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  1. signing adds depth that we need. DE still one of our most important needs, if not the most important.
  2. that is my thought at LG. If that is the case, we start the year with a damn good o-line for the first time in forever.
  3. 3 major changes to the O-Line this offseason. All for the better. What do you see our O-Line looking like to open the season? With Williams on a 1 year deal I still think OL in the 1st is by no means out of the question. Realistically we could have: LT - Moton (he did start week 1 last year here, correct?) LG - J.Williams (1st round pick) - people say can play T/G, but probably All-Pro at G. C - Paradis RG - Turner RT - Williams (whispers about him going to RT, but the season before he was hurt he was 2nd team All-Pro. You don't F with that. If he is great we re-sign him.)
  4. ericr0319

    Bill Barnwell on Matt Kalil roster status

    who cares about getting it back if you arent going to use it.
  5. ericr0319

    Bill Barnwell on Matt Kalil roster status

    everyone is just... he sucks. he blows. get rid of him. well no poo. if it was that easy he would be gone. he isnt on the roster because management believes in him...he is there because they are deciding what makes financial sense.
  6. ericr0319

    Bill Barnwell on Matt Kalil roster status

    this is my take - if we do not plan on making any other moves than it is better to keep him. cuttin him (post june 1) saves us 7.25 mil, but cost us 9.8 next year. if we arent spending that 7.25 this year, pay him if we cut him next year (post june 1) saves us 11 mil next year and only cost is 4.9 the following. if he is on the roster it doesn't mean he has to start. he is good DEPTH. need depth on the oline. yes i dont like paying someone that kind of money for depth, but keeping him this year is better for us next year, especially if we are done with big splashes in FA. he has no future on this team and we could still draft OL in the 1st round.
  7. ericr0319

    simple offseason plan

    We have needs at DE and DT because those players are not great.
  8. We have two big pass catching tight ends when healthy and Jarius can move the sticks. giving away 4-6 million a year to a vet just so we have another option is silly.
  9. ericr0319

    simple offseason plan

    I am curious to see what Williams' asking price will be.
  10. Some of these moves might seem drastic, but after last year we need to make some changes. The two on this list I feel are unlikely to happen are Mario and Poe. But Poe’s last year was terrible, and the dude is just fat. Below are my recommendations. If I am off in any of these numbers then please let me know. Cuts: Matt Kalil – Saves $7.25 mil (June 1, $9.8 mil cap hit 2020). Torrey Smith – Saves $5 mil. Captain Munnerlyn – Saves $2 mil. The guy is just bad. We could save more as a June 1, but no need to eat into cap next year. Mario Addison – Saves $6 mil. We could save more as a June 1 cut, but we will need his cap room in free agency. Dontari Poe – Saves $6 mil. (June 1, $3.33 mil cap hit in 2020). Da’Norris Searcy – Saves $1.76 mil. Vernon Butler – Saves $1.5 mil I am in favor for cutting Gano, but from what I can see his contract does not give us a smart money out. Let me know if I am in correct. This adds $29.51 mil in cap room and about $46 mil (less Eric Reid’s 2019 salary). I expect other small players to be cut adding another $2-3 mil and the cap to rise. This year we do not have a lot of significant current roster to sign. I am a fan of re-signing Daryl Williams. It is not a risky move if you do it correctly and it gives us two tackles, something we have not had in a long time. It also clears the need for OT in the first 3 rounds. This way we focus on D-line (after making necessary cuts and interior O-line (LG and C). Few depth guys to look at: Kyle Love, Wes Horton, and David Mayo are all someone to look at. Free Agents: The only spot I want to spend significant money on is our other safety spot. This is a deep Safety FA class. Earl Thomas, Tyrann Mathieu, Ha-Ha, but my favorite Landon Collins. I think we play it smart and lay low. Make one big move at S, then let the market fizzle out then add a DE or DT in free agency. Draft: Round 1: DE/DT Round 2: Center (from what I see, thus far, it is a deep center draft). Round 3: DE/DT x2 (I believe we have two 3rds).
  11. This was our plan going into last year until Matt came up injured in training camp.
  12. ericr0319

    Tepper won't speak

    would love them both gone. I'll take at least 1.
  13. did you even read my post? or did you decide it does not go with your narrative and skip over it?
  14. I prefer we try out Moton again at LG if we resign Williams to a favorable deal at RT. Kalil will be gone and we eat the money. I would love to trade back in the draft. Maybe grab both Oakland picks in the first and grab a oline and dline in the 1st. if we stay put draft dline and Center (rd 2 or 3). sign a LT cheap in FA until Kalil off the books. not ideal, but we were put in a bad position.
  15. ericr0319

    Peppers might not be done.....

    im sure Ron will lobby to bring him back for 4 mil a year.