and had the luxury of Randy Moss before Cam came into the league). AND... that is with probably a top 5 o-line just about every one of those years, RBs who were great at catching the ball and turning short gains into long gains, and Josh McDaniels calling plays on offense most of those years. Replace that with the likes of our receivers (prior to last year), whatever garbage we had at at LT after Gross retired (we did have that 1 good year out of Oher), and Mike Shula calling plays on offense and lets see if Brady can replicate his stats from those years. I think Russell Wilson is probably the 1 QB that has had to deal with not much talent at WR and a poo oline for a few years. Outside of Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, and Carson Palmer (debatable whether they had worse o-lines), who all had a plethora of weapons to throw to for many years, what QB has had a worse o-line than Cam and performed better? Agree the footwork is an issue, but his completion percentage skyrocketed last year. Why? Because we 1) Actually had weapons to throw to, 2) Correctly utilized those weapons, and 3) Weren't extremely predictable like we were with Shula at OC. Good OCs know how to counter QB weaknesses
  6. I'd be shocked if it wasn't DJ, Samuel, Wright (assuming no fatigue). I think the better question is who would be the 4th WR, although I don't see us running many formations with a 4th WR on the field with CMC and Olsen
  7. I mean, we had the great Robert McClain as our number 2 corner in the superbowl Sadly, I remember watching that game and thinking "If McClain gets hurt, we might have to put a linebacker in at corner". Poor McClain just got abused by Sanders the entire game
  8. Yeah, but even early on into his career, Norman made some really good plays comboed with some really bad plays. I literally have seen nothing positive from Gaulden and honestly haven't seen any growth, which is saying a lot because he honestly looked like one of our worst players to make the team last season. We could probably stash him on PS, as I doubt another team would be interested in him.
  9. I honestly could see Cockrell doing well in coverage as a free safety - he seems to do pretty well in deep zone coverage. That being said, I'm not so sure about his tackling and wouldn't want him as a last line of defense to prevent a TD
  10. I would love to see how Tom Brady would have done with the crap receivers and mostly crap O-line (definitely left side) Cam has had to play with for the 8 year sample and see how the stats, W-L record, etc. would compare. Sure, Cam's footwork is awful, but he still has the arm strength (at least for now) to compensate for it, but still does lead to the occasional overthrow. How many times over the past few years has he thrown to the elite WRs (cough...cough....) like Clay, Bersin, Byrd, KB, Funch, Philly Brown, Cotchery, and whatever other average or worse WRs and had it hit their hands and drop it, or even worse, deflect it up in the air for the other team to pick off. It's pretty sad when Ted Ginn was one of our best wide receivers from 2014-2017. We haven't even factored in all the dumb playcalling of Shula he had to endure... You know, the run, run, 3rd and long send everyone on a fly route, punt playcalling that we adored...
  11. Just when I think KB takes the reigns as biggest ex-Panther douche, Deangelo decides to come crawl out of whatever cave he has been in to one-up KB on the douche scale...
  12. Not to mention our 1st round draft pick (who has looked good so far in training camp) is from the same college
  13. Good news is he can now hit the early morning buffet 7 days a week instead of the 6 games/week when he was on an NFL team
  14. Funny that all it takes is Matt Ryan's lack of athleticism getting him nailed in the face and all of the Falcons fan come out of nowhere. I guess it's not like they have their own team to worry about or anything....
  15. Maybe if Matt Ryan was as accurate as the guy that nailed him in the face, they could have won their Super bowl
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