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  1. Guess it's time to change my pic to the Rudolph TD catch. Time to say bye to the non-call Ram's PI
  2. In the words of that girl from the show Bojack Horseman - Saints fans - "Suck a dick, dumbshits"
  3. FG, FG, 75 yard TD run by Cook would be a great OT
  4. So you're saying we were only TIED for the worst in sacks allowed? I thought we had that stat running away...
  5. We will start out 4-2 then lose the last 10 games to keep beating our previous seasons losing streaks to end the season
  6. McCoy, Cockrell, Bradberry, Boston, maybe Wright if he is cheap enough and Mario if he will stay for cheap Then switch back to a 4-3 for 1st down/short down and distance and nickel for passing situations (maybe 3-3-5 for more confusing blitzes) 4-3 Draft pick/FA/Mario - McCoy - KK - Burns Carter/Draft pick/FA - Luke - Shaq Bradberry - Reid - Tre - Jackson/Cockrell (whoever does better covering outside) Nickel (3-3-5) Draft pick/FA/Mario - KK - McCoy Burns - Luke - Shaq (sub in Miller/Haynes for Burns/Shaq as needed for pass rush specialists) Bradberry - Reid (I would blitz him a fair amount) - Tre - Jackson - Cockrell
  7. Average???? When did our o-line get good enough to become average??? I think he meant to say "Why is Cam stuck behind a JV oline year in and year out"
  8. Keep Boston, Bradberry, Cockrell, McCoy, & maybe Wright and tell everyone else to screw off
  9. Minneapolis miracle part II? Saints lose on a non-call defensive PI and the replay booth overturns it and Minnesota wins on a FG 25-24
  10. I think he can play a hybrid of safety or linebacker. Think it would depend on the personnel on the field. The problem is that we already have Shaq playing that role in our nickel defense
  11. Yeah, I imagine 1 of them will be around at 7 unless we get unlucky and it goes Burrow, Young, Okudah, Tua, Thomas, and Brown 1-6. In that case, I might have to consider Simmons even though we just gave that ridiculous contract to Shaq. He has Derwin James potential
  12. Crap, apparently I didn't hit backspace and messed up the title... Fail...
  13. I feel like we need more draft picks because we have a lot of needs with a good amount of expiring contracts. I would like to see if we could trade down to #13 and switch with the Colts and get their pick #13 and their 2nd round pick (I don't think they believe Brissett is their franchise QB). I think we could still get an impact day 1 starter at 13 (I see 1 of the top 3 tackles or Kinlaw still being around). With that extra 2nd rounder, we could use that towards a C/G.
  14. Thomas, Brown, Wirfs, Kinlaw in that order (assuming Young, Burrow, and Okudah are off the board)
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