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  1. First let me just say that Luke is a special breed, a one of a kind and awesome player, smart! Now....there is someone that reminds me of Luke and I believe has potential. A cousin of mine has a boy named Keegan Stinespring who plays linebacker and has college scouts looking at him. The kid is balling hard and is one of the fastest players on the high school team. He runs all over the field left to right and right to left hitting hard making the tackles. Plays in Bentonville, Arkansas. You can actually type in his name in youtube and find highlight vids of him. He is good and does remind me of Luke the way he plays. Not saying he is Luke 2.0 but he sure looks like he has potential. I hope he makes it and will be watching him closely whatever college he decides to play for.
  2. No....Allen needs to keep trotting out there, kid needs to keep learning. Learn your mistakes and progress from there, if he flatlined then there is work to be done off season. Changes are happening and we're going to be in a one heck of a ride next season, just hope it is a good one.
  3. This. It is expected to be contenders with this kind of talent on the roster.
  4. Something tells me that his fat wallet will make sure he will be fine. He will get something somewhere like a DC for another team.
  5. To a degree yes. However, still nervous about who takes the role......will it be an improvement or we going to be the "new" browns. Time will tell.
  6. Omg.....wow, finally! There is a new rekindled hope!!!!
  7. The O-line is simply getting smacked around too much. He "could" have stepped up but I see paradis getting smacked and pushed back onto his arse half the time. Not trusting your O-line will wreck a QB mentality, but a smart one will never call them out, that is the coaches job. It is just all around frustrating. Sometimes it appears they just don't give a fug, and not just the panthers team, other teams as well because the O-line just don't get all the glory like QB, RB and WR do.
  8. Meh....like another said, goes to show you need more than a couple of playmakers to have a winning team. Both sides need to be meshing and executing. Just not happening this year.
  9. I don't care. I'd be more impressed if we had a great O-line, even a decent one. Then everything else would fall into place once a QB gets comfortable back there.
  10. I didn't. I'm going to stick with college football until I see new names on the O-line next season. I will root for them still but not getting my hopes up. I need to see major changes to get my interest back into it.
  11. I second this.....The panthers defense is going to be covered in bird droppings.
  12. CMC is awesome and has his moments, but the panthers staff are going to break him sooner rather than later because like...do we even have another RB?!?
  13. It was a good one! Makes me so jelly. I think the Ravens win it, Lamar is just simply ballin!
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