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  1. So i need to keep “believing” even though i see him miss throw after throw and his inconsistency has been prevalent throughout his career? Or how about his injury issues that doesn't seem to go away? Football is a business, if he cant produce we need a new QB. Nothing personal just business.
  2. Im hoping we lose every game from here on out and get either #1 or #2 pick in the draft. There is no way in hell we are going to the playoffs or even if we get into the playoffs by some miracle get close to superbowl contenders. i want Ron and all his coaches gone. I want Tepper to liquidate this front office and start from scratch with a high draft pick. why in the hell would someone root for our team to do good or even get some wins, when we all know ( and some don't want to admit it) we are nothing but a mediocre team with Ron and possibly Cam (if he doesn't fix his throws). my two cents
  3. Ponysaurus Rye Ale in Durham, NC is one of my favorite summer beers.
  4. Give him a couple more games and if he is doing the same crap by overthrowing WR or cant throw the deep ball, then bench him and play the backup rest of season. Find a new QB next draft
  5. I think for some people on this forum its really hard to let go of Cam and understand he is an average QB now.
  6. It baffles me that people still think we are going to the playoffs after that poo show Yesturday. Face the facts. Our team sucks and we will be rebuilding soon.
  7. Think about the positives. We could have resigned Cam for 6 more years with 100+ mil and gods no what guarantee money. Dodged a bullet .
  8. I think Cam is taking game study time and using to be a better fortnite player.
  9. If this Franchise wants to compete with the other big dogs, we need to move on from Cam. Nothing personal, just business.
  10. As much as i dislike Brady, you never see him being “rusty”
  11. So we are going to be in Panther purgatory, where we suck at start of season and then pull out enough wins to keep Ron, year after year after year. Nothing changes.
  12. Blow the front office up and start fresh. New GM, New Coach, New QB, New everything!. This crap we have now is not working.
  13. Quick someone check Willow see if house on market.
  14. At this point im hoping we lose all games just to get this coaching staff out of charlotte and start fresh
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