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  1. Oh look Panthers fans being ungrateful pricks over another stud from Auburn. I agree though I was hoping they’d take Isaiah Simmons it made more sense to take the local LB to fill Kuechleys void. Really didn’t want to see another Auburn player waste a single season at this moronic unappreciative franchise.
  2. Hahaha with what? No Luke, no Olsen, no Cam, no Bradberry, lost Trai for an aging Okung, still a relatively bad OL, depth losses across the defense, no Reid, no Colin Jones. The only players they’ve added are Bridgewater (F150s still gonna be butt hurt) and Okung (again a hideous trade). Hilarious to say they’ll “really win”
  3. Haha it’s amazing watching so many teams make major and awesome moves while the Panthers do jack poo. Resigned Tre Boston (woohoo) but release Eric Reid lmao Told Olsen to take a hike Told Cam to take a hike and then tried to spin it like Cam was wanting out AFTER Cam leaves they get a serviceable tackle in Okung but in doing so lose a guard. Got rid of Colin Jones only resigned Allen to one year Got a backup from the Saints with injury issues Slye only one year extension Obada only one year extension and have gained absolutely no draft capital while cutting or terminating these players. Have essentially done absolutely nothing to be better than what they were. All while allowing Rhule to only bring in his cronies instead of looking for a top tier staff.
  4. Yup half this fanbase gets massive boners shutting on Cam. Despite the fact he’s been playing behind a d-tier OL with the best receiver he ever had was old short Steve Smith. The second best until DJ Moore was probably Ginn? Meanwhile, in the same division, we’ve seen Julio Jones/Michael Thomas/Mike Evans and a bevy of other legitimate receivers. fuging joke. Hope Brady destroys the Panthers. Then the Saints will own the Panthers like they have been. Lord knows Panthers can’t sweep Atlanta.
  5. Clown show of management haven’t bothered to get an OL or legitimate #1 receiver in almost a decade
  6. Players die twice, the first time is when they retire. You can see just how painful this is for Luke and it doesn’t get easier for a while. Personally, I’m still waiting for the itch to compete to go away almost 6 years after using up my college eligibility in wrestling.
  7. I absolutely love the small minority defending Gettleman still.
  8. Lol some y'all bitchin' about this dude but you were nutting your pants about the idea of freaking Harbaugh? The dude can't win at Michigan which has all the resources in the world. Rhule built a better team with crap than Harbaugh could with gold. Times change and no coach is a sure-fire hire. Lincoln Riley gets embarrassed in the playoffs, Green Bay old man was booted for a reason, Patriots dude sure didn't generate much offense against some 'meh' defenses. You can bitch about literally any potential candidate. Hopefully, his OL background can help us a little. He is at least better than boring ass can't have back-to-back winning seasons Rivera.
  9. Maybe we have different definitions of average but I think the following are average to a little above-average: Nick Foles Joe Flacco Eli Manning Brad Johnson Trent Dilfer John Elway (don't @ me) Mark Rypien Jeff Hostelter Honestly Bradshaw lived off being surrounded by a great team.
  10. Agreed, but there have been plenty of average quarterbacks who have won super bowls.
  11. I'm bored so I'll say this much. We don't need a QB to be 2015 Cam good in order to win. Look at Kansas City surviving with Moore. Kyle Allen only has to be serviceable if we build up the OL around him and get a true OBJ type WR1.
  12. I'd be more concerned with the combination of what could happen. We have the potential for a lot of players being gone after this year. The OL still isn't great, Olsen can't have many years left, DJ and Samuel are WR2 and WR3 candidates, our safeties are old or don't wrap up, Bradberry is due for a new contract, and Ron Rivera is still our coach. The potential for being a Jets level team is there. I agree though it's not likely especially with the Bucs about to rebuild, Atlanta embracing the rebuild, and the Saints soon to be without Brees (though still the likely leader of the division for a few years at least). However, staying a middling team who can't string together winning seasons is within realistic expectations. So we miss the playoffs but draft too high to get guys like Chase Young.
  13. Goes home to the Atlanta Falcons throwing to Julio Jones, Austin Hooper, and Calvin Ridley.
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