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  1. If Mccaffrey catches that screen, he’s running for 40+ yards and we likely wind up scoring, Cam doesn’t get hurt, and the collective blood pressure of this board holds steady for another week.
  2. I’m not saying anything other than a boot doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be out long term.
  3. Lol. Kenyan Drake was put in a boot last week with a foot injury and he was running sprints today and ready to roll for week 1
  4. Is it not obvious for Caroline to ask the players how Cams doing in one of these interviews?
  5. If Rivera didn’t have any intention of calling plays, Steve Wilks would be the DC right now.
  6. I thought Daley looked pretty good for the most part. He did miss a couple blitzes like you said up the middle, but keep in mind he has always played Tackle. This was his first time playing guard in a game and will improve. Once he gets a little more experience he’ll be a nice backup option to have at guard and/or tackle.
  7. Julio you see that? Don’t settle for anything under 105 bro
  8. This. Scarlett was mediocre in the SEC and I was pretty shocked he was drafted. Think he had like 700 yards last year. Holyfield on the other hand was a beast, played behind Swift yet still ran for over 1,000 while averaging 6.5 yards per carry. Neither of them did much in terms of receiving. Report that Holyfield had a good day of practice today and has been the last player to leave every day so far. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit for him to make the roster.
  9. Good to see Matt Kalil back in uniform at LT
  10. We could have gotten Alshon Jeffery for relatively cheap on a 1 year deal a few years back if we would have made an attempt. Only thing that worries me about this WR core is height. Cam has shown to overthrow his WRs at times throughout his career. Thought that was mostly why we drafted KB and Funchess in consecutive years.
  11. I live in Mt Pleasant and usually go to Hometeam downtown Charleston for games. Usually a pretty good crowd of panthers fans and a good environment. There will be a lot of fans of other teams as well. Local 616 is packed with panthers fans for games and I think may be like the official watch party each Sunday. another cool spot to watch is Carolina Ale House. It’s a rooftop sports bar downtown.
  12. That’s true, unless of course you consider the fact that the team that just won the super bowl was coming off a loss in the previous year’s super bowl
  13. Every time I bet on something that I think is a guarantee, I lose. Vegas is notorious for that sometimes, although hopefully not in this case
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