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  1. Ron and Marty usually do end of the year pressers after there last game of the year to address the season and plans going forward. This year we got nothing and with lots of questions and uncertainty for this team going forward. It's frustrating as a fan that they have been very vague about cam's shoulder. I just feel as fans who invest our time with this team and franchise they should tell us something to be optimistic and feeling good about going into next season.
  2. CMAC22

    Wish list Free Agency..

    I would be ok if they drafted a will grier.
  3. CMAC22

    Wish list Free Agency..

    What other QB's are out there that are gonna keep us competitive next season if cam isn't ready or maybe would have to sit out for an extended period of time.
  4. CMAC22

    Wish list Free Agency..

    What bout a joe flacco fo qb assurance if cam can't play or would need to sit for 8 to 12 weeks?
  5. CMAC22

    What to do with Matt Kalil

    June 1st cut.
  6. Do we even have the personal to do a 3-4 scheme? What if we mixed it in now and then along with playing our 4-3 defense we play now?
  7. CMAC22

    Pagano joins the Bears

    Wow missed opportunities for ron even in the offseason!
  8. No! the fact we haven't heard a single word from ron or marty is really sad. They haven't given us anything to be optimistic or encouraged about for next year which as a fan is very very disappointing. All we want to know is what is cam's shoulder status and what will be done about it or what is planned going forward. What are our offseason plans on how where going to make this team better next year. What's our direction for free agency and the draft and how are we gonna approach it.
  9. CMAC22

    Wish list Free Agency..

    Would love to get a tyrann mathieu or a ha ha clinton dix. If marty cuts players like torrey smith, ross cockrell, da norris searcy, and make matt kalil and captain post june cuts we could have up to 46 million in cap space. Or if you restructured luke's or kawann shorts contract with all those cuts we would have a little over 50 million in cap space. We can create more cap space.
  10. CMAC22

    2019 Free Agency

    Offensive line should be a 1# priority in the draft then Defensive line. With TD leaving maybe we can draft Vosean Joseph from Florida in the with two 3rd round picks now to with the compensatory pick which is a 3rd rounder for losing andrew Norwell.
  11. Does this mean Shaq is staying we could use that 9 million for our salary cap.
  12. When there is no more "Missed Opportunities" and when we can get Great Clock Management from Ron.
  13. CMAC22

    2019 Free Agency

    I would keep Obada, Kyle Love, David Mayo for depth for our defense. I'm okay resigning Eric Reid if he doesn't demand his market value to highfor us. Free Agency I would get Joe Flacco for assurance for out QB situation in case Cam is not ready to go. Would like for us to maybe bring in a Clinton Dix or a Landon Collins to pair with Eric Reid if they don't demand top dollar. Maybe a Trey Flowers to get a top DE for our line. Also Would look into another young running back to take some of the load of McCaffrey.
  14. Ron would take his foot off the gas in the 4th quarter in this situation.