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  1. I don’t agree. Four straight terrible losses is humiliating and to a pretty bad Tampa no less. The fall from 6-2 to 6-6 is horrendous. There is so much rebuilding to be done it needs to start now. Cam deserves a top 10 OL. He shouldn’t have to run for his life and get killed half the game while making a pass. Our once great defense shouldn’t be getting gashed every 3 plays. We are in danger of being bottom dwellers again.
  2. poo if the Packers can cut Mike loose why can’t we get rid of Ron? It’s not going to get any better. Our OC could run the show while we look for a replacement.
  3. Turnip

    David Newton On Rivera

    Might as well tank if that’s the case. Get some better draft picks for our next coach. Try and start replacing our AARP club.
  4. Turnip

    David Newton On Rivera

    Jesus this dude is just like Malzahn at Auburn. Incompetent but some fans want to argue “but he went to a championship”. Yeah off the back of a phenomenal quarterback and a solid front 7 at the time. Three winning seasons out of 8 is not acceptable. Being above .500 should be an absolute minimum requirement for our coaches.
  5. Dear God you people need to learn how to make titles to threads. It shouldn’t be an essay. The short answer is simple, no. We suck. Ron should be fired.
  6. Is Rivera fired yet for blowing the season with 3 straight embarassing losses?
  7. I’ll never not think a Colt McCoy is a little bitch for the way he conceded a National Championship to Bama.
  8. Cam’s receivers in his career likely have had more drops than anyone else in his time. No telling what his completion percentages might be if he didn’t have practice squad receivers before this year.
  9. This dudes brain is too dense to understand anything. Cam has been a fuging miracle worker when you look at his OL and receivers over the years. The average qb behind this OL and with the WR group we’ve had over the last decade gets eaten alive.
  10. Cam is a lot better than average you moron. He has played with some of the worst OL and WR units that the NFL has had to offer. The fact we’re even remotely relevant is because of Cam. Sick of the the super bow hate on Cam. His OL didn’t block for poo. Put Tom Brady on the Panthers over the last decade and I promise he doesn’t have a winning season 90% of the time. But it’s okay, it’s apparent you’re an idiot when you use “loose” like a pair of clothing that’s too big for someone.
  11. Hmmm wonder what the reasons are... one of these things is not like the other!
  12. fug him for that. Cam had made this dude’s career.
  13. Turnip

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Dude ran for 1k last year and we barely used him. Ridiculous.
  14. LOL at Ben calling for a fuging facemask while he was committing the same penalty