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  1. Only 3 games left in the season, so he would need about 185 in each game. Pretty unlikely, especially when we only give CMC 10 carries a game like we have of late...
  2. Maybe the coaching staff should be sharing their thoughts at how many times Donte has been burned deep this year.... I think he has a ton of talent, but he seems to be more and more of a headcase with each passing week
  3. Why do we refuse to give CMC 20ish carries when he is literally our entire offense outside of DJ... Just stupid playcalling...
  4. Can Breeland play dline? We can have 4 HOFers in the secondary and that won't mean a damn thing when teams can just run for 6 yards a carry every down.
  5. Doesn't matter if we run a 4-3 or 3-4 now when we literally have like 1 1/2 healthy defensive linemen. I do think we need to go back to a 4-3 next year. That should solve our LB problems because both Luke and Shaq are much better in a 4-3. McCoy and KK in the middle and Mario and Burns on the edge. Then when we get to obvious passing downs we can start subbing in pass rushers with Miller, Haynes, etc. If we go back to a 4-3, I don't think we need to add much on defense IF we get lucky and stay healthy. Another run stopper DE would be nice in case Burns is too small to play DE all downs. Maybe another OLB if our other LB options can't get the job done.
  6. Still don't get the bad rap on Otah - the dude was probably one of, if not the, best run blocking tackles in the NFL (until his health went to poo), which was important with how run heavy our scheme was when he was with us. He was a pretty big reason as to why double trouble were as dominant as they were in 2008. The part that was bad about Otah was all that we traded to draft him (which was a recurring theme under Hurney 1.0) Hurney really has done well with his 1st rounders and I honestly didn't mind either of his drafts the past 2 years outside of the poor 3rd round choices in Gaulden (a really, really bad pick) and Grier. Also didn't like Haynes (which was moreso due to scheme but has been more useful with the 3-4 switch). Hurney's biggest problem before he came back was stupidly trading away first round picks to draft 2nd round busts that we pretty much knew well in advance would be busts with how no other team would touch them with a 10 foot pole.
  7. RR must be coaching a pee wee football team (and we sure as hell look like one), because that should be the only time that line is ever said in regards to football...
  8. An NFL caliber defensive coordinator, yes. An NFL caliber head coach, no
  9. McDermott was our real defensive guru. Once he left for Buffalo, our defense has been a sinking ship
  10. Why the hell are we worried about playoffs??? We need to be worried about not winning any more meaningless games so we can have a top 10 pick
  11. He should have been fired at halftime of the Falcons game for getting blown out by said football team
  12. My god... according to that site, we gave fuging Donte Moncrief a 2 year, 9 million dollar contract??? That makes me want to puke
  13. They both consistently miss clutch kicks... The difference is Gano is paid like 4 million and Slye is paid about $4
  14. I hear ya man - I just take the approach of I expect to lose every game and will be surprised when we win. I also make it a drinking game of everyone takes a drink everytime the words fuging RR are said. It keeps the game mildly entertaining
  15. It seems like Tepper is a proponent of mediocrity, which is what we will have year in and year out. We will get 5-7 wins, maybe 8-8 if we are lucky, and nothing more. RR will be given the keys to the city and he will leave on his own terms
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