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  1. Sometimes the cat gets the bird, sometimes the bird poos on the cat. Defense keeps us in play and Ron burns all the timeouts needed in 4th quarter due to confused offense. I'm calling for close game decided in 4th quarter.
  2. Actions speak louder than words, so I'll believe when I see playing time and how he progresses. That goes for any player on the roster.
  3. Wouldn't suprise me. Moving on. I love college and pro football so I'll keep watching. What I am sick of is Ron and his same old "missed opportunities" speeches and the blatant challenge calls that is obvious to the world but the F-ing refs.
  4. Neither Allen or Grier. Wildcat formations! Go all in offense Georgia Tech yellow Jackets style.
  5. Sore arm, sore foot? Blah blah blah.....still made bad throws and completely missed receivers getting seperation. If the coaching staff and docs thought he could still play for the win, he should have done so, period. Otherwise sit yo ass out and continue to "rest" and think about your next fashion statement!
  6. Yeah...that will happen when your busy throwing the ball into the grass, over their heads or into a defender or into the stands....basically anywhere but the receivers hands or numbers.
  7. I needed that laugh and it hurts, because it is true.
  8. Calm down.......Cam will still have a good career elsewhere.....he has the money to start up his own fashion biz!
  9. LOL...He is gay. Nothing against gay folks.....he is just simply gay. Before you all start screaming he got kids and all....you all know men who have kids only to come out gay later in life! But that isn't the point......point is.....Cam got soft, period.
  10. Brady, Brees, Rodgers...hell even Dak and Mahomes would have made that throw to Samuels for winning TD!!! Even with defenders in the face! Why?! Because that is nothing new to quarterbacks!!! Defenders are always gunning for you and getting in your face!!! Still should have connected with that pass! I did love Cam and rooted hard for him early on, but he is NOT the same Cam anymore, people change or get ruined by the moronic coaching staff!
  11. Shut the fug up Ron!!! Quit acting like you know your Poo! Rusty my ass!!! Cam been in the league how long sucka?!? So don't feed me the rusty excuse!!!
  12. Cam killing it?!?!? He needs to "Kill" it every possesion we get!!! Just won't happen.
  13. When will you Cam nuthuggers realize that this man WILL NOT take us to another superbowl?!? He has checked out, thinking about his family now, next fashion statement, food trucks and etc.... He has enough money and tired of getting hit, he done!
  14. He brings POO, lots and lots of poo!!! Hard poo, rock poo, soft poo, peanut butter poo, mudslide poo, rectal splitting poo and etc...!!!!
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