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  1. Ravens won a Super Bowl with Joe Flacco
  2. As much as I don’t like saying this, the NFL most definitely cuddles to their darling teams. ie: saints, Green Bay, Patriots, Cowboys etc..etc
  3. You really question the mental state of some people when they pull off stupid poo like this.
  4. Will everybody be quarantined including teams that they have played? Seems it gonna be a slippery slope if something like this happens if NFL has a season.
  5. Do not take your damn foot off the gas when you have a lead. How many people on this forum knew what we coming when we had a lead no matter how large or small? Run, run, throw, punt. Which eventually gave teams a chance to come back.
  6. Make fun of Jimmy Clausen all you want, but his g/f was hot as hell. I think he has the last laugh.
  7. Just tell you wife she is being unreasonable and that she needs to chill. You will win every time.
  8. You know I think I have seen it all on the internet. Then I see a naked man with chicken on his hands and feet.
  9. Good lord. Give it a damn rest. The man made 100s of millions of dollars (not including endorsements). Some of you seriously can’t let it go.
  10. I’m just looking forward to seeing what Rhule and company do with entire team. No more Ron or Fox. Thank god.
  11. The problem with this fanbase is that Cam was the first real #1 draft pick QB this franchise has ever had. It’s like getting that hot girlfriend for the first time that is way outside your league. But then you realize she is a gold digger and taking all your money. You don’t want to cut ties with her because she is a hot thing, but you know you have to. you have the rational people that would let go. and you have the people in this fanbase that would stick with her regardless of how much money she’s taking you for.
  12. Wonder how many seasons it will take for the Bengals to ruin Burrow.
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