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  1. I'll be on the fence, let the actions speak louder than words. Time will tell.
  2. Welp.....packed up and waiting till next year. Offseason will be something to watch to see what develops.
  3. I have not written him off but kid needs work. A better Oline can do wonders but that goes for most QB, being comfy back there allows you to make plays. Lots of changes happening and offseason work will shed some light as to what might happen.
  4. Lamar is good, with his speed and agility the dude is like a WR playing QB. But I feel like getting hurt is just a matter of time when QB do a lot of scrambling.
  5. Good in my book. I think Hogan is great at those short clutch throws to simply move the chains.
  6. Not NewtonHuddle....NewtonNuthuggers, yes. They just love the man too much they only hear or see what they want to hear or see.
  7. You are making it sound like the stalled drives is only a Panther issue? Every team has stalled drives, we put up 30 plus points and won the game. Good ol team work, still salty about the soft defense in 2nd half tho.
  8. This is what happened in the locker room at halftime.... Ron: Boys...boys....we have big lead, lets listen to some relaxing nature music and gently caress each others balls. Arians: You stupid mutha fugin pansies! I will line you up in the streets of London, drop your pants and personally shove a dildo up your arses!!!! Side note: Winston single handily cost the team that game, the rest did their job! Ok the Oline may have been horrible too, lol
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