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  1. Rivera would have never hired Del Rio here. He’s too loyal to his buddies on that defensive staff, which is a big reason he failed here. Promoting Wilks, then Washington, then not firing Washington. had he stayed in Carolina he would have never gotten rid of Washington as DC or Rodgers despite them both being way over their heads at their respective positions.
  2. Hiring a guy with 3 winning seasons in 9 years? Yikes at Washington
  3. Get to play Arizona at home and on the road vs NYG or Washington next year. Had we stayed 2nd it would prob be Seattle and at Philly
  4. Go back 1 year. Falcons and panthers both finished 7-9 and they swept us. Guess who picked first out of the two.
  5. True, but I didn’t want him to continue to play out of his mind for it to even be debatable. Wouldn’t have put it past him to see a scenario where Hurney gets rid of Cam, drafts another 3-4 round project QB ala Grier or a vet 2nd string type and talks about how an offseason with number 1 reps will put Kyle over the hump.
  6. I’m hoping that the defense is more so just coaching than personnel right now.
  7. We should all be thankful that the real Kyle Allen has come out. Now he won’t even be an option for next year
  8. I’ve already bought tickets to the game AND plane tickets, so I’ll be there
  9. Seriously; what’s the point of having a defensive head coach, if the defense is this terrible.
  10. Not to mention he had 2 weeks to prepare for it, but who am I kidding, he probably took all of last week off
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