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  1. Yep all the packers players they talked to including AARON RODGERS were talking smack all week how this game was going to be different an dhow all the pressure was on the 49ers and got whooped by them yet again hahahahaha!
  2. What if Burrow's agent and representation told the Bengals do not draft him? I don't see this happening at all but if they did then they could lower the value for teams wanting to trade up for him! Again don't see it happening but what if it did! Thoughts?
  3. What if burrow's agent and representation told the bengals do not draft him? Thoughts?
  4. As much as I want to see Cam stay and watch him in the Joe Brady offense I think were really need to consider acquiring as many assets and draft capital as we can for either this upcoming 2020 draft with so many glaring holes and needs and then tank for Trevor Lawrence during 2020 season or for 2021 draft so if we need to trade up to get Trevor Lawrence we can!
  5. As a gators fan and an SEC person oh hell yes Joe Brady would be an awesome hire for OC!
  6. What this hire says is that the New York Giants is not that attractive or appealing from the outside! I believe working with gettleman turned off some candidates as well!
  7. How is Matt Rhule considered a candidate for an NFL coaching job anyway! He was on the Giants staff for 1 year and turns Baylor around and all the sudden he is a NFL coaching candidate! These NFL people really need to rethink in there ways of how to really identify potential coaching candidates in the NFL! Like Cliff Kingsburry he got the Arizona Cardinals job because of his friendship with Sean McVay with a losing record in college! Really come on NFL people!
  8. Ron was atrocious at clock management why did tepper hire sam mills lll to help ron with clock management! Ron got an F in first grade on reading the clock and telling time!
  9. Ron is taking his horrible clock management with him to DC to!
  10. Hey Trent Williams get out of DC ASAP! RV will mismanage and mishandle your injuries more! ASK CAM! Now take Eric Washington and the worst Panthers reporter ever David Newton with you to DC as well!
  11. It's going to be McDaniels or Bieniemy! Hey Ian Rapoport we have a QB named Cam Newton!
  12. I think it is gonna come down to Josh McDaniels and Eric Bieniemy for this Panthers Job! From what Panthers reporters have said and other stuff I have read and heard I really think it's gonna be Josh McDaniels! I would absolutely 100% have no with Bieniemy being the hire either!
  13. He's not gonna leave FLORIDA a premier job in college football when he has total control of his program and he is the CEO and flush it down the toilet and work for Jerry Jones and have absolutely no power or control over anything in Dallas! I would rather be in control of my own program at Florida instead of being a puppet for Jerry Jones!
  14. As a gators fan Dan Mullen is not leaving one of the premier jobs in college football the FLORIDA GATORS! He has that program built back up again and Florida is going to be in the thick of things yet again with this 2020 recruiting class and especially the 2021 recruiting class! This has to be Lincoln Riley to the Cowboys!
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