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  1. So we just have to hope he gets out of Cleveland without a contract. I can get excited about McCoy, KK and Poe in a 30 front.
  2. McCoy, KK and Poe on a 30 front is tempting but I'm not holding my breath. If a bidding war takes place we won't win lol.
  3. On paper this is one of my favorite Hurney drafts in a while. Now its just a meter of how quickly can these young guys pick up on the playbook and either crack the rotation or become full time starters.
  4. Charles Johnson for me. It wasn't his fault that Hurney offered him a contract of a lifetime lol. Contract aside he was a durable and productive player for years.
  5. I’m excited. Remember Ron ran a 3-4 back in the day with the Chargers and he had a top 10 defense every year. Looks like he’s getting back to his bread and butter. He’s still one of the better defensive minds in the league so let’s see what he does with his new chess pieces.
  6. He can easily add muscle to that frame and increase his play strength. What I like about him is he knows the areas where he wants to improve. He admitted that all of his moves were based off speed and quickness and to take that next step, he needs to add a power rush to his game.
  7. Enjoy the film of Brian Burns. While Nick Bosa was the most complete defensive end in the draft, I think Brian Burns was the best pure pass rusher. He has elite athleticism, bend and flexibility and combines that with advanced hand technique and a heavy arsenal of pass rush moves. I think this kid will end up being a fan favorite. Very high ceiling player that should be an immediate contributor. https://youtu.be/nKRfCEtpmOY
  8. Luckily for us this year, bpa will likely be a position that we need.
  9. All that means is I scratch one guy off my list of 20 that I would love to have.
  10. Ayyyee!! She answered my question lol. But seriously, when you look at Hurney's history of first rounders, they were all big time measurable guys with high relative athletic scores. The exceptions - Jeff Otah, Jon Beason and Thomas Davis - but they all had injuries so their test scores didn't really reflect their true athleticism that you see on tape. This year, Burns and Sweat fit that mold of Hurney's past first round picks.
  11. With all this talk about 4 QBs with first round grades, Hurney just need to stay put and take the top guy on his board.
  12. Really like Polite in round 3. Had a first round grade on him until he blew the interviews. Great consolation prize for missing on Burns, Cle or Sweat.
  13. Thing is there are so many lineman with position flexibility. Jawaan Taylor - RT or guard Jonah - LT or guard Cody Ford - both tackles and guard At worst they can come in and start at guard and move to tackle next year. Or if they play well enough they can start at tackle and we can move Daryl inside. Tackles are expensive. It would be nice to have 2 quality tackles on rookie deals instead of having to pay Daryl next year.
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