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  1. Just to throw this out there most conspiracy theorist are authoritarian by nature it's always a big bad somewhere but "I'm" the solution of this big bad guy explains a lot of trump followers specially the die hard ones. Not saying some conspiracy are not true but you get my point. for next 2022-2024 you have to get maga to turn on traditional republicans I notice some maga been saying f fox news because of AZ....
  2. I have a theory most of his hardcore base doesn't care but him(they really want a hitler 2.0 but he will do for them) they just live through him atm because of what he says to people they don't like.
  3. Exactly, and that was the trend for all RB's after the 90's in the nfl cmc is no diffrent....
  4. Take an L it’s a wasted season period even for the team that wins the super bowl this year if we make it that far.
  5. Jerry Richardson f'd everything up to be honest with his old man perversion
  6. I didn't either not feeling this team or NFL for that matter (and its not because of politics)
  7. Not sure what's funny when our team sucks....
  8. I don't mind giving the kid a shot if we go 0-16 but I have a gut feeling that Lawrence will be a bust....
  9. Lawrence is going to be a bust mark my words
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