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  1. Both Stew and Dwill were injured and didn't play in the divisional game. We would've at leasy put up a fight barring injuries,
  2. KB is better than Kaelin Clay, don't even pretend he isn't. He was probablt better than Funchess at 50% too.
  3. "Gabbert isn't a bad QB" LMAO
  4. I'd disagree that trading KB was the right move, he couldn't have foreseen all of the injuries to the WR core and at the time he made it it was the right move, but that trade kinda fuged us up torwards the end of the year.when our entire core died to injury
  5. I don't know how Wilks has done in Arizona, but if I recall, McDermott wasn't a bad coach. Yeah he benched Tyrod but if I recall that's the only bad decision he's really mad, and Bills fans seemed to like him. Keep in mind, he has Nathan Petermeme at QB
  6. I can't say Cam is a hall of famer, at least not right now. Super Bowl 50 will (wrongly) haunt his legacy, and there have been so many great QBs in this generation. On top of this, a lot of people don't like to consider context behind his numbers, and will just assume he is inaccurate upon glancing at his passing stats. He's a hall of very good candidate as of right now, but I do think if we win a Super Bowl he could potentially be enshrined. The only hall of famers on this team at this exact instant are Peppers and Luke.
  7. As the clickbait up here would lead you not to believe, he wasn't officially going to be released until Monday. It looks unlikely that he will be released though, as at least 5 teams have expressed interest in trading for him so they won't have to risk him being signed by another team. I find it highly unlikely that since teams have approached Cleveland with offers that he will just be released. Gordon wants to be traded to either the Cowboys or 49ers, however he has no real say in where Cleveland moves him. It does appear though that Cleveland wants to trade him to an NFC team, narrowing potential teams quite substantially. The reasons known are that he showed up late to the facility, he didn't act like himself when he did show up, an injured hammy, and apparently Cleveland didn't feel like they could trust him. I am for trading for him, since I doubt Cleveland wants much more than a mid or late round pick, and on the off chance that they Brown it up and release him, sign him. But the fact that he "wasn't himself" is worrying since if we do sign him he could just end up being suspended for the 800th time.
  8. bewonee

    Official Fug the Falcons Thread

    fug the saints more, but fug the falcons too.
  9. Jesus fuging christ even I could've at least slowed him down slightly
  10. Possibly, although he'll probably be used as more of a situational pass rusher next year. Size is also a concern with Haynes
  11. Hopefully so, but he came off as more of a raw prospect, I doubt he'll be a massive difference maker next year
  12. Last year's picks: Alvin Kamara Carl Lawson Joe Williams Did pretty well last year, although it's a shame that Joe Williams got injured. John Kelly Running back for Tenn, John Kelly looked extremely impressive in limited touches. I know that everyone is gonna go "you're just picking the underused tenn back again, he won't be that good and you are just high off of what Alvin Kamara did last year". The thing is, Kelly looked really good in about 50% of the touches and was playing behind an abysmal Tenn oline which was abused by the other defenses of the SEC. In 2017, Kelly ran for 778 yards, 9 TDs on 189 attempts (avg of 4.1) and also tacked on 299 receiving yards. He can cut quite well and is a physical runner who is hard to bring down, he can wear down defenses as well, alongside being a pretty good receiver out of the backfield, something that most power backs aren't. He isn't going down on first contact, and he is a great pass blocker for a RB. He was drafted in the 6th round by the Rams. The main questions around Kelly are his size, at only 5'9 205, some believe he could be quite injury prone upon entering the NFL. He also lacks athleticism despite being a smaller back. Michael Gallup Wide Receiver for Colorado State, Gallup dominated in his senior season. 100 catches, 1,418 yards, and a finalist for the Bletnikoff award. The fact that he fell all the way to the third round is honestly pretty incredible, he isn't terribly athletic and there are fears that he could be an example of a college great but a bad NFL player ala Scooby Wright, which is understandable. He has a really good ability to adjust to poorly thrown balls, has nifty routes, really good hands, and can also go up and get it if you need him to. For a cherry on top, he also excels at run blocking. Gallup also has great quickness and quick twitch ability, making him a viable deep threat. He plays like a really polished WR and can do just about anything you need him to. The main questions surrounding Gallup is the competition he faced and his limited athleticism
  13. lol guys we got drumpf this time herp XD!