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  1. I'm completely ok with this. If he's healthy and fits bradys offense we can resign, tag, whatever this offseason, if he breaks this season then we head for another top 10 pick and move on. Anything Under a first for him wouldn't be worth it, and since I don't think that's happening, I don't see us going that direction. I can't remember who pointed it out, but I think Luke Kuechly's retirement solidified cam staying because while the fanbase could absorb his loss this offseason, losing both in the same offseason would result in a ghost town of a stadium next season and they still need to sell tickets.
  2. Fwiw, the Panthers offer something that those qbs dont, which is one year locked in at 19 mil. Hell, bridgewater is expected to command 20 a year and feasibly he will be looking long term.
  3. Finally getting a chance to watch, I gotta say, the production value is making this really interesting. Mic'd up QBs, coaches, sideline interviews, I'm loving this. It's a step above college, below nfl, right where this league should be. Now I hope we get a team here
  4. Eh, Winston was known to be poor with ball security in college as well. I know Jake broke down at the end due to injuries, but he did attribute some of his early success to having lasik surgery as well while he was with the saints.
  5. I don't know if Rhule or Brady will be good, but Rivera did have a track record of sucking with young players. In todays NFL, a player shouldn't take 3 years to make an impact on the field, if you got a talent, even in a late round, you find a way to get him on the field, something that Rivera just flat out refused to do even when he had old broken vets.
  6. Sure, brees is up in the air, the bucs have no QB, and who knows with atlanta. If cam comes back and is healthy, I can see anything happening. I wouldnt predict it, I'm not that crazy, but fwiw we were "doomed" in 2015 when KB got injured and our leading reciever was gonna be ted ginn.
  7. I personally think it means hes back, and you cant blame him. Hes owned the team for 2 years, and hes had a healthy qb for maybe 8 weeks.
  8. FWIW, you can sell the sponsorship of the segment and still make that money, maybe not as much, but definitely some back. The liberty Mutual replay booth, or the pepsi replay booth, whatever you wanna call it.
  9. I love it, but you have to keep the practice squaders together on whatever XFL team. Right now I have a passing interest in the XFL, but if 10 panthers players, even practice squaders were on a team, you better believe whatever team it is I'll watch every sunday. If the league even got up to 16 teams, you could do 20 practice squadders per team, 10 from an NFC and 10 from an AFC team to keep some seperation between oppenents and that seems really ideal
  10. If he really wanted to play for ron, he could have played better and made it so he didnt get fired...or maybe he wanted to play for ron because he didn't hold players who fuged up accountable
  11. If cam newton is healthy, and hes on our team the best case scenario almost assuredly involves the playoffs. Not saying it will happen, but a healthy cam at his peak can drag a turd sandwich to the plaoffs.
  12. Phew, finally official...full rebuild incoming. Could have survived before this monumental event, but now were in line for trevor.
  13. I think the Bill's could be a dark horse to make a run in the afc. I think McDermott has built that similar to the panthers when we were successful under ron. In the nfc, look for the rams to rebound next year. I also think ther 9ers will have a slump because again this loss felt like the panthers 2015 loss.
  14. I know all of that, and I agree he can be a dick, but I've known good people who just naturally are dicks. Fwiw, greg hardy was nice to people and was on this very forum talking to fans about getting coats for homeless, turned out he was kind of a dick. The one thing we all really know is that smitty is thin skinned, it doesnt take much for him to feel like its personal, but that doesnt exactly make him a bad dude.
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