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  1. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Sunday Wild Card Games - Who you got?

    Orlando Brown Jr. getting beat by athleticism and speed. Should have drafted him.
  2. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Difference an oline makes it to a season Colts

    I do feel Hurney was expecting a quality interior to fall around our 2nd and 3rd picks. He was scouting interiors heavily and wanted guys like Daniels and Ragnow. Unfortunately, 2018 draft had this insane run on interior lineman from the late first all the way up to our 2nd round pick. Luckily there seems to be another good crop of interior players and a bit more depth at tackle. We'll so how some of these lineman test. I want us to get a pass rusher (interior or outside) so bad, but from the looks of things, we may have to settle for maybe 3rd or 4th best pass rusher or interior? Josh Allen, Nick Bosa, Ed Oliver, Quinnen Williams stand out and look to be day 1 starters that will be off the board. If there is a run on pass rushers we need to look at other positions and could that be Offensive tackle or interior lineman?
  3. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Florio Reporting Wilks likely to be fired

    I would resign Norman in a heartbeat. I think Jackson would flourish more as a slot cb.
  4. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    About this "meaningless" game and the draft

    Better hope for some QBs to be over drafted this year. I can see Haskins and Grier go pretty high.
  5. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    About this "meaningless" game and the draft

    There goes my Ed Oliver dreams
  6. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    So...this 2019 DL class is scary good

    I'm really not getting this Rashan Gary hype. His collegiate career statistically is very pedestrian. Can someone point me historically of a guy who had similar statistics and became a hall of famer or pro-bowler in the NFL? Because right now the only guys I remember being picked top 10 range in the last decade with similar college production became busts. (Barkevious Mingo, Dion Jordan, Tyson Jackson). Not to mention edge rushers just have a huge bust rate in general when picking at the top 10 range. I know we really need an edge rusher but I don't want us to reach. I want us to get the best player available. If we're thinking of a tweener which a lot of folks consider Gary, then Ed Oliver is the only guy I see with any amount of certainty of reaching pro-bowl potential. His recent little fiasco with his coaches and folks questioning his size (too small to be DT in NFL? Some think he's really 270 lb) is pushing him down in mock drafts. We may have a shot at him. He can play any position in the line 3-tech, NT, DE. Watching him against Louisville vs the athletic Lamar Jackson pretty much sold me that this kid will be great in the NFL. Also worth noting that Oliver likes horses. (continuing Panther tradition of legends with horses, Delhomme and Norman) =)
  7. Georgia Tech fan. Harrison Butker was money at Tech and has been money the last two years. Our 2017 draft class has been solid. As of right now Gettleman probably had his best draft class his last year with CMC, Samuels, Moton, Butker and Armah being major contributors.
  8. I think CMC and Cam will be together for a very long time. With Cam aging, CMC will be his safety blanket as he decreases his running numbers. Kamara is a great back, but I'm not sure how long Kamara will have Brees.
  9. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Week 4 Sunday Games Thread

    Just watched Mike McCoy call run 3 times to set up a field goal when Rosen was getting hot after a few great drives. They still had enough time to get a touchdown or get closer for an easier field goal. Had early 2000 flashbacks with Dan Henning and Fox. The difference with that conservative playcalling was Kasay was one of the most clutch kickers at the time. Dawson their kicker has been inconsistent at least that game.
  10. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Christian McCaffrey

    Where @KaseKlosed at? We need his insightful opinion on CMC.