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  1. Probably because the FAA put a TFR (temporary flight restriction) over football stadiums during games. Not any joe blow towing a sign can fly over a stadium. And if you don’t get clearance from KCLT well your SOL.
  2. So when are we going to blow up the front office and start over?
  3. I’m just glad we are getting out asses handed to us. We need everyone fired at end of year. Start all over.
  4. I swear. This is exactly what everyone was talking about at beginning of this thread. All of you just result to childish bickering back and forth.
  5. Im going to tell you straight up. Tinderbox is nothing but a cult of posters who stick together and shout down any opposing points of view they do not agree with. It mirrors everything we see is Washington today. I left it completely because any rational thought between two opposing views in a respectful manner is completely thrown out the window.
  6. Really wonder how many on this board were Panther fans during Delhomme era.
  7. Healthy Cam with injury issues that might come up, or Kyle Allen with nearly 20mil in cap space saved. Hmmmmmm Business is Business.
  8. I think if he becomes our QB next season it will start to click.
  9. I think your seeing the OL trying to pull CMC across line. CMC had the ball tucked around his chest and that part never got close to goaline.
  10. I think we might have a good QB though. Allen has proven he can play. Just needs that experience.
  11. He didnt get in. Sorry boys. He never stretched that ball out.
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