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  1. Love me some Hockey. I’m glad to see them doing great since that nearly decade slump. Let’s go!
  2. Not using a timeout on opening drive because they couldn’t get play in.
  3. Who would believe it Hockey would become the most successful professional sports franchise in the Carolinas. Yeah I didn’t either.
  4. Hiring Rod Brind Amour was the best thing they did.
  5. NFL is to much of a contact sport for a season to work. MLB is having issues and they don’t even tackle or touch each other. If there is a seasons, it’s going to be a complete crap show and that’s it.
  6. You boys and girls hoping a NFL season is coming are going to be totally let down when it’s cancelled. It’s coming
  7. NFL will not have a complete season. Stop trying to think otherwise. One team. Two teams, hell maybe even more will have numerous players and staff tests positive for virus. After that games will be cancelled and it will just snowball. Watch
  8. While we are on the topic of pointless threads. Can we stop all this Cam Newton E-entertainment talk?
  9. All this poo going on in the world, I forgot we actually drafted people.
  10. So in other words NFL can’t have their cake and eat it to. What the hell do they expect from a full on contact sport where sometimes you can have a pile of 5+ men on top of each other fighting for a fumble. Just end the damn season already. Nobody is going to be happy on both side of this argument.
  11. I like how the mic flicks with her butt
  12. The man posted a flat out lie and I corrected him.
  13. Fake news. Deaths have not spiked, just reported cases. Actually overall deaths have gone down dramatically. Get your facts right.
  14. Lol. NFL will not have a season. Stop imagining they will.
  15. He know more than you ever will. Funny how you judge a owner when his first coaching hire hasn’t coached 1 season or game yet.
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