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  1. Lol there’s a difference between talking about a performance and poo talking a player whose given a franchise so much. These same posters ignoring the defense shutting down. Ignoring what Cam is working with. Saying his career is done when he came a field goal away from tying one of the best teams in the country. Nice of you to finally comment. Worked up the courage to actually use your words.
  2. Hey @jb2288 quit being a little bitch pooing everything and actually comment. Y’all are such a shitty fanbase. Don’t blame the defense whose allowing bundles of yards and points. Don’t acknowledge that our OL is ass and our best receiver has butter fingers. I hope the Panthers rebuild is a long painful one because you guys are some ungrateful bitches.
  3. Lol nope he’d be out of the NFL after being sacked so many times. You’re out of your fuging mind.
  4. They’re expressing what they hope. Little do they know this team would be jack poo had they not taken Cam years ago.
  5. Tom Brady couldn’t succeed with this limp dick OL and backup group of receivers. I wish he would have left this ungrateful franchise years ago and let the Panthers go back to mediocrity. Bring back Clausen and nut yourselves over getting early draft picks.
  6. Yeah I was going to say he has a higher rating than Goff right now but half these fuging ass holes would nut to have Goff
  7. He’s carried this fug wit franchise for a decade. With a d-tier OL and a c-tier receiving group while RR sits with his thumb up his ass.
  8. Some of y’all will poo on Cam at the drop of a hat without ever appreciating how much he’s carried this team
  9. Rest Cam and CMC for the year and let’s tank for some draft picks. Lincoln Riley can make Cam an offensive machine.
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