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  1. I wonder what the thesis was when the 32 billionaire owners got together and conspired to "give" Nick Foles a Super Bowl? How did that go down?
  2. Maybe we could circulate this one to give our players some motivation?
  3. Billy_T


    Waah waah waah....
  4. Billy_T

    Newton's longevity

    NFL QB is just a means to an end, a stop along the way......for an iconic entertainment force of nature anything more than a decade is the league is wasted time.....
  5. Billy_T

    London Next Year?

    Place is a sh*thole.....no way NFL wastes their time with 2 games there. They'll be lucky to get 1.
  6. Billy_T

    Hornets Seesaw

  7. Post a picture of it with today's paper (or this thread in the background)....bet you can't.
  8. What's the best bottle you drank in the last month?
  9. Nothing to write home about....
  10. I'd be interested to know what kind of wine was sent....who knows, may have been really good wine!