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  1. In some places that's called defense...
  2. Billy_T

    Seahawks Owner dead at 65....

    You got that right. RIP Mr. Allen. Now it's going to be interesting to see what happens with the Seahawks. Wonder if their local press is lousy enough to cover the sale process in the laughably moronic fashion the Charlotte press did? Will any of the same purported "buyers" of the Panthers turn up in Seattle looking to buy the Seahawks? There was: >> Alan Kestenbaum...Joe Person from Observer christened him a "billionaire" even though there's zero evidence of that being the case. Alan is the nice Jewish kid from Brooklyn who now lives in Miami, yet somehow the Charlotte press thought he might move the team to Canada...LOL. >> Ben Navarro...another yankee who just happens to live in Charleston now, Joe & crew were never able to uncover that nugget and consistently painted him as "local". He intended to partner with Peyton Manning and Observer installed him as the local favorite. According to Frank Garcia he could move the teams to Mexico and make billions. >> Felix Sabates...no need to waste good ink on him, shame the Observer gave him so much play. >> Bruton Smith....Seattle too far afield, but again, Garcia said he could move the team to London and make billions. LOL.... Bezos probably snaps this thing up, pocket change for him, and good for Seattle....NFL doesn't want this team to move.
  3. Good stuff, thanks for your reply. Out of curiosity, do you think Matt Ryan is a HOF QB? How about Alex Smith?
  4. Lack of discipline.....common trait with the franchise.
  5. Billy_T

    CJ Anderson says...

    Bad throw.
  6. If 2015 as a season was a 10 on a scale of 1-to-10 for Cam.... ....how would you rate 2016, 2017, and 2018 so far?
  7. Is that a perpetual state in your opinion?
  8. Billy_T

    Breaking Panthers News

    With original fracture, bone is displaced and unstable. Screw is inserted to align and stabilize the bone, properly situates it to heal. Even when all proper rehabilitation and precautionary efforts are employed there is a chance the injury recurs, the severity of which varies widely. Recurrence almost always happens at original site, however, upon re-injury there is generally no displacement due to effect of screw holding the bone in place. A fracture exists but depending on severity and timing, some cases can be managed with rest, anti-inflammatory meds, and proper taping (assumes a high pain threshold for the athlete). This is where we are now....
  9. Billy_T

    Breaking Panthers News

    He's playing on a broken foot, won't make it through the season. Additional surgery will be required. If he throws in the towel by week 10 and goes ahead with the operation there's a decent chance he could be close to 100% by the 2019 pre-season.
  10. Billy_T

    Question for people blaming Cam

    Any thoughts on why Riverboat doesn't run more no-huddle?
  11. Billy_T

    Question for people blaming Cam

    How does play calling ability dovetail with this?
  12. Billy_T

    Breaking Panthers News

    Oh I have the answers, but you are unwilling to accept them.... ....as such, we are pinpointing you on specifically why you are in doubt. Again, you said: " He's definitely not playing football on a broken fifth metatarsal." You also said: "...it's 100% as good as it's going to to get without surgery." Sooo, what kind of a boo boo qualifies as "not broken" but requires surgery to be "as good as it's going to get"? Please be specific.
  13. Billy_T

    Breaking Panthers News

    "Surgery"...? In what state would a bone need to be in order for surgery to be indicated as a proper course of action?
  14. Billy_T

    Breaking Panthers News

    Are you saying it is 100% healed......yes, or no?