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  1. OHYO

    Watch this...

  2. OHYO

    CBD Oil

    The chemicals they use to process it is not health for you, most agree that it far healthier to use the real stuff When consumed with ways other than smoking it.
  3. OHYO

    Golf Clubs

    Go to a driving range that has different type club styles you can try and go from there. What feels good and works for you might not work for me. Don’t buy a pig in a poke when it comes to golf clubs.
  4. OHYO

    Loud explosion in Brunswick County

    I googled it and it looks like a common occurrence in Brunswick County. Looks like it happened several times last year. Holston Defense had a fire several months back and an explosive device detonated, I was 20 miles away when it went off, never heard anything like it before.
  5. I know away from Football he likes this area a lot so I bet he is happy with that alone.
  6. OHYO


    One of the most eye openings moments for me was the day I started attending a mixed race Church. One of our main issues as a society now are churches that have only one race in attendance in multi race communities.
  7. OHYO


    I was thinking the same thing.
  8. This is a prime example of cellphone, flashlight etc being confused as a weapon.
  9. The owner of a package store called a robbery in and this happened. The officer had purchased his own body cam due to budget restraints.
  10. You took the bait, spit it out and swim on.
  11. That’s what’s amazing about him, his size and can still move and jump like he does.
  12. OHYO

    Car Shopping Advice

    Good cop bad cop always works in negotiations. My wife will be the one who likes it and I’m the one who doesn’t I’ve said in negotiations before I don’t care if we trade or not because I don’t like it that much then walk out while your wife stays.I've had salesman come out to park lot and talk to me with deal guy by his side.
  13. OHYO

    Car Shopping Advice

    Fords doing some great things! https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2019/02/07/ford-chicago-assembly-stamping-plants-jobs-explorer-lincoln-navigator-police-interceptor-suvs/
  14. OHYO

    Car Shopping Advice

    Stick your Toyota on market place or Craigslist, you will come out better mqybe. No doubt it will move quick, someone’s always looking for a used Toyota. I can’t remember in NC if the taxes you will owe on the car is based on price minus trade in or the full price of your purchase. Do the math if ithe tax owed is price minus trade in.