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  1. Wolfpack352

    Torrey Smith is at practice today.

    Eh.....don't care. His presence may be helpful to a degree, but he should have less playing time. Maybe toss him in on those 3rd down and short yardage situations.
  2. I wanna see: Guacamole Dip Bad ass Nachos Healthy numbers on my heart monitor because we're kicking the snot outta Detriot all quarters.
  3. Wolfpack352

    what we need to do this offseason

    Change the name from Carolina Panthers to Carolina Cardiac Cats.
  4. This....mentioned it before. I believe he has his moments where he is like playing half assed because he knows this is crap play calling. The guy is usually beasting and wrecking havoc. But he probably looks to the side line from time to time and is like....WTF?
  5. Still worried, we struggled against Giants. I would rather have a statement game against a legit team like the Saints......Panthers exposing the Saints as pretenders for a change! So yeah we better just steamroll the Lions, beat the F-ing lions mane off of the lion. If we struggle, I'm blaming Washington!
  6. When Ron Rivera talks.....does it sounds like two fat elephant seals mating?? No? Just me?
  7. Wolfpack352

    Someone tell me I’m wrong

    No you saw correct.....if you watch closely Ben had time to pull out his can of grizzly, tuck in a nice dip, spit a couple times.....casually tossed the ball as if he was throwing to his little boy at the ball park.
  8. Wolfpack352

    A tale of two coaches

    Have the Panthers put in their backup QB this season? Previous seasons? I feel like we could have a couple times if we simply twisted the dagger instead pulling it out.
  9. Wolfpack352

    A tale of two coaches

    Simple really......Point to Ron Rivera. He plays scared and soft, not to lose when we get a lead. Said it before....play every dang quarter as if you are behind. But......doesn't matter if the D craps the bed.
  10. Yes we will!!! Oh wait?! This isn't the Patriots forum?!
  11. Wolfpack352

    Life is Good

    Yeah....and the Browns gave Steelers fits.....while we handed them the KY and begged for them to use it, they didn't.
  12. Wolfpack352

    Life is Good

    Well that's just good for you. Life ain't great for me....I get to watch the cardiac cats play every week which means I have to monitor my blood pressure every week or else I'm gonna stroke out one day! LOL After that showing last night against the steelers, where they got bent over and raw dogged, I have an appointment with the Doc coming up.
  13. I think making stops on 3rd downs to get off the fudging field and getting pressure on the QB is the way to go.
  14. Wolfpack352

    To those claiming the NFL is rigged...