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  1. Subzero

    The weird Trump cult

    And you still didn't deny it. @PanthersBigD Alrighty. But don't cry like a little bitch when all your poo gets posted. Bye....for now.
  2. Subzero

    The weird Trump cult

    Just like how you didn't deny you were a white supremacist or a beta, soyboy?
  3. Subzero

    The weird Trump cult

    It's called a VPN, plus I'm on a public wifi using Tor on my VM.
  4. Subzero

    The weird Trump cult

    Where's @GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTER to call him a white supremacist? It's no surprise that @Jeremy Igo is a lib. All plant based eating beta's are anti-Trump. Too much soy. I'm sure I'll get banned yet again by the fascist on this site, and you fools call us fascist? The irony is too strong. Maybe one day I'll throw some bitcoin to some of those Deep Web hackers and let them have some fun with this site. Bye bye!!!