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  1. Sounds like a solid huddle take. Could go either way. <---going back to hoarding cans of chili with no beans
  2. Non PSL holder with much respect to those that put their $ where their heart is.

    Attended first game at Clemson, still have t-shirt.  Moved to Reno in '96, got direct tv and went to Candlestick for some great games.  Moved back to Carolina in '03.  Still waiting for back to back winning seasons but enjoying the good one's.  Missed the Cheatriots Super Bowl but travelled to San Francisco and got rid of a bucket list item.  

    My occupation is manning phones and computers so lots of time to mess around.  Was on the "AOL message boards" back in the day, then switched to the Official Board and when that went up in flames I messed around on a few other boards before coming to the Huddle.  I used my AOL name, PntherPryd and had a good time.   Was on here quite a bit during the "Golden Years" Eventually Jeremy noticed I was logged in for absurdly long amounts of time and asked me to be a mod and I said yes.  Pretty cushy job with minimal qualifications so I excelled.  

    Then had some personal and professional changes so I sent Jeremy my "official resignation".....in a totally non ClayJ way, and I literally did not log on for  3 years.  When I did I was surprised to find out I was still a mod?  I just hung out for a while but started doing more "mod stuff" in 2016 and actually paying attention.  But things had changed.  Politics had forced us into sides.  But only two sides, not 4, 16 or 32 like I was used to.  So being a mod ended up being more like raising children that expected everything to be fair, yet they never grew up or left the house.

    One of the dirty little secrets here is that mods really have no clue what they are expected to do.  Literally the only thing I was asked to do was to make sure people did not personally attack each other or make reactionary posts.  "I can do that!" I said.   Even though I am a very political person I stayed out of the Tinderbox.   I had already lost family and friends on Facebook to the Trump Effect and totally had a Been There Done That approach.  So as the supposedly ugly head of politics pushed the Huddle Divide more and more into the darkness and light theme I naively thought I could manage to be both a cop and a "good guy".

    So I was disheartened to see so little done  by Jeremy to combat hate speech on the huddle.  I was told "if you aren't part of the solution you are part of the problem" by one poster and that resonated.  I literally had no real power on the huddle so who was I kidding by pretending to be part of the Huddle Police?  Tensions on the huddle kept getting elevated and the on-field performances were not helping the overall mood.  When one poster took offense to (another) warning I gave him he decided to call me out.  So I gave him a longer vacation.  Apparently he complained and that longer vacation was rescinded.  Which is fine if I knew which of the other mods or admins had pulled this off but when I asked all I got in return was <crickets>.

    So, Pntherpryd exited stage right.  I realized the best way was not to resign or comment or really do anything.  Just leave... and start over.  But I am still trying to decide if I stopped being a mod because of the lack of answers/actions to objectionable political material becoming part of the Huddle fabric or because some internet warrior told me to suck his dick and the guys who actually run the huddle did not have my back?  

    Either way I have a lot of respect for the remaining mods and wish them well.  Hopefully they recruit well (and soon!).  

    Keep Pounding!

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