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  1. Hun_Panthers

    Greg out for season

    I'm not giving up hope to still see him in a Panthers jersey, I think Thomas could profit a lot from his mentoring
  2. If he is here next year I might not watch a single game next year
  3. Hun_Panthers

    Who is feeling 'ok' right now?

    I was kinda hoping to get Peppers, Thomas and Olsen a ring. Had my hopes high up after the Philly magic which I experienced live in the stadium. Completely lost faith after the Detroit game. I'm feeling ok if I know we have a new headcoach next year
  4. Hun_Panthers

    How Hot is Hurneys Seat?

    Anyways please keep him as a first round consultant
  5. Hun_Panthers

    1 game mantra

    At best I can see 9-7 and I just don't think that is enough
  6. Hun_Panthers

    Moving on... Let us talk @ Buccaneers

    Hard to be motivated for this game, will definetely watch, but just don't care about the season anymore.
  7. Hun_Panthers

    Cut Gano Thread

    Roberto Aguayo was terrible, Gano is just average but massively overpaid
  8. I think our offense is way too much dependant on CMC which might be a problem. We should utilize others as well, but CMC is a tremendous player
  9. Hun_Panthers

    Cut Gano Thread

    Is he a terrible kicker? No... Is he overpaid? Hell yeah! I remember him winning a couple of games for us but losing a lot as well. I would defintely look for a cheaper and younger solution
  10. Hun_Panthers

    Torrey is active

    It wouldn't be a huge problem IF Ron knew how to properly split the snaps, he might even help in certain situations (4 WR sets red zone)
  11. Pretty realistic assessment if we win today 10-6 is really realistic. Don't know about the Packers, but never count out Rodgers.
  12. Yeah meant that as well, but hey 2008 was a long time ago as well
  13. I'm just curious whether we can finally have a positive record in an even year
  14. Hun_Panthers

    Funchess vs DJ Moore stat

    Today he played like trash, but he has his good days. The guy is really inconsistent, he shouldn't be a 1 or 2 that's for sure. It just pisses me off every time we loose a high draft pick, but I know it's sunk cost and you shouldn't judge someone where he was picked.