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  1. i liked rucker's malcolm x look. mixon, oh for the love of god he looked like a pinky with a face on it
  2. worse thing about grier tonight for me was the look on his face after a crappy pass. he has that 'it wasn't my fault' look. or maybe its that stupid beard. idk. before the beard was ok. now its totally stupid.
  3. saxman, are you mick mixon? inquiring minds want to know.
  4. that's literally not what happened at all, and has nothing to do with this incident. i mean wtf? you're way to stressed about all this, and people not being allowed to criticize cam bro. can we just wait til rivera blows a game before we all go nuts
  5. reid comes from a military family. he got taught to stand up for what he believes in. that's what this country is supposed to be all about. jayz, what a joke. he is married to a man, i'll give him that.
  6. you're so awesome. does your career involve getting your body smashed a whole bunch every day? i'm just thinking, if it did you may want to smoke a little weed.
  7. bro you've definitely entered the 'get off my lawn' phase of life.
  8. would be awesome to have a new state of the art stadium. if its a retractable roof can we still have real grass?
  9. wait a minute, i've only been watching on sundays. have we been playing every day and i missed it?
  10. you beat me to it ladypanther, all this is being leaked by dallas mgmt. no one knows the guaranteed $ in the 'close to' 30mil/yr offer. they're doing it to make him look bad. just like espn all day yesterday trying to make ab look bad. just like emmit, if i was dak i'd be pissed off as hell.
  11. his regimen is said to be legendary. he's also got kind of a little head. i think that's the issue with the helmet. i think they should be allowed to use whatever helmet they want, and if its not league approved they can't join in current and later cte lawsuits, while still enjoying the benefits all others receive relating to cte. that's me.
  12. and oh yeah, many of us, including me, were pissed we didn't get spurrier back in the day
  13. makes him look crazy because he can't see out of the other helmets? or what? please explain to me more about your opinions of the best receiver in the league, that also has the best work ethic and training regimen.
  14. clintons, trumps, when will some of you people realize this is just like pro wrestling. they only fight on camera. its a money and power grift all the way. it won't stop until we actually do something about it. and we won't. this is the sick poo the dudes get up to because they never had to grow up or face consequneces.
  15. that's really not the 'at worst'. he did it over time with multiple nda's. he made some people's life hell. he's not jack the ripper, but neither is he a 1 off old man with a crush. ffs. he's dead. he doesn't need anyone to defend him.
  16. oh what the actual fug https://www.newsweek.com/fbi-leak-black-identity-extremist-threat-1453362?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark
  17. this is a bipartisan issue goddammit
  18. holy poo. holy poo. this stinks to high heaven
  19. his dread game is off point
  20. i lost because i had to hear mick mixon talk about ron's ample chest again and puked in my mouth a little. there was another time he said something about inches - and it didn't go south, but the anticipation of the homoerotic comments that were to come cringed me so hard
  21. but but but he picked up that o-lineman in juco and walked him off the field. he's a beast. a real hog molly
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