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  1. I'm waiting til the bye week if i'm tepper to make any changes. 1. As the owner i'm questioning our coaching staff about our depth at certain positions and why are we not taking advantage of it. EXAMPLE: RB, TE, D-LINE, OLINE. 2. Why are we still making the same mistakes over and over again with out coaching staff. Game Management, Talent Evaluation every week on who should be playing or getting more playing time, Clock Issues as well. 3. If cam is still injured why does our coaching staff and medical staff have him out there playing. Would be a great opportunity for grier to get some playing time. If Those things aren't fixed or addressed by the bye week then i'm pulling the trigger on Ron, and Marty. Promoting scott turner or chase blackburn to interim coach. Perry fewell as D-coordinator.
  2. Ron and this coaching staff along with the franchise have failed miserably in protecting and looking after cam newton and now he is breaking down and will never be the same player again. Ron is also a very horrible talent evaluator and don't get me started on game/time management during games and horrible at not making in game adjustments at all.
  3. Jim Harbaugh, Eric Bienemy, Lincoln Riley, Josh McDaniels. My darkhorse would be Mike Tomlin if it goes south in pittsburgh this season. David Teppers has pittsburgh ties being a minority owner of the steelers.
  4. Our coaching staff and front office have failed to look out and protect cam.
  5. Missed Opportunities! Ron has failed to adapt and evolve with this new age of nfl football and this new nfl has passed ron, norv, and all of our coaches by the wayside. David Tepper needs to start his era of the panthers franchise and fire ron and to officially start a new era for the carolina panthers.
  6. Then ron can write missed opportunities on his next coaching job application for a new job!
  7. Now here is a guy and this is a guy gets annoying from collingsworth talking about every player!
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