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  1. 15 hours ago, nationsford said:

    Not sure why people are in favor of tanking. Thinking wild card this year. As for cb I like dennard. 5th best cb in free agency and the best left not signed.

    To me there is a definite line between the so-called strategy of "tanking" versus an honest assessment of how this team will compete.

    "tanking" is for losers.  You build a team of competitors and coach them up to stink?  Why?  You'd just have to clean house again the next year to clear out the losers.

    I could care less if we pick #1 or #10 or #18.  The only strategy that makes sense is to aim for that pick #32.


  2. 2 hours ago, Cpt slay a ho said:

    This is just wrong on so many levels, how can you lose tepper when the 1-3 opinions advised against surgery ??? Yet surgery all along was the long term fix to the injury, tepper was mad cam didn’t go out there AGAIN not 100% and risk injury ? 

    he opted for surgery in December because he wasn’t healing any better waiting and had been through 3 drs, including our team drs, on what steps to take to recovery.

    meanwhile during that period we had idiotic takes on cam was purportedly waiting to have surgery when all along that was far from the truth 


    Didn't say Tepper was mad.   I said he "lost" Tepper in that he wasn't going to bet a third season on Cam's health.  

    No one is ever going to prove one way or another that Cam should have had surgery or even that he needed surgery.  I'm not privvy to the details of the 3 opinions and I am assuming no one on this board is either.  Add to that the nebulous nature of a lisfranc injury as it is.   Knowing how much Cam cares about the game and the Panthers and his own legacy I have no doubt he would have played if there was any chance of pulling that off.  

    My entire issue with this is how quickly some can place 100% of the blame on Tepper and/or the front office.    Both sides were in untenable positions.  Given how terrible the choices were, and with all the other turnover and problems from the past years, I'm really impressed with how the Panthers have positioned themselves to compete in 2020.... if they get the chance.



  3. 8 hours ago, Pantherzack179812 said:

    That dumpster fire was 5-2 with the two losses being his two starts... That makes no sense.

    on Nov 1st we were 4-3 and coming off a 51-13 humiliating loss that exposed all 3 phases of our game as crappy.   Much like the year before and the Steeler game. ( Another game Tepper will never forget.)  At that moment we needed Cam to come back or at least make concrete plans to come back and instead he went to get a 3rd opinion.  JMO, but I think that is when he lost Tepper. 

    Then, after going on IR Cam decided to get surgery in December where his recovery would come in March.  Forcing the Panthers (and, in the end, the rest of the NFL) to negotiate any extension or new contract while Cam's health was less than 100%.   Then, as pointed out in the article, Covid-19 did us no favors.

    Don't get me wrong, I hate that Cam is not our #1 any longer.  But to place 100% of the blame on the Panther organization is not a correct reading of all the facts.  And if you want proof of that you only have to see that Cam's services are still available.

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  4. 13 hours ago, nosuchthingasapanther said:

    i thought newton was always against surgery, and any delays were a result of him exhausting every option before going under the knife?

    and since when does an athlete, or anyone for that matter, have to beg for surgery? don't they have the final say so as to what happens when they get injured?

    Camfan, and not an expert.  But I recall the Panthers wanting him to come back to team after IR and Cam flying off to MN get a (3rd?) opinion.    Made sense on Cam's part, not wanting to come back to a dumpster fire and souring his total take on a new contract.  But I think from that moment Tepper wrote him off.

  5. O/T but did Payton get permanent eyeliner tatoo's?

    Looked super creepy when they were doing home interview about his positive test for Covid 19 and Douchebaggery.


    Also, I looked up where 6th rounders get contracts just under $3m for 4 years?  I know practice squad salaries are pretty well set but this ego move by Payton cost his team draft picks, a still to be determined $$$ cap hit and a spot on either the active roster or PS that could be used for a position of need. 

    Thank you?





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  6. 13 hours ago, RASTAN66 said:

    All NFL contracts hinge on an official physical that is successfully passed...

    ...clearly Jameis had one.

    The repeated suggestions that Cam's lack of employment is due to inability to get a physical is just laughable...

    Good point.  Although that may be why it has only been announced that they "have agreed to terms" and not actually signed the contract?

    I was actually starting to think that this approach was the saints skirting league rules and trying to take Winston off the market while simultaneously trying to fit him under the cap.

    Also, any actual signing before June 1 will affect comp picks so I am sure the saints aren't pushing the matter.  But at the same time they reap the benefits of taking him off the market.  I wish some other team (not mine) would push this and try to top the saints offer.


  7. 4 minutes ago, TheMostInterestingMan said:

    Star turned around one of the worst run defenses in the league pretty much instantaneously. You complain about getting “just a run stopper” get we were gashed you the middle all year. The literally just ended last night. And he’s much more of a bull than Star was. 

    Meanwhile Simmons would have been a stat machine on a defense unable to force punts. Hurray

    I hope you are right about Brown excelling right off the bat.  But interior DL is a position where that does not happen all the time even with a quality player.


  8. I wanted Simmons because he is the epitome of the modern pro player.  But I totally get why we drafted Brown.  The draft value of interior DL is just higher than LB, Safety or Edge, even if one guy can line up at all 3.  If we had the DL even in half ass shape we could have taken the luxury of drafting Simmons but this really is a no-brainer.

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