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  1. yes, right, common knowledge. still not throwing and owner saying he's gonna be back and better than ever. got a game 9/8. you think he's gonna be ready, and able to practice during the week? i'm just kinda wondering if that seems crazy at this point. it could also be common knowledge that he won't be ready around the building, but not publicly. ticket sales would be a shite show and there would be $10 game day tickets available again if it got out.
  2. poor old guys. my pops went from being a very smart man to me bringing him home from lunch and watching him flick a lighter at the garage door to open it. and yelling at me when i told him i didn't think it would work.
  3. it is weird that cam hasn't thrown a football. do we know if he's even throwing nerf's yet? we have a game 9/8 and he's supposed to be full go by then with the practice it would take? idk if he's gonna be limited heavily in practice each week that's another downer. i hope they take all the precaution and time he needs.
  4. i mean he must be right. he in no way could be promoting a business he owns, could he? (and shut it, i think cam is good enough for us to win with, and great sometimes, but somewhere around the the 10th to 12th ranked qb in the league)
  5. that's not at all what happened. everyone has bad days/weeks, maybe try eating an adult gummy and breathing and chilling out.
  6. you know, or just everybody
  7. i remember when mick mulvaney tore a new one into the epipen people. then instead of fighting him they donated a crapload of money to his campaign. mick mulvaney shut up about it. there are so so many grifters on both sides of the aisle. sometimes i think they take a stand against a giant corporation just to rake in money from that corporation to shut up. well, not sometimes i think that, i actually think its a feature, not a bug of our current system. we need some radical changes to the way money is passed around in the govt. we need to take away their healthcare somehow, we need to take away their privelege. i just think the obfuscation game is so strong its unlikely to happen. look over there - there's queers kissing in public with a baby - poof
  8. i'll bet he's gonna keep tearing. i think he has to for his weird ego. never seen a guy have to flex so much on nfl players. seems really stupid too, because he'd get his ass whooped if he wasn't in the position he's in. if he was some regular person i don't think he'd be flexing on giant men. but, we will see. i don't have a burning desire for him to fail. he's not with the falcons, bucs, or saints, or pats.
  9. you're awful quick to judge someone who got shipped off to cleveland. good god training camp hasn't even started yet. and he's not a fool. he's got some issues yeah, little bpd maybe, maybe he's bipolar, but he's not a fool. he got paid.
  10. classic overcompensator. for what? being small and having a tiny weenie. everybody knows somebody like him.
  11. bwaha. 3 winning seasons in 5 years. got in the playoffs with a 7-8-1 record. that doesn't really count. and we had luke, cam, and jno killing it. hurney's picks. gman sucks. you'll see how it turns out in ny.
  12. raz

    Pro Life

    you're really dumb. that quote shows how much of a dick jesus was. the woman he said it to wasn't jewish and was asking for help. jesus refused and referred to her and her people as dogs. the 'children' from the quote are the jews. he told her his help was only for jews. then she begged him for table scraps like a dog get and he helped her. plus, jesus isn't real. how come christians never know what bible quotes are about? here's a nice site for you christians that lists all the contradictions from the bible: http://bibviz.com/ you can easily see christianity is a trap. once you get in its hard to get out because every way you turn to leave is wrong and every direction given is also contraindicated.
  13. its all about the line. when he has a decent one he's good most of the time, and great sometimes. i mean, and his shoulder.
  14. i've just never met a libertarian who was reasonable, well thought out, well read, and who realized that capitalism leads to psychopaths rising to the top. the ones i've really talked to had this amazing ability to think everyone is exactly like them when it comes down to it and will act reasonably in the best interest of the whole and themselves at the same time. it's like 'if we did it like this everyone would just magically heal and act right.' it's a delusional standpoint, as is capitalism after we see the fruits of it. capitalism looks great on paper. so does socialism. but the people of this country haven't been educated enough, and have been polluted with fairy tales so much they work against citizens of their own country's best interest and, in a lot of situations, their own best interest. its gonna have to start with the children, and a quality education for all. we, as adults, like the fake story of moses, are already corrupted past the point of being able to live in wonderful country doing the best for the whole of everyone and our future. i don't think there's a lot of folks out there with the awareness it takes to make a turnaround. but who knows. i think libertarians are even more delusional than regular old republicans and democrats
  15. those pillows really suck. i'm all down with the latex pillows now. his new venture, the mattress topper? it'll be just as bad. he's really just a con man too isn't he?
  16. i think it would be pretty cool as long as its not a bunch of hyped up drama. could def help with some of the opinions we all have, either to dispel them, or corroborate them. plus if we do awesome it would be the best thing ever.
  17. if you realize they're going to grow up to be g5 or ecu then yes, it's not only fine, but honorable
  18. i don't really think he has strengths. i think he has played himself, again. i think anyone can come into a bad cap situation and understand financially what needs to be done, because it's clear. it's what you were hired to do. it's easy. after that he had nothing, and he still has nothing.
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