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  1. Wolfpack352

    Is Kuechly the Panthers GOAT?

    Luke is one of the greatest, not only does he ball out and plays with emotion but he brings a level of football smarts to the game, reason he is a leader.
  2. No...he gonna get paid as a starter somewhere else....probably the Bills.
  3. Wolfpack352

    Cam's IG

    Even adults get a tantrum here and there....crap....I think a lot of us do on Sundays, HAhaha There is a lot of life going on outside of football, so who knows......just one of those gloomy days.
  4. Let him play, he is still good. But I would expect less playing time and see more of Thomas. Olsen still commands the attention of the defense because he plays smart and good hands.
  5. Wolfpack352

    Cam Newton lost this game

    And what is your point?! The QB is trained and paid for this lifestyle.....so he is expected to light it up and hit the numbers!!!
  6. Wolfpack352

    Devin Funchess

    Somebody needs to make sure he doesn't drop his keys so he can gtfo!
  7. Wolfpack352

    Put Heinicke in

    Heinicke needs to start! period!!! I want to see how he pans out!!
  8. Wolfpack352

    Cam Newton lost this game

    That's it!! I blame Cam today!! He throws to the fuging knees or he throws high!!! Don't act like he doesn't do this almost every game! He is NOT elite status!! Just a decent QB who might have a great game, but average others!! Get the fugin shoulder looked at and get out until healed! Let the backup in and see what he is made of!!
  9. Wolfpack352

    Kelvin to Chiefs

    They offered a Bojangles gift card.
  10. Wolfpack352

    Titans Jags

    Henry was beasting, but will he be consistent? Time will tell.
  11. Wolfpack352

    Kelvin to Chiefs

    Chiefs picked him up. Should be interesting. I still think he is 50/50 on catches.
  12. Give it just a little more time, CMC has the potential to create nightmares simply because he is a dually....gonna run or gonna catch and run? I can't help but wonder how explosive the Patriots team would be having CMC and Brady dinking and dunking all day.
  13. Wolfpack352

    Is Rivera Coaching for his Job

    If they continue to lose, I think he is done after the season. Otherwise I'll buy a cruise ship ticket, get drunk and jump off the side middle of no where and get eaten by megalodon.
  14. I do like Cam, even though I hate some of the things he does, bad decisions. But put Heinicke in and see how he plays the rest of this season, you never know until he gets legit playing time. He could turn out great, a diamond in the rough and we'll be stoked about it. Or he could tank and we can really thing about drafting a QB.
  15. Wolfpack352

    Third and long

    Not suprising.....playing that far off the WR and not even be able to contest the ball thrown at them. Baker is looking forward to beefing up his passing yards against this defense.