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  1. run-run-pass-punt

    Is this really Super Bowl team?

    Naturally people are down on the team after a blowout loss, but it is, in fact, a single loss in a 16 game schedule. And, all things considered, a good loss - non-conference, road game. The question is whether this team can address the issues that led to this humbling. I think they can, but it's going to take some work and changes to the approach - especially on the defensive side.
  2. run-run-pass-punt

    To those claiming the NFL is rigged...

    I'll just say this, and it can be interpreted in multiple ways. The NFL is a business (BIG business). Businesses do what is in their best interest financially. Read in to that as you will.
  3. run-run-pass-punt

    DJ vs Suggs

    Some guys just have a fire for the game - to compete - other guys may have had natural gifts that put them in the position to be in the league, but they clearly don't care.
  4. I don't know the cause of that grade, but I do know that I saw a QB making confident throws that led to a big win against the #1 D in the league. I'll take that PFF grade with those results.
  5. run-run-pass-punt

    Fire Rivera fanboys must be on vacation

    The devil you know is better than the devil you don't. How many teams have shuttled coaches only to unload the next has-to-be-better-than guy too because the grass wasn't greener on the other side. I understand taking risks, but you take risks to win. Ron as a HC has won almost 60% of his games. In the NFL, that's pretty good. Why people want to mess with that eludes me. Hire a new guy, hire new problems. You're unlikely to find another Belichick. You're much more likely to find the next guy you fire pretty quickly.
  6. run-run-pass-punt

    Fire Rivera fanboys must be on vacation

    You're going to have to take the good with the bad with any coach. If you (fire Ron) lose the weaknesses of Ron, you are also giving up his strengths - strengths which have helped build a team that has a .580 winning percentage, 3 division titles and a Super Bowl appearance in his 7+ seasons. If you bring in a new coach, you may get new strengths, but you're also getting new weaknesses.
  7. run-run-pass-punt

    Fire Rivera fanboys must be on vacation

    Like every coach, Rivera has his strengths and weaknesses, but I've never understood the venom he gets. (from some) Look at the Panthers winning percentage since he's come on board. We've had a Super Bowl appearance, numerous post-season appearances, etc. I get that he makes some questionable game management decisions (or lack thereof) at times, but he really excels at creating cohesion and belief - building an inspired team, and that is obviously a valuable skill. Many coaches that have been around their team for as long as Rivera have lost the ear of the players. That is CLEARLY not the case with the Panthers. Guys play for him. He's a leader.
  8. I think it's my favorite uniform look the Panthers have ever worn. Looks classy to me.
  9. Give him a bit of space and he's greased lightning!
  10. So in other words, find and put good players on the field, whether green or seasoned.
  11. run-run-pass-punt

    NFL has turned every game into the pro bowl

    Not to go too far off topic, but there is incredible value to goals in soccer because of their relative - in comparison to NFL scoring - rarity. Every touch, positioning and run has added weight because of the preciousness of scoring. In the NFL, scoring is devalued to almost no consequence. If anything is a nap waiting to happen it's the (current state) NFL for me.
  12. run-run-pass-punt

    NFL has turned every game into the pro bowl

    I've been feeling the same way for a long time. It's more of a habitual thing for me to watch the NFL on Sundays at this point. The game itself is a shriveled and dried out husk of its former glory.
  13. run-run-pass-punt

    Ron on the Hot Seat

    Rivera has his issues, but I don't know how you can reasonably argue against his track record of success as the Panthers head coach. How many franchises would (simply looking at the overall record / division titles / playoff / super bowl appearances) trade places with our history (under the Rivera era) in a flash?
  14. run-run-pass-punt

    Norv....love this

    Yeah, his flexibility is great. Some coaches are so stubborn and stagnant - attempting to force their philosophy onto circumstances rather than adapting to what is present.
  15. run-run-pass-punt

    Palardy signs 3-year extension

    In a game of field position, it's nice to have a player capable of shifting that in your favor locked up for a while. Not a glamorous position, but vital.