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  1. I don't see how any folks watching Daley and Little heck even Moton to some degree say we're comfortable with our OT situation. They're not good enough! One has multiple concussions and injuries in his rookie year at one of the most hardest positions to play! We have Moton who under performed this year and will be looking for a contract next year. You have to light a fire under their tail and get good competition. It's time to invest in a good OT and where we're positioned there are multiple OT that we may have a chance at.
  2. Hayden Hurst who was the first pick (Lamar their 2nd first round pick) of the Ravens last year is an intriguing one. He was injured most of his rookie year. Lamar and Mark Andrews proceeded to establish great chemistry and have continued this year. Raven's are probably the only team that can confidently run three TE sets because all three can catch and run routes pretty well. Hayden still shows great flashes of what he was in South Carolina. I think he just need more reps. Andrews is just ballin in that team though and Nick Boyle is their primary blocking TE.
  3. Awful pocket awareness. I'd rather have Fromm. I don't want another overhyped 5 star recruit that under-performed in college.
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