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  1. I don't know you so of course the question was rhetorical. But on that subject I am not "new" here or anywhere panther related for that matter, lol! Anyway, sorry the post came off as aimed at you. It was more of a general shot across the bow of negative nancy's. I mean, unless you are a @thebigcat type of fan that can just roll over to root for whichever team is hot that particular year than your team is going to lose quite a bit. The good fan's that stick around for decades (like the Browns, Pack, Pats, and many more) know this. JMO, but as an NFL fan we are judged more for how we handle adversity than for how we handle success.
  2. or the "blood and guts" game going further back https://grantland.com/the-triangle/blood-and-guts-and-another-steve-smith-masterpiece/ hated that game but love this quote from the article;
  3. Damn there is a hell of a lot of dust up here in the office this morning.
  4. Do fans like Thursday night football? I forget about it half the time. If the NFLPA had any balls they would force it gone.
  5. Root for tie? Please don’t tell me that since we lost to the Rams I have to root for the neon hawks
  6. https://www.panthers.com/news/joey-slye-named-nfc-special-teams-player-of-week congrats to Slye!!
  7. Jimmy Graham Although it would’ve been funny to see the Eagles get a taunting penalty on that last play
  8. another good take from SVP but about Allen not Cam It's ok to be pro-Cam and supportive of a comeback and still happy for #7
  9. https://www.panthers.com/video/steve-smith-sr-tells-everyone-to-pump-the-brakes-on-all-the-cam-newton-talk
  10. not worth a thread but interesting if this reunion comes about as the same time as the Reid brothers and Kyle with University of Houston.
  11. well, to be fair, you actually have to PLAY a back up in order to determine if a back up is decent.
  12. looking forward to skipping over thread by troll patriot/saint fan about how JJ Watt is going to "crush" Kyle Allen.
  13. Love me some Cam but twitter going to take this and run with it.
  14. Huddlers pregame thread = if we don’t win we need to tank harder than Dolphins (impossible) Patriot fan that posts here all the time for some reason (probably due to brees injury) posts that AZ DL is going to brutalize us and then races to post some drivel about a fictional problem with Cam’s contract, I guess believing everyone will forget his idiocy.
  15. Note exactly what you are wearing at 4:05 eastern time. We will need everyone to wear exactly the same thing next week in order to keep our winning streak going.
  16. The clip had me thinking how much we may or may not miss Ryan Kalil as center, but we sure do miss him as the offensive line protection caller.
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