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  1. Hun_Panthers

    Panthers sign Travaris Cadet

    A 29 years old journeyman RB exactly what we needed I don't get this move at all
  2. Hun_Panthers

    which player does this forum overrate the most?

    Whatever happened to Taye Biddle? We was supposed to be the next Jerry Rice... Wegher was a recent one. Currently Obada or Thomas (altough he has potential)
  3. OP please make this right and make a final prediction that we win the SB this year...
  4. Hun_Panthers


    Looked up what the biggest loss margin in the season were for the last 10 Super Bowl champions. Ravens had a similar big defeat, I just don´t have much faith in our coaching staff to get things right this year.
  5. The way I see it: games where we are favorites: Lions, Browns, Tampa Bay games that could go either way: Falcons, Seattle games which we will probably lose: Saints 2x You could argue about the home game against the Saints it might be close if we show up. Worst case: 9-7 Realistic 10-6 or 11-5
  6. Oh boy if anybody from this coaching staff get's promoted after this game...
  7. Yeah but he was 'just' a player. I mean we had to endure Shula for like a decade altough we all knew he sucks
  8. I have a hard time believing something like this would ever happen here, we are just not a franchise who makes such a quick decision during the season.
  9. Imagine waking up at 3am to watch the game in Europe This is embarassing
  10. Hun_Panthers

    Baldinger: Donte Jackson Leading DROY Race

    Finally a great looking 2nd round pick by Hurney, hadn't had many of those in the past. This guy can be really good, really like his confidence. Rookie CBs usually need more time to adjust, therefor we should really appreciate his great performance.
  11. Thx! From Hungary. Have seen two games in person, one back in 2011 against Houston and the game last week in Philly. Panthers are currently 2-0 when I'm in the stadium, so let's hope for the best
  12. First ever Panthers home game for me, came all the way from Europe to see the Panthers. Hopefully no let down. Panthers 28 Ravens 24 Almost every recent game is a close one, have the same expectation for this one as well.
  13. Hun_Panthers

    Anyone at the Philly game?

    Awesome game, awesome experience. Philly fans were kind of D-bags but hey who cares we won the game
  14. Hun_Panthers

    Anyone at the Philly game?

    Hey, Panthers fan from Hungary here on a US-trip and I'm going to the Philly game this weekend. Is anyone up for tailgating and some Panthers talk? Could you give me any advice how it is as a visitor fan at the Philadelphia stadium? Heard life it is preatty harsh.