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  1. Bradberry for defense. Slye for Special Teams even with the misses. Kyle Allen on offense, had smart decisions and distributed the ball to different players well.
  2. For a great corner we made him look stupid today a few times. Moore made him look like a fool on that hitch.
  3. Trai, Williams, Daley, Moton, and Little are all keepers. Need a better answer at Center ideally. Allen caught a few less than ideal snaps today.
  4. See I don’t know. Brees hasn’t ever looked “off”. I do think regardless of who your quarterback is you stay with the hot hand. If CMC went down and his back ran for 100+ every game for 4-5 weeks we undoubtedly see CMC’s touches decline.
  5. He strikes me as a good game manager who doesn’t turn it over. I can’t picture him engineering a huge come back with his own talents. He’s operating well in our system and spreading the ball around to play makers. However, he doesn’t strike me as a talent that could carry you to the mountain top. Unless it’s like the two Ravens Super Bowls where the qb is just asked not to lose the game.
  6. Only the Texans held us under 30 with Allen at quarterback. I still think good Cam is better than good Allen but it wouldn’t make sense to bench the undefeated and accurate 23 year old. Especially with the OL finally looking like they have a serviceable formation. We sorely need another solid receiver option for him though. I’m not sure how his deep ball is but we could use an AJ Green type (a little old though). Cam’s too much of a competitor to agree with this sentiment but this is amazing for him. He needs to use this time to truly heal and focus on the little things that make big differences. He should be pouring over film right now and thinking/working with his mechanics. If he can keep his footwork consistent he can get the same force he used to without it being all arm. I think you can’t pull Allen until he loses.
  7. His sack by just grabbing Jameis by the arm shooter incredible strength and grit. He’s only going to get better he is still very raw. Can we get Jared Allen/Peppers to come mentor him?
  8. So, if there’s a top tier talent I say FS is the way to go. If not a receiver could really help. The OL looked a little serviceable tonight but they could do better with running lanes. A power RB in the 3rd might not be a bad idea if they’d actually rotate CMC out.
  9. Awesome moment for him! One tackle and a QB hit tonight Our pass rush was awesome
  10. Even with Evans awful performance I’d take him in a heartbeat. He’s made Jameis look good for a long time and made Manziel look like a legit player too.
  11. I think it’s time Running Backs should be judged by all purpose yards.
  12. Cockrell Moss’d him! Yo we could put Cockrell at CB and slide Jackson into the slot
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