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  1. We are not we think there going to lose the rest of the season.... try harder
  2. Sherlock he just said were not making the playoffs your not that bright you want to be a big bad edge lord troll that you can't even comprehend what the TC posted. He doesn't think we can beat the saints.... he said the odds are not good.
  3. Fu*k the math can't use probability, statistics, and math equations for everything.
  4. 1 We suck we are not beating the saints 2 We tend to overrate our good players 3 When Buck and Troy where praising Allen he threw a pick afterwards quit jinxing us we better off has the under dog
  5. Just lose out I said this in another thread if we don't beat green bay we don't belong in the playoff hunt.
  6. lol stupid just lose out get high draft pick get rid of ron and co this team not good enough.
  7. Losing to SF is one thing but if we can't beat GB we not making the playoffs just lose out and get a good draft pick.
  8. Wow fresh legs man Norv trying to run cmc into the ground like he did LT...
  9. No I don't remember Olsen with the team only with home games iirc
  10. Put him in only when we lose with Allen to see what he can still do if not trade Cam to NE under Brady so he can at least get ring has a backup he at least deserve that since NFL didn't protect him when was getting hit in the head and our OL sure didn't do its job after 2015 season minus the super bowl.
  11. Regardless he needs to work on ball security like Cam needs to work on ball placement.
  12. He has small hands so he really needs to work on Ball security.
  13. lol, bet he will keep his yogurt endorsement if he had one. plus that guy wont go to twitter to complain
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