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  1. He is also tied for 20th in the league for touchdowns. Get rid of this bum!!! http://www.nfl.com/stats/categorystats?seasonType=REG&d-447263-n=1&d-447263-o=2&d-447263-p=1&statisticPositionCategory=WIDE_RECEIVER&d-447263-s=RECEIVING_TOUCHDOWNS&tabSeq=1&season=2018&Submit=Go&experience=&archive=false&conference=null&qualified=true
  2. You know what? You guys have changed my mind. I'm not going to let the fact that he's ranked 32nd in the league matter. The huddle tells me he sucks so he must suck. http://www.nfl.com/stats/categorystats?archive=false&conference=null&statisticPositionCategory=WIDE_RECEIVER&season=2018&seasonType=REG&experience=&tabSeq=1&qualified=true&Submit=Go I say we cut him and sign KONY EALY or GREG HARDY.
  3. You said " I definitely know of three in the first half of the Redskins game." We know he had 8 targets. Caught 5. at least 1 over throw. So that proves you definitely did not see 3 drops in the first half. I'm not saying he is great but a lot of people here exaggerate his drops just like you did above. Don't let facts get in the way of what you "definitely know" though.
  4. Did he drop this one?
  5. Go to the 8:30 mark. Is that a drop by Funchess? He caught 5 out of 8 targets in the game, so how can you "definitely know of three in the first half of the Redskins game." when that is one of the incompletions ? 5 catches, and that over throw equal 6 of the 8 targets. This is what bothers me. Everyone KNOWS everything but can't back it up. Show me the all of these drops. The hate he gets on here is unreal.
  6. https://scores.nbcsports.com/fb/playerstats.asp?id=28429&team=29 Incomplete Pass Information Targets Drops 47 2 LOOK AT ALL THOSE DROPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find something new to bitch about.
  7. You guys realize how stupid you sound complaining about Funchess? It's like I'm at the huddle or something. Oh, wait.