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  1. Simple is Isaiah Simmons and Jeff Okudah are both off the board before 7 trade back acquire more picks and some assets for 2021 and draft Javon Kinlaw!
  2. If ron started kyle allen over dwayne haskins.....
  3. Teddy Bridgewater is a stop gap solution not a long term solution! Look for this team to trade up for a qb in the first round or a first round qb 2021 the tank is in for 2020!
  4. Update here in PA all statewide non essential businesses to all be shutdown starting at midnight!
  5. All schools here in Pennslyvania are shut down for two weeks starting monday! I live in Harborcreek, PA just outside Erie, PA!
  6. Also trading Cam and CMAC would be 100% clearly tanking! I keep reminding people tanking is an organizational decision an the head coach just tries to steer the ship the best he can! I don't advocate, encourage or a fan of tanking at all! I also really believe that it's on the table for 2020!
  7. Marty Hurney in the war room on draft night before he fudges it up yet again!
  8. We should of signed okung 3 years ago but they went with matt kalil instead!
  9. I think if the proposed CBA gets voted an approved by the players then the proposed CBA would go into effect when the new league year starts! The we could use post june 1st cut designations!
  10. There has to be draft picks included with this deal and not just a straight up player for player deal!
  11. The fact that they haven't said cam is the starting Qb when he is 100% healthy raises alot of red flags to me! I would definitely trade back with the raiders if they want to come up to 7 and take one of these other Qb's like jordan love or herbert and maybe get there 12th and 19th picks in the first round! Also trevor lawrence is coming out is after his junior year and will be the number 1 pick in 2021 regardless of what happens period! I would be absolutely shocked if he stayed!
  12. It makes no sense for us to trade up for a QB this year when we have we have alot more glaring holes needs besides QB on this roster! No sense to trade up this year when we can have this guy in 2021!
  13. I do better drafts then marty when doing my own mock drafts on first-pick.com
  14. I would be ok with that but would rather have the raiders trade up to 7 then we could obtain there 12th and 19th picks in the first round picks!
  15. I want cam to be here and be our QB but there are alot of red flags right now saying he will won't be! I really believe there gonna work him out and then after tell teams that cam has been cleared for football activities and will be 100% healthy so they can drive his value up and if they get a good offer to trade him HE"S GONE! I hope i'm wrong but there are alot of red flags right now!
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