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  1. QB - Cam RB - CMC FB - Armah WR - Moore, Samuels TE - Thomas OL - Moton, Turner, Van Roten DE - Addison DL - Short LB - Luke CB - Bradberry, Jackson everyone else on this team has no impact.
  2. there is a good chance 9-7 gets us in the playoffs. The Redskins are trash and will probably lose out, we own the tiebreaker over Philly, and the Vikings are garbage as well.
  3. if Donte doesn't go down on the first play last week than we best Seattle. We need to find a way to come away with TDs in the red zone. We got into the 10 yard line the first two drives and came away with 3 points. That said, we also got robbed and Cam had that first down. We outplayed them. Seattle took deep shots down field. This team NEVER does that.
  4. remember when we were down against Washington and we took shots at the end zone and everyone complained?
  5. If we scored at will like KC and LAR then everyone here would love it. Everyone cries because we dont have a coach that gives them the type of football that they are complaining about here.
  6. If we lose out it is because this team clearly has regressed and its more problems than just a HC. Fans that think this are fuging retarded.
  7. ericr0319

    What is the problem with our offense?

    I agree. Whenever we play with up tempo we basically dominate on offense. We also seem to run the ball very well in our up tempo offense.
  8. Ugh, I forgot all about the non-challenge on the first TD drive. HOW WAS THIS NOT CHALLENGED?? Does it really take longer for them to see the replays than it does for us on TV?
  9. ericr0319

    “Missed Opportunities”

    Those that think Funchess should be benched are morons simply put.
  10. If McCarthy is fired at the end of this season he is 100% getting a head coaching job and prob high on the list of candidates this team would go after. Is that something you all would be happy with?
  11. we must win the next 3 games.
  12. Looks like if this team does what it should do we are at best a 5 seed. Best case scenario we get Washington or Dallas in the first round. Both teams we are capable of beating.
  13. If we cannot beat TB and CLE on the road than we cannot win a playoff game on the road.
  14. ericr0319

    “Missed Opportunities”

    No reason to bench Funch. He takes pressure off DJ and Curt. Cam started to overthinking and didn't hit the throw. Not the end of the world. That said, I wish we would have kicked it. We were killing their defense and their offense lost the run game and they couldn't do anything.
  15. ericr0319

    Panthers vs Saints 12/30

    praying #1 seed is locked up. because I do not want to play him @Nola for a W/c spot.