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  1. Savage, Adderly, or Chauncey. All three of these safeties are immediate starters
  2. This kid is a stud that is speedy and hits like a mack truck. YES PLEASE. He could get scooped up early. He's a top 3 safety according to many of the analysts. Would highly recommend grabbing him with the 47th pick. He won't be there in the 3rd round.
  3. I was excited about KB. First game he had 2 TDs and carried us to a win against TB with D. Anderson as our QB. But from there his first season was riddled with inconsistency and moments of greatness. After his catch over Sherman and Thomas, I thought "the debate was over, he's a big time playmaker" fast forward and he disappeared from many games and had trouble seperating from coverages throughout year one. The ball had to be placed perfectly for him to be able to make the grab. I thought if he applied himself in offseason he get to the next level. The only thing he applied himself to was visiting the McDonald's drive through. KB got worse each year he made it to the field. DJ is electric, a playmaker with limited opportunities, and has great hands! He's the opposite of KB
  4. As much as I like Jonah, If most of the superior D lineman are gone I think it would be foolish not to draft the best CB or Safety in the draft as we still need more depth and have a lot of question marks in our secondary.
  5. Good stuff as always Saca. This deal keeps looking better and better. As huddlers have stated he always played like an All-Pro against the Panthers during his Seattle days especially, & he still looks very explosive from the looks of it
  6. Even with around 2 million in cap space, getting back 7 mil in June for cutting Kalil will go a long way towards signing our draft picks
  7. https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2825727-everson-griffen-vikings-reportedly-agree-to-new-contract-to-keep-de-with-team.amp.html Per multiple sources. According to Bleacher report his new contract is worth about 8 million. For anyone that was following this. My objective thoughts.... Unless we sign a baller at DE, we should probably stick to our plan of drafting DE in first round. If a scenario happens where we sign someone or the top 3-4 DE's are off the draft board by pick 16, I would be in favor of drafting Jonathan Abram. This guy is the conseus number one safety in the draft. Think Jamal Adams or Landon Collins type as far as draft hype, but seemingly better ball skills. He literally can do it all and can also play at nickel as well.
  8. Exactly, look at how Steve Smith came back from that injury in 2005
  9. Thank god. This free agency has been a wet dream for me
  10. YESSS!!! BIGGEST RESIGNING! Now looking at this line between our shiny new center, trai turner, daryl Williams. Our pro bowl line is looking like a strength right about now
  11. Maybe if there was a HoF for the playoffs. Besides that not a chance. Regular season numbers are consistently average
  12. As funny as it is Cam gets more injured taking hits in the pocket. It's not his running that's ruining his shoulder. I predict we see little to no changes with our offensive philosophy going forward.
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