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  1. Sure I do.....especially you.
  2. GeorgeHanson

    Hornets as a Team Question.........

    Replay here: https://21153.mc.tritondigital.com/OMNY_WFNZPODCASTS_P/media-session/cad1bb3c-8f4b-4d6e-b1a6-a1a4f0070444/d/clips/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/08421fbf-2f0b-4acf-8930-a92b003771f8/5dcbf5c9-776f-407b-88d1-aa0a017d5475/audio/direct/t1552086651/The_Clubhouse_With_Kyle_Bailey_Hour_4_Buzz_Peterson,_The_Rewind_Randy_Bailey.mp3?t=1552086651 Just listening now.
  3. GeorgeHanson

    Shots Fired - #gettlemagic

    Cam allowed himself to be "bullied"?!? How is that possible? Cam is a 6'6", 255lb Adonis and you're telling me he allowed himself to be "bullied" a 5'8", 192lb'er?!? Seriously? One of the baddest men to ever play the game was bullied by a shrimp? How can that even be possible?
  4. GeorgeHanson

    Hornets as a Team Question.........

    I would be willing to bet nothing of consequence was said.... ....pretty interesting really -- The Buzzard has been on Air Train Wreck's butt buddy payroll for years and years and years and I cannot EVER remember him saying anything for public consumption (learned from the best, Ol' Trainer hissef). Which show was he on? There's probably a stream available to replay...
  5. And your point is?
  6. #FakeNews from the guy with no answers who whined and ran away....LOL.
  7. But he said he already has enough money, that he's rich....so doesn't seem like going somewhere "for the money" is within his set of terms & conditions. At the time I was asking those questions most were convinced the Bills deal was gonna happen, which by definition would mean Browns "terms" were no factor at all....because the Bills ain't in the hunt for "a Lombardi"!
  8. GeorgeHanson

    We Traded Tobias Harris for Bismack Biyombo on Draft Day

    Yeah he was....right at the end of the leash Ol' Trainer kept him on 24/7. Cho had no autonomy, he was a yes man.
  9. GeorgeHanson

    Hornets as a Team Question.........

    You "have no idea"....I have a very strong idea. Not sure why you'd ever argue any point you "have no idea" about. Kupchak was out of the league for over a year and I have seen zero evidence any other team interviewed him for anything. If other teams wanted him, he wouldn't be here....this place is a career killer for most (Coach Clifford the exception).
  10. Did you mention "his terms" there? What are "his terms"? Plz name just one "term"....
  11. You cite "his terms"... ...exactly what do you believe "his terms" to be? Be specific (and concise, please). PS...we know "he wants out", you don't need to barf that up again.
  12. GeorgeHanson

    28 games left

    If Kemba is not retained what will your reaction be? Assuming Kemba leaves, in your opinion, what kind of statement does that make about (a) the owner, and (b) the GM...? Please be specific about both.
  13. You've missed it on both sides. Steve Smith is an alpha male, commands respect, delivers results. Torrey Smith, well, he ain't any of that...
  14. Do you really believe this? If so, what do you believe "his terms" to