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  1. My opinion and nothing else...I do think JR told him he doesnt like tattoos on his QB, I do also think JR was a pushing force defending cam and making sure he was given enough room to grow in his role when other black QBs got discarded quickly in the face of any criticism. I do also believe cam liked JR and it bothers him to see him tarnished as sexist and racist so hes trying to help soften an image of a man he considers a friend. That is just my opinion on the issue though.
  2. Carolina Cajun

    If Clock Management is This Easy

    I laughed at the fact that Funchess was the only real player to appear in the commercial with him.
  3. Carolina Cajun

    saints are gonna win a super bowl in the falcons stadium

    Pulling for anyone to beat the saints, Chiefs, patriots, Rams or Isis. Literally anyone. worst fans and most classless team in the NFL. fug them.
  4. Carolina Cajun

    TD not returning per WFNZ

    I wish he would retire, but understand if he won't. One of 2 jersey's I own and the other is smitty, thanks for being the embodiment of keep pounding TD.
  5. Honestly, I think Tepper is kinda trying to do with a defensive coach what LA is doing with Sean McVay in that essentially Ron will call the plays on defense and let Norv Handle Defense. LA seems to basically let McVay run the offense and Wade Phillips handles everything defense.
  6. Carolina Cajun

    2013 Cam vs. 2018 Cam

    God...where we could be if Greg hardy wasn't human garbage.
  7. Main takeaway is that gettleman fuged us hard in the draft from 2014-2016. Not a single one will get a second contract from us.
  8. Carolina Cajun

    Riley staying in Oklahoma

    I think Richard Roger's is gone (thank god). Pretty much, norv, Rivera, Scot Turner and matsko are the only locks to stay.
  9. I think we should at a very team friendly deal so we can cut bait with shaq (replace shaq's 9 mil with a 1 year 2-3 mil contract for TD). Were still moving forward with Jermaine carter and andre smith, but for 2-3 mil, your not gonna get a better price on a backup who could start if injuries occur. My only concern is that Rivera is immensely loyal and wont keep him on the bench unless absolutely necessary, but with his job firmly on the line next year, I think hell do the right thing and only use him as a needed.
  10. Carolina Cajun

    Albert Breer on Kyle Allen

    IMO I would go forward with him as a backup. We have too many other glaring holes. DE, O-Line, Safety, OLB, and Safety, so it'd be best to try to address some of those other needs and pick up a late round flyer on QB for whoever falls and let Allen compete with him.
  11. Carolina Cajun

    Montez Sweat 6'6 245 DE/OLB

    I'd rather safety, lb, or o-line instead of another tweeter talent. Shaq, gaulden, Haynes, and daeshon hall come to mind. I'm tired of waiting 2 years for someone to develop to only be disappointed. We need a day 1 starter in the first, period.
  12. Carolina Cajun

    Cryptic Eric Reid Post

    I actually side with him. I've always said I disagree with the protest because I dont think it's a great Avenue for promoting a message, just furthering people to dig in (although as long as itits legal, i think it's fine to kneel, just not productive). Twitter though or any social media, have at it man. Support what you want and it wont nearly fall on as many deaf ears.
  13. Carolina Cajun

    Please Don't Ban Me

    God this is gonna hurt to say...but no. I loved Norman, and my heart wants him back, but with a youth movement, he's not in the cards.
  14. Moving on from Olsen will be hard due to contract, might as well keep him and just use him as needed. June first cuts of Gano and Matt Kalil will work, no to pep, and a MAYBE for TD if he's a very manageable contract and rotational piece because he was still better than Shaq. I'm hoping to see more Carter next season regardless. Torrey Smith has to go. When i plug all that stuff in the contract calculator, gets us up to 46 or so million. Age gotta go then we gotta start the process of rebuilding. In free agency, retreads are ok, but they must be young (under 30) enough that they could still flourish and grow here. I look forward to 2018 looking like an almost completely new team.