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  1. OHYO


    All of them got turned into Dollar Generals!
  2. OHYO

    Any members do Woodworking?

    It’s not treated 4x4’s, it’s repurposed rough sawn 5x5’s with lots of prep work done to them.
  3. OHYO

    Any members do Woodworking?

    Did this before too, except mine was an addiction to drag racing. I spent tons on it only to see it go up in smoke.
  4. OHYO

    Any members do Woodworking?

    Headboard and footboard mock up, disassemble then fill and paint.
  5. OHYO

    Any members do Woodworking?

    Looks like a Big project . Treated on the frame or all cedar? Treated wiould work except for the top because of food contact.
  6. OHYO

    Any members do Woodworking?

    Making my 12 year old a bed for Christmas, it has to be done by next Friday. Mock up from 2 weeks back.
  7. OHYO

    Any members do Woodworking?

    Had to Google Kamando Joe, post some pictures when you start and along the way. Are you deleting the factory side shelves?
  8. I’ve worked with wood most my life and still learn something new ever time I start a new project. Post some pics of your handy work or some of your top secret tips or tricks.
  9. I appreciate the vote of confidence, however I have to make it through kindergarten English first.
  10. Hey... I’m proof all left leaning people can’t spell or use correct punctuation. However I’ve recently started in college at 50 years old and I’m struggling. However I’m a fighter and will make it.
  11. I see you’ve been waiting in a dark alley to attack me after calling you out for being a closet racist, which came out in your more black people in prison statement. Must have really hurt you for someone to expose you.
  12. I will try to dumb it down for you....here’s hoping this helps.
  13. I agree....top one is a video and the other a still. Obama or Trump are neither unpatriotic.
  14. It’s was a poke at him not you. I’m sure he can take it unlike you. I’m no right winger either, bite your tongue