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  1. This team needs to stop building up my expectations for next year. I was just coming to terms with the tank.
  2. Simmons and Okudah appear to be generational talents. Brown looks solid at a position of desperation. I am fine with all 3.
  3. We would need to contact teams and his agent ahead of this move. The tag wouldn't happen without a deal in place.
  4. Ok, so.... The franchise tag for CBs is 16 mil and teams are willing to offer 15 mil per year deals? Isn't this an obvious tag and trade scenario? I mean, there is a chance we net a late 3rd compensatory pick if we let him walk, but then we are restricted in FA. Am I missing something? Tag his butt and trade him to the Jets for an early 3rd.
  5. Honestly, is this a blessing in disguise? More compensatory picks, no over-priced, over valued free agents. Are you making the argument to keep Cam or to trade him?
  6. Mr. Scot 43,082 Posted February 17, 2016 Would love a Kevin Dodd / Kony Ealy combo Lmao, this comment didn't age well.
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