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  1. This is so true, and sadly people will skim over the stats without the proper context. I was rooting for him to get gaudy numbers in Baltimore through and through. So sad to see him go down like that. But I guess the bright side is that we got one more year from him.
  2. I see a lot of people bringing up 03 (the year Smitty exploded as a WR) or 05 (which was his GOAT year) However, let's also not forget that in 2008 Smith had 1400+ yards even though he missed 2 games! Dude led the league in average rec yards per game and similar to 2005 had some of his most impressive highlights. Fun Fact: Jon Gruden infamously nicknamed Steve Smith Freddie Kruger, that's how afraid he was of Steve Smith's playmaking ability and showed his respect for Smith's ferocity
  3. I agree with you completely OP and I have wondered the same thing. One guy I do still want back is Josh Norman. The Panthers finally had an elite, all star cornerback and it only lasted for 1 long year; but look what our improved secondary play did for our defensive that year. It took us over the top. Even if we got back 24 I doubt he would replicate what he did in 2015; although he has still been above average for the skins for the most part
  4. KB is so slow, can't get separation, inconsistent catching, runs banana routes. Cam will get killed in the pocket waiting for him to be open. We FINALLY have a multitude of receivers that are fast, can run routes, and have good hands. The idea of bringing a cancer like KB back makes my stomach turn.
  5. Coming in at over 6'2.5" 202 lbs "In two years with the Utes, Ballard registered 116 tackles and three interceptions playing opposite second-round draft pick Marquise Blair – a new member of the Seattle Seahawks- The Panthers addition spent time playing both the free and strong safety positions..." https://www.google.com/amp/s/pantherswire.usatoday.com/2019/04/27/panthers-2019-undrafted-free-agent-tracker/amp/
  6. I like his conviction! If we can at least get a somewhat relevant safety I'll be very pleased.
  7. Taylor, Ford, Risner, and Scharping I would take at OT in a heartbeat At safety Adderlay, Chauncey, Rapp, if none of these guys are availible in 2nd round we should no doubt take a tackle and wait till 3rd. In the 3rd we have two picks and my dark horse pick is at CB. Lonnie Johnson Jr. Is a great corner. May not be there but hopefully he goes under radar.
  8. Without reading any comments. I'll go ahead and say 2. A linemen on either side and a strong safety are big needs
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