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  1. I think this fanbase has been so use to mediocre after mediocre season that it’s just accepted. I hate to see how we react or how many people jump on the bandwagon if we ever become good season after season
  2. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and hope it works out. Or you know, we can just keep the status quo and never amount to anything
  3. I don’t care what we do. Keep Cam, get rid of Cam. I DONT CARE. All I care about is going into season after season knowing we have a playoff caliber team that will compete hard. as of right now it’s good season, great season, bad,bad,bad, mediocre, bad, horrible. Can we please get some Patriot level winning up in here?
  4. If that is the case then we should just trade CMC and not waste his talent on a rebuild.
  5. Maybe Chip and Joanna will buy it. Hell they got the money...lol
  6. Like people have said before. These QBs asking insane amount of money better not complain when the team he is on cannot be competitive because almost half their money is tied up into 1 player.
  7. Please show me any person on this forum that thinks we are going to have a good to great record next year? I think everyone knows there is going to be some pain before we get to the promise land.
  8. To much money being lost on both sides for that to happen. Will never get that far.
  9. I use to love wrestling when I was a teenager. My mother got me and 3 of my friends tickets to WCW match in Chapel Hill (floor tickets) long story short, I thought it look stupid in real life and didn’t watch 1 match after that.
  10. Since when does knowing how to fly (when I have a license) makes me a nerd? I don’t think my passengers would like it to much having me take them up and I have no idea what I’m doing.
  11. Oh I’m sorry I upset you since some people on this board were asking questions pertaining the the crash. *rolls eyes*
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