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  1. I'm not saying I'm hard right now...but if my penis were made out of coal it would have just turned into a diamond
  2. I love cam, but Allen is looking solid, is young, and is cheap. At this point, it would be irresponsible to keep both Cam and Allen with trade value in both, I think it's worth keeping the young cheap contract.
  3. tampa has a good plan on shutting down mccaffery, it is important for the panthers to keep the ball moving around because CMC is having a hard time getting room. let him be your decoy and go to the other guys who are singled up.
  4. Honestly, I didnt know about this, but I think it might become more common just thinking about it. With how strong kickers legs are getting, you give them a kick with no one in front of you, a 70 yarder might even happen. Let's say down by 2, get the ball back with 1:30 to go at your 40, it might not be the worst idea. Slye had more than enough distance from the 50, if practiced it might be more feasible.
  5. The dead leg he put on that boy...that should be illegal. Holy poo, his jock is still on the field.
  6. Love seeing a handful of mccoys jersey on his numbers not her called... it's fun I guess
  7. Bullshit. That cant be cmc, you can tell because his arms dont look like genetically mutated Turkey legs
  8. Impressive drive. I love cam, but I'm in the allen boat now because he is only going to continue to grow and hes dirt cheap so we can sign the talent around him. That's the formula to win in the league right now, win on the cheap rookie contract for a qb...unless your new England then you just never lose.
  9. Manhertz pancaked him so hard he held his facemask, good play by manhertz actally.
  10. Some guys suck as players but are good as coaches and definitely Visa versa. John elway is a hall of fame QB, but the guy knows dick about running a team.
  11. I'm gonna take a second and back in the fact I stayed on the Kyle allen bandwagon when everyone was jumping off.
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