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  1. Most of the folks that are cowboys redskins etc fans but from the Carolinas is because there was no team here when they were growing up watching. Hell the team wasn’t here when I was born and my dad is a Steelers fan. As the team ages I’m sure we will have more people who grow up panthers fans. Hell most of the cowboys fans that I talked to were from NC or SC somewhere. Folks sitting in front of me were from Winston Salem, some guys walking towards the stadium said they were from Charlotte and my boys dad that went is from Charleston
  2. To be fair, the guy called that young man a ****. I probably would have punched him too if he threw racial slurs at me
  3. The collective silence of all the giants fans around me after the FG was priceless though
  4. I wanted Petey Pablo-Raise up played after wins but this is a very close second
  5. Cams got the best cadence in the NFL hands down
  6. Many of you lack reading comprehension. He clearly says “ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL” so everyone saying winning, super bowl contender, etc. are more important, no poo. Nobody wants to go to the browns over the patriots. But I wonder how many people that STILL say this won’t be a factor in any NFL players decision are African American
  7. I want to see Pep get his first sack of the season and really start to get in the rhythm against this terrible Giants OL. This could be the game where he finally gets going. Hopefully we limit Odell and keep him out of the middle of the field. Odell in space is scary. Don't think Eli will have the time to throw deep balls so I expect a lot of quick slants and check downs to Barkley
  8. Somehow though, the hit was still cams fault Talk poo get hit
  9. Jon4rd

    LOL @ Falcons fans here

    I just hope we don't have this kind of uproar if (when) Donte Jackson makes a game changing mistake
  10. Just need the saints to complete the trifecta
  11. Jon4rd

    Bucs CRUSHED 48-10 Pie!

    Dilly dilly