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  1. A large portion of Kalil's contract (3.6 mil) is "active roster" based. So, while he does retain his 3 million dollar signing bonus, if he isn't on the active roster come game day, he loses out on about 200K per week.
  2. A lot can be said about the mistakes that led our franchise to this position. However, at least we didn't extend Cam for millions of dollars before the season.
  3. Any Panthers narrative will be overshadowed by the national media discussing the Rams Superbowl hangover and how lucky the Panthers must have been to get the Rams on such an odd set of circumstances.
  4. He was the guy fined for the helmet-to-helmet contact against Cam in the superbowl. Guess he got what he deserved.
  5. A surprise release: the Raiders have terminated linebacker Brandon Marshall, per source.
  6. Per source #Broncos will cut Su’a Cravens.
  7. The Panthers have informed KR/PR Jaydon Mickens of his release, per league source. Explosive return guy who flashed a few times when he had opportunities this preseason, but team numbers just weren’t in his favor.
  8. Just what the world needs! A bunch of 300 pound men running around and injecting themselves with marijuana. Not to mention it gives them schizophrenia and turns them into psychopaths! This is what the NFL wants? Drugged up players, getting in fights with imaginary animals in the streets, passing out in the gutter with syringes in their arms? /s
  9. Jourdan Rodrigue @JourdanRodrigue From Carolina Panthers GM Marty Hurney: "Cam Newton has a mid-foot sprain in his left foot, and we are cautiously optimistic he will be ready for week one."
  10. Little has the frame and the quickness to be a quality LT. He has had two knocks coming out of college. He isn't very strong, which a year with a quality NFL weight trainer should fix. The second knock is not having a mean streak. That will have to be coached. I expect Little to provide backup this year and by next year be in a position to take the LT job.
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