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  1. I think we keep Cam only if we have no choice in the matter - no significant offer/interest. And if we keep him, I think it will be for this upcoming season to finish his contract at most. I believe Tepper and Rhule both want to put their unique stamp on things, and they prefer to, more or less, start with a clean slate - a new era.
  2. Give me Jeudy in the first. I kid. Obvious weakness is obvious (to some). Better fill it early and often. (That's what she said.)
  3. All I know is that if Brown makes it to 7, we better trip over ourselves because we're excitedly racing to the podium.
  4. Don't like. You already occasionally get an 8-8 or even sub .500 team in. The playoffs ought to reward teams who did well during the season.
  5. It might not be an indicator of developing talent, but for me, it is an indicator of doing more with less. That's a very translatable skill imo. It shows an understanding of total team dynamics and utilizing your available pieces to greatest benefit. Rhule may or may not pan out, but I agree that he's worth the risk given his track record. (at multiple spots)
  6. Usually those who are convinced of their intelligence are the same ones in short supply.
  7. Yes, "knowing" something can be either a blessing or a curse. If your certainty is well-founded, you're ok. But if you're sure of yourself while also incorrect, you're about to step in it. My ex-wife used to frustrate me to no end because, in my view, she was the perfect storm of ignorance and arrogance.
  8. You don't win big by betting small. He knows this.
  9. The idea of an "even playing field" is absurd on its premise. Genetic differences alone make it an impossibility. But you can go as deep down the rabbit hole as you like. And if we just look at the results of attempting to achieve perfect adjudication from what we've already seen, it is just a mess. We've scrutinized the definition of a catch until no one seemed to even know what a catch was any longer. And pass interference will *never* be free of controversy. There is inevitably going to be some subjective judgment to things in a game played by human beings. Things don't always get more clear the closer you lean in to examine. They often get more fuzzy. Aside from those issues, I think mistakes add color to the narrative of sport. Just look at the Saints with the PI issue. What drama! Not that we shouldn't have officials who do their best, but sometimes in sport you get screwed, and sport is a really nice metaphor for life oftentimes. Let's celebrate the mess. (of both)
  10. Yeah, I guess like goal line tech in soccer. Personally, and I know I'm an outlier for sure, but I prefer a little less "perfection" in sport. I like that the officiating is an imperfect element that informs the narrative of contests - just like the imperfect players and coaches. If we continue down the road that we've started walking on - the road of expecting to get every thing exactly right (an impossibility anyway), we may as well just run digital simulations instead of on-field competition.
  11. I truly believe it's as simple as this. The decision makers have already decided that Cam is not getting a long-term deal. So either he is moved for something in return or he walks for nothing next year. Either way I don't expect Cam to be a part of this team after this upcoming season, and probably not for this upcoming season. And as much as I love Cam, I honestly don't mind if that's how it plays out. There has been dramatic change throughout the team in a very short period of time. It seems as if it's just time to let go of the past and move into the future.
  12. Well he has certainly been viewed as integral to Burrow's meteoric rise.
  13. If Joe Brady is the QB whisperer he is purported to be, we better not draft a QB in RD1.
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