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  1. Immortal

    2019 cap space what would you do?

    I think we try out best to keep TD and Peppers. Let Funchess walk if he wants a 4 year Number 1 more deal. Let Williams walk if he wants mega money. Hopefully you can give him a 2 year deal coming off injury. Think the biggest signing other than that is keep Eric Reid. Our defense is much better and physical with a solid safety behind them. Especially with how Short and Poe let runners go straight past their levels into the secondary. What safety is tackling Josh Adams, Mark Ingram, Todd Gurley, Levon Bell? Gaulden sure aint. Colin Jones sure aint. Adams gonna fake punch the ball and ride them for a good 10 yards first. We keep Larsen.. I think Kalil is hanging up the cleats. Best case scenario is sign Clowney which revamps the defense into a full cup of mother fuging hitters. Other than that we will stay at base level and not get better. If Ron has any say it in it this team will be about the same it has been.
  2. Rodgers has... Devonte Adams.. one of the best young WR who can GO UP AND MAKE CATCHES (funchess looking at you) Randall Cobb is one of the most underrated utility WR/ Returner/ Ball carrier. Great slot guy, great in the backfield, smart, he's actually good buds with Cam and I wanted him here a few years ago. He's had Jordy Nelson in his prime. a STABLE of RBs. JIMMY GRAHAM. One of the best red zone threats we've seen in the past decade. they anchored down with Mike Daniels.. and Clay Matthews supposed to be the pass rush gawd. they drafted hella CBs. I think Rodgers is just a fuging prick to play with.
  3. He's one of the best talents in the NFL and changes games. Peppers is the only guy on the line who can do that and he's 50. Clowney would be the best FA pickup we've had in years and auto changes our defense for better. We love average bullshit here. We could get a old vet and still over pay him for 2 years and no upgrade or go better and get a pass rusher like him who can do it all. He is one of the best run stopping DEs as well. Theres people on here who rather pay Dee Ford more or JPP.
  4. Immortal

    Who on our defense would work in a 3-4?

    everyone. but whats also weird as fug is that you can have a hybrid defense. you're allowed to go 4-3 and 3-4 and quarter and wide nickel or whatever. just putting the effort and doing something NEW and adapting but the panthers don't adapt as fast as other teams. the best NFL teams in the future will be able to flow to any formation.
  5. Immortal

    Panthers job vs Packers job

    Its weird that NFL players seem to put the panthers on the end of the list. Including Charlotte as a city. Maybe they think of it as old south or some backwards place when its not. But Florida.. with all these new crazy contracts for one year of good play. Its all about money. the tax poo. Then they put "storied" franchises like Steelers, Cowboys, Redskins, 49ers over Carolina. we are still making way to be an appealing free agent spot.
  6. Yeah because he can't see into the future. Not a great question Especially when someone keeps asking the same question over and over. One answer per question is totally fine. Idk what the uproar is
  7. Its insane what the NFL market has become in the first place. I believe he thinks he is Michael Irvin reincarnated and will want average number 1 money. But hey we put our stock and faith into him treating him like one in game plans. Honestly you can find a cheaper version of him or even get something better in the draft. We seem to fall in love with his physical build but that dude does not play like Andre Johnson or Demaryius Thomas or a Kenny Golladay. Im with everyone else on not wanting to pay that and keep other positions on a money strain. a 2 year deal with something reasonable yeah. DJ, Samuel, Byrd, Funchess. But in no way is Funchess light years ahead of any of them. Its just he is built different. Cam has a chronic problem throwing rockets over dudes heads. We seem to think Funchess is some big athletic dude who jumps up and snags them but nope. If KB wasn't lazy and and actually loved playing football and getting better Funchess would probably still be a number 3. KB can make those spectacular catches and bring in those Cam launches and fades but honestly Funchess can't and hasn't shown that. He is not a red zone threat. Steve Smith out blocks him. Nothing really special about him that the average NFL WR can't do. Not totally shitting on the dude Ive wanted the best for him since we drafted him. He's a solid dude and has put his body on the line for us in multiple games playing hurt. Just don't think we should be rolling out the red carpet when we have so many other holes that the money could be buried in. Keep Pounding
  8. Immortal

