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  1. either they were not scouting the other two because they knew they would be gone, or its a way to tell Grier they love him.
  2. i guess our D-Line depth in later rounds might make the scheme more clear as well. if we go true nose in round 5 or 6
  3. more to make sure you have the right guys. its how you move your pieces that matters.
  4. i love the thought of those three rotating to stay fresh. could even put 1 down linemen from time to time
  5. yeah I guess we can experiment with some of our DEs that have been floating. just wonder how Luke would do in this system. Maybe he wont feel the need to play at 120% and risk so much injury.
  6. due to us goint 4-3 for so long I do not pay attention to much 3-4 defense. whats the prototypical 3 down linemen in this scheme, is Poe our NT and does KK fit an edge?
  7. thats what I think. I would like to just have one scheme moving forward regardless.
  8. can someone clear this up for me? are we supposed to do a hybrid of what scheme works best play-by-play, or are we leaning to one system over the other?
  9. 16 Andre Dillard , OT Washington State 47 Darnell Savage , S Maryland 77 Jachai Polite , EDGE Florida 100 Trysten Hill , IDL UCF 115 Drue Tranquill , LB Notre Dame 154 Kingsley Keke , IDL Texas A&M 187 Cameron Smith , LB USC
  10. if thats our O-line im in love, still spend 2nd and 3rd on the Dline.
  11. If we draft OT in the first round than Moton likely goes to LG and than RT when DW isnt around next year. or they experiment with DW at LG as well.
  12. signing adds depth that we need. DE still one of our most important needs, if not the most important.
  13. that is my thought at LG. If that is the case, we start the year with a damn good o-line for the first time in forever.
  14. 3 major changes to the O-Line this offseason. All for the better. What do you see our O-Line looking like to open the season? With Williams on a 1 year deal I still think OL in the 1st is by no means out of the question. Realistically we could have: LT - Moton (he did start week 1 last year here, correct?) LG - J.Williams (1st round pick) - people say can play T/G, but probably All-Pro at G. C - Paradis RG - Turner RT - Williams (whispers about him going to RT, but the season before he was hurt he was 2nd team All-Pro. You don't F with that. If he is great we re-sign him.)
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