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  1. Man I wish I can PIE you 100 times for what you have just said. I was thinking the same to myself, this definitely not how all this works... hahahahaha
  2. Oh yea, I predict the team will come out on fire and motivated to win for David Tepper since he came from there. Pittsburgh barely beat the Ravens this week, the same Ravens team we dismantled last week.
  3. I predict that you will be punched in the face pretty soon. Dude throwing poo in the aid hoping for it to stick. Bucs win wasn’t sloppy at all, yes we were up by a huge margin, but remember we played the #1 offense that has continuously came back from being down and having huge comebacks. We won by more than 10 like you predicted, so them too alone show your prediction for that game was false.
  4. Question- do you really believe they’re defense will carry them deep into the playoffs?
  5. Exactly what I was thinking to myself as soon as it happened. Reminded me when Philly players came out celebrating the beginning of the 4th qt against us and that fired us up...
  6. Dilly Dilly

    Browns fire Hue Jackson

    Good! Dude is a horrible HC but great OC. He has an amazing amount of talent this year and they still manage to be hot trash.
  7. How many times have we heard “against the best defense in the league”?!?!?! Not so great today.... #MakeItHappen babyyyy
  8. Dilly Dilly

    Funchess not a fan of his nickname

    Regardless, I will always call him BumBum because he is not consistent
  9. 100% and if you watched the ending of the Bucs game, the bucs TE clearly fumbled the catch and the ball moved when it hit the ground and Mr Bean came on TV saying that it was a catch even tho the ball wobbled while it was hitting the ground
  10. Do you think maybe the iggles showboating really lit a fire under the Panthers players asses?
  12. It would be an amazing sight not to see Rivera on the sideline to start the second half lol. I believe Tepper got the ballZ to do something like this one day.
  13. Why didn’t take that huge running lane that opened?