    Sunday night game

    I asked the hombres is Mitch the best young QB in the past few drafts... Wentz Mahomes Watson Goff Mitch looks like he's improving more sometimes I think.. Unpopular opinion. Watson is a winner and will always have that mentality but he gets BLASTED. That guy has taken the most crushing football hits I've seen throughout college and nfl. He's great but idk if he is evolving at Mitches rate. Goff is in a great build around system with a poo load of weapons and plays drawn up. He has good instincts and can manage an offense. He can push the offense.. in a Drew Brees kind of way but not to that level. But he is no where near as athletic as Mitch. Mahomes has been phenomenal so far but I can't tell if he will retain this for seasons to come? I don't know why I feel that way. He's been incredible and in a great offense with Andy Reid. Wentz has a nut sack of steel and a rocket of an arm. That dude is solid. He will have his picks and misreads but we've seen he's a winner but he's still climbing that progression tree as well. Interesting to see how it will play out
  9. Immortal


    I feel like we don't have a "go to" scoring play that well. Cam looked a little confused. Jarius was one of the only ones really still running at that point when cam released the ball. I wish we had a Alshon Jeffery or a AJ Green to go to in those situations. We need another elite offensive weapon. Greg Olson would be locked onto by a defensive play caller for that. They would key in on Greg.
  10. Immortal

    Why doesn’t Norv involve Olsen

    I feel like defenses have years of film on 88 from 1 so he's covered up a lot more. Also honestly he still has a foot injury and any broken bone in the foot is pretty painful so I wonder how much he can squat/deadlift do sprints during workouts during the week. His hands are reliable as always but nagging foot pain and more coverage have to do something with it. Today was frustrating at times no doubt but I think we will see more of Olsen doing Olsen poo coming up
  11. I see all these threads but who the fug is gonna want to coach us? There is no Sean Mcvays waiting to be signed to the panthers. Our luck we would hire some App State assistant quality WR coach. Why fire Ron who is a solid average NFL coach. We won't get anyone better? Thats pretty demoralizing to Cam and everyone on the team he's worked with for years. Starting over would probably cause a lot of players to wanna dip. None of our good players want to play under a rebuild.
  12. Whats crazy is how unnoticed it is. Our perspective is wild. We hop on the littlest of eyes noticing this too but still nothing is said major for change. The ejection was utter bullshit. IN PITTSBURG they have hits like that every week. Big Ben was certainly playing "the game" as he was patient enough to slide right as Eric launched full speed. The slow motion has really fuged the game. Or more so the way we value slow motion so much. It is the end all be all when it comes to penalties and reviews. We base it solely off Slow motion.. what the fug is that first of all. TJ Watt was going high on cam every time. Straight into the face. It sucks because we've noticed Cam play "the game" too after hits but thats out of straight up survival. A natural reaction to level the playing fields. The league started out throwing yellow flags ANYTIME a qb was hit. Even if he didn't get knocked down. Goff, Rodgers, Brady, Jimmy G, Brees gets tapped on the shoulder its a first down. Steelers are certainly one of the teams who try to bend the rules and act like nothing is happening. I get it that its a urge and desire to win from Tomlin but thats what the refs are there for. Piss poor. It can take the morale out of our team and once that goes we lose. You know those shitbags you watch football with and the opposing team scores on the first drive and you hear "WE LOST THE GAME IS OVER" it seems that mentality can creep onto our teams especialy when the calls go poo against us.
  13. Immortal

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    For people saying he was mildly agitated with not playing you could see it in games. He would always stand by RR or Coach Skipper LOOKING like he really wanted to play. He wasn't sitting down. He wasn't not paying attention to the situation of the game. Its quite sad honestly. I feel one of our biggest flaws is player rotation IN GAME. We don't adapt, were very rigid with personal. We see that some with Samuel getting on the field. He might be in for 10 plays in the first qtr and don't see him again til the 4th. We see Funchess gasping for air and dinged up barely getting to the huddle in time but we don't replace him with DJ or Byrd for a couple plays because thats not what our "system" has written in stone. It really sucks for Cam if CMC went down. Or if we wanted a playoff run we would want depth, we would want proven top caliber players. Its hard to find RBs like CJ. He seemed like a good teammate and for his skill set he never went straight diva on us. Lets be real we gave the guy like 7 carries. He had to sit and watch more than once on 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1 from the sideline. If we are going to draft Best player why don't we set up our team like that? If were going to cut someone cut fuging Manhertz or some 3rd string LB. Its going to be tough to see if CJ is out there running the ball in the playoffs while we sit at home and say maybe next year when cam is 31.
  14. Immortal

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    crazy. A lot of armchairs will defend this but Cj is going to go to a new team and tell everyone how to not to sign w the fuging Carolina panthers. They didn't use fresh legs at all. We seem to think CMC is superman and will be healthy enough to carry this load every game. I believe in CAP but CJ is a true tested solid RB. I don't see us getting a pro at his level for anytime soon. Its not like he's a old veteran. He's still got legs.