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  1. Getting fed up with our front office as well over the years with bad contracts and always being in the bottom 10 when it comes to salary cap problems. We should of cut torrey smith and need to reduce shaq's 9 million or release him.
  2. We could of used that 5 million for free agency but this front office yet again drops the ball.
  3. CMAC22

    Free agency starts today

    Were not going to the dollar store this free agency. Will be hitting garage sales for free agents this offseason. This is getting very very frustrating as a fan that our front office keeps signing players and free agents to bad contracts that always cause us to have salary cap issues we always frequently have. We have a coach who is a horrible talent evaluator when it comes to his own roster. I would love to go into a offseason with a great amount of cap space to work with.
  4. CMAC22

    Cam is working out

    He's gonna have to train harder before playing behind our duct taped offensive line to have him play behind.
  5. We better go o-line heavy in the draft now.
  6. Just awful that were gonna have cam play behind a o-line that will be duct tape together.
  7. Our front office is gonna duct tape our roster together this free agency. We need that 5 million to help us out a little bit in free agency.
  8. Now ron is gonna throw him under the bus now during the season.
  9. CMAC22

    The evolution is in process

    The evolution of more "missed opportunities" and bad clock management.
  10. If were running a hybrid 3-4 defense and were gonna need more players in this draft to accomplish that. Would it be in the best interest to trade down from 16th down to around 20th-25th and acquire more picks. With a deep draft on O-lineman and D-lineman and other needs on defense this may be the year we should really consider trading down in the first round.
  11. CMAC22

    7 round mock from Miller

    With the glaring needs on both offensive and defensive lines, and secondary this year. I think we should really consider trading down in the first round to get us more picks. We should try to trade from 16th down to 20-25 range. That's more picks and good chances at getter more good players in this draft this year. Depending who is on the board or our board when they get to us a 16th.
  12. Depending who is on the board at 16th. I think trading down in the first round and getting extra picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds to bolster our O-line and D-line especially if were switching to a 3-4 defense. As a florida gators fan as well would love to see jachai polite on our defense but don't think he'll be there at 16th. We also have two third round picks with the other being a compensatory 3rd rounder for losing andrew norwell.
  13. CMAC22

    Do you watch the pro bowl?

    No players that get voted to go 3/4th's of them don't play in it anyway and the game is pointless and means nothing and it shows from the way the players in the game. Time for the nfl to just scrap the game all together.
  14. If the patriots win the super bowl first take's max kellerman should have to personally hand the lombardi trophy to tom brady lol.