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  1. Not really big on getting McCoy at his age and I'd rather fill other positions of need. Those saying cut Poe, we'd actually lose cap space doing that. Torrey Smith would free up $5 million with no consequences Butler would free up about $1 million We'll also have a lot more cap when we weedle things down to 53. Still, I'd like to see us looking for DBs and OL
  2. Maybe he could get busy packing...Take your 17 catches somewhere else
  3. Take your time Cam. Make sure you're 110% ready before coming back!
  4. Torrey Smith wasn't out there?
  5. Plus, down the line we're going to have a lot of talented young guns to resign so that extra cap will be needed.
  6. Preaching to the choir my man... Smith might be an amazing person but I want the dude gone yesterday
  7. He had 17 receptions last year... essentially one catch per game. True he seems to be pretty good at making those catches count but I don't think he changes anything in our WR landscape.
  8. Personally I would keep DJ Moore Jarius Wright Curtis Samuel Terry Godwin Chris Hogan and Torrey Smith would not be in my honorable mentions just save the money
  9. But.... why? This guy is beyond irrelevant
  10. Let it fuging go Imagine Cam with that kind of OL... I would venture to say Cam's departure would hurt us for multiple seasons before we recovered.
  11. Yeah, no. Imagine you’re considering 6 different girls to date. So you make a pros cons list to rank them. Your top two choices get taken before you can make your move. Then you start dating one and show them where they landed on the list...
  12. Our secondary could already use some help at CB/S so I'd take Bradberry. Would like to think Shaq would come back at a very cheap price since he hasn't been a world beater. His athleticism is there and I think he could be even more efficient in a 3-4 defense like the one we're transitioning to currently. Our first round pick should probably be a LB next draft.
  13. I like the list, keep it small though. Nothing is worse than an army of "hall of fame" members
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