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  1. Fwiw, thought at for a while. Cockrell fits the outside mold opposite bradberry, jackson fits inside.
  2. Nah, he's a young corner who has shown upside. I'm not glad he said it, but it is the truth. Eric Washington is a crappy DC, should never have been a DC in the first place and certainly should never have been RE-inserted into that position after he failed so miserably at that job last season.
  3. Lol, good. Eric Washington is complete dogshit, we all knew it, it's probably why ron isn't our coach anymore.
  4. Goff looks like poo this season, but he is a franchise qb still. Also, wentz is a franchise qb.
  5. Like I've said, cmc is amazing, but league mvps dont get denied as often as he has with the ball in his hand. Hes amazing and a deadly weapon (maybe even future HOF worthy), but not close to a league mvp right now. Cam in 2015 would not be denied.
  6. I dont think I could hate anything quite as much as that. Losing to cam in a bears, chargers, or even Falcons uni wouldnt piss me off as much as losing to cam in the new Orleans shithole.
  7. Lovie smith was a hot name too after he got fired, norv Turner was once upon a moon too, so was john fox. Hell, when I was a kid I remember mike Ditka coming back to new Orleans was gonna change everything. He may be good somewhere else, and honestly I wish that for him, but it still doesn't mean it wasnt time for us to move on.
  8. I disagree, I do think hurney is a good college talent evaluator, that also doesnt mean hes a good gm, because he has sucked at financials for a while. Fwiw, I think little will be alright, burns is a stud, daley has been more than expected and christian miller still has a lot of upside.
  9. If you put tua behind this line, he will undoubtedly suffer a career ender. It's a miracle that cam newton survived 7 1/2 seasons with this shitshow, now imagine he has glass bones and paper skin like tua.
  10. I hurt myself laughing at that. Give it to the guy, that was a solid way to end his career here. Good luck in your next gig.
  11. If that's his plan,then it sucks. In today's nfl, 2-3 years is a rebuild. If he waits 5 years to rebuild, then were screwed.
  12. Good, that said I will no longer spend any time bagging on Ron Rivera. The guy has done a lot of good here as well and doesn't deserve to be bagged on at this time. Good luck to him wherever he ends up going next season
  13. This would be great considering he sucks at winning games against nfc south teams. 2 free w's a year sounds awesome.
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