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  1. New York Panther

    Is Edelman a HOFer?

    Maybe if there was a HoF for the playoffs. Besides that not a chance. Regular season numbers are consistently average
  2. New York Panther

    After Cam’s surgery does our offense change?

    As funny as it is Cam gets more injured taking hits in the pocket. It's not his running that's ruining his shoulder. I predict we see little to no changes with our offensive philosophy going forward.
  3. New York Panther


    One of the many reasons I have no remorse for them
  4. New York Panther


    I'm adding this lovely looking vocab word to my arsenal. It totally some up my feelings! Cheers
  5. They are in utter disarray as we could have imagined (which is a nice change this season). Many threads are being made about members quiting their nfl fandom in general. However, this link here is about a thread that's promoting a lawsuit against the nfl for it's officiating! LOLOLOLOL https://saintsreport.com/threads/organizing-a-class-action-lawsuit-against-the-national-football-league.402369/#post-7488066 This is pure gold folks. Stay tuned...
  6. New York Panther

    LMAO... Suck it Saints

  7. New York Panther

    Do we need a CB?

    CB is something every team needs depth with. Look how our defense went to turmoil when donte would get Injured for even a quarter. We need to pile up just like we did at WR. Listen, I say we just focus on defensive line in free agency and second round of draft. It's too easy to be a bust D linemen in draft especially with our history (with 2 or 3 exceptions). Top corners have an easier transition and if Greedy is on the board I think we have to take him. He is a playmaker and brings that dirty LSU attitude we need alongside Action Jackson.
  8. New York Panther

    Cam replies to his girlfriend's post

    Hahah gotta love Cam! And for anyone that thinks this post is random.....welcome to the offseason. & I'm not counting this weekends nightmare in New Orleans
  9. 3-4 better fits the new nfl. With less hits and sacks on QB we might as well throw more linebackers in middle to throw off the pass
  10. New York Panther

    We will win Monday

    I think there is a decent chance we pull out a W. I have a feeling that we go in and throw them off their game. I think they expect us to just keel over like we did in the Steelers game. I think we hit them hard from the start.
  11. Smith wants this team to win. He picked us in every game this year including against the steelers where we were big underdogs. He still visits Panthers practice and gets along with all the guys. He's also the biggest DJ Moore supporter in the world. He may be critical of Cam when we struggle because he holds Cam to a higher standard than other QBs. I don't think there is any ill will towards Cam. Although I do think the shoulder is effecting Cam more than some will admit. That's his personal take and his own opinion.
  12. New York Panther

    Nobody wants the NFC's 6th seed

    I feel like we would be a different team in postseason. Think about it we are the same team that went 6-2 and had a decent enough defense and always won turnover margin. We need a reset button. Ever since our wounds have been exposed players have been playing stiff and scared among other intangible reasons. We get in I think we become a dangerous dark horse. I could be totally wrong and we could get walloped as well lol
  13. Let's get landon Collins. If we wanna splurge in FA that is...
  14. New York Panther

    Kawann Short is a fat lazy bum

    Poe is far worse. Even Short made some tackles for loss. Poe literally sticks his arm out as player runs by
  15. New York Panther

    Thomas Davis has a message for Panther fans

    He's actually been a bright spot on this defense! We love you TD