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  1. Yup, Cam and Olsen might as well retire at this point and build a team around CMC.
  2. Players die twice, the first time is when they retire. You can see just how painful this is for Luke and it doesn’t get easier for a while. Personally, I’m still waiting for the itch to compete to go away almost 6 years after using up my college eligibility in wrestling.
  3. I wish Saquon could be on a good team. What a waste of talent. Just give him to the Patriots or Chiefs or Texans.
  4. Would improve our passing game tremendously. The guy is a master of finding & creating mismatches.
  5. L-O-fuging-L some of y'all are the worst "Chicken Littles" in the world.
  6. I absolutely love the small minority defending Gettleman still.
  7. This, not to mention the type of trade to get Burrow would be bigger than massive. We need OL, DL, Secondary, WR, and hell even TE with Olsen getting old. The people on here who don't think we're about to have a massive rebuild are idiots.
  8. Lol some y'all bitchin' about this dude but you were nutting your pants about the idea of freaking Harbaugh? The dude can't win at Michigan which has all the resources in the world. Rhule built a better team with crap than Harbaugh could with gold. Times change and no coach is a sure-fire hire. Lincoln Riley gets embarrassed in the playoffs, Green Bay old man was booted for a reason, Patriots dude sure didn't generate much offense against some 'meh' defenses. You can bitch about literally any potential candidate. Hopefully, his OL background can help us a little. He is at least better than boring ass can't have back-to-back winning seasons Rivera.
  9. There’s about 8 other college coaches I’d consider over Harbaugh. He hasn’t exactly lit it up at Michigan despite the talent and resources.
  10. I love Cam. Like, legitimately in my top 4 of favorite athletes of all time across all sports. I’ll Stan for him anyway. However, financially if you’re looking for a rebuild it’s best to take the step into life after Cam. Frankly I became a Panthers fan through Cam but I plan on sticking with this team and supporting them in perpetuity. If a new coach thinks instant success is possible then stick with Cam. However, if he’s looking to rebuild it’s a very logical move.
  11. Agreed, I'm saying there's no way they'd hire him when he was doing just as bad as what they already have. He likely doesn't need to coach anymore. If anything, go somewhere and be a coordinator. Ron has to go somewhere he can learn how the game has changed.
  12. Blah, blah, rebuild, blah. Y'all realize we've never had back-to-back winning seasons right? That's absolutely pathetic and going through some rebuilding and gradually improving is less frustrating than the up-down roller coaster of winning season, losing season, winning season, losing season...
  13. Nah, new head coach won't stick to a scheme he doesn't want because of one player.
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