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  1. I'm fine after the first round. But a first round pick there is just pointless.
  2. Nice to see others experiencing the Gett
  3. Regardless of if we wanted him or not... we don't have the $
  4. Lol he is the exact opposite of what the Patriots would be interested in picking up
  5. If we draft a DT we deserve the crap sandwich we'll eat the following season.
  6. I'd take him 100% But hell, we'll be in a rebuilding phase for a while anyways
  7. Turnip

    2019 Free Agency

    I really want some top tier OL talent to protect Cam for once
  8. Turnip

    2019 Free Agency

    Gano just got a new deal. Unlikely he is going anywhere.
  9. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article224028910.html Thomas Davis - gone Julius Peppers - likely gone Eric Reid - going to try and make himself pricey. Is he worth the big bucks? No, if you think we're rebuilding. Yes, if we're in a "win now" mentality Daryl Williams - again, going to make himself overpriced. Do we overpay Reid and Williams because we're needy at their positions? Chris Clark - likely gone Devin Funchess - going to make himself way overpriced. Funfun is okay but not a top dollar target. Wes Horton - still seems like a project. Colin Jones - long may he reign for cheap and on special teams Kyle Love - as long as he's affordable and we don't shoot ourselves in the foot giving him a huge contract. CAP - bye buddy. Loved you at Auburn but I think this is as far as you go. Kenjon Barner - likely stays for cheap and continues to work on special teams Travaris Cadet - bye Ben Jacobs - stays for cheap David Mayo - stays for cheap Marshall Newhouse - depth if really cheap Amini Silatolu - dear God leave Fozzy Whittaker - I'm indifferent Chandler Catanzaro - bye I think we keep all four of Byrd, Heinicke, Manhertz, and Norris (the Restricted Free Agents) Of the ERFA I would keep Bryan Cox Jr., Efe Obada, and maybe Damian Parms for depth We're losing a lot of guys and I'm thinking we'll see a lot of new faces. The future doesn't look bright. Just hope we don't give big long contracts to players who aren't producing accordingly. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/ Who do you think we target?
  10. This terrible season just makes me wish we would have tanked a little harder to get better draft pick position. Josh Allen would have been an awesome LB for us.
  11. Just let Cam run his ass off and lower his shoulder
  12. I don’t agree. Four straight terrible losses is humiliating and to a pretty bad Tampa no less. The fall from 6-2 to 6-6 is horrendous. There is so much rebuilding to be done it needs to start now. Cam deserves a top 10 OL. He shouldn’t have to run for his life and get killed half the game while making a pass. Our once great defense shouldn’t be getting gashed every 3 plays. We are in danger of being bottom dwellers again.
  13. poo if the Packers can cut Mike loose why can’t we get rid of Ron? It’s not going to get any better. Our OC could run the show while we look for a replacement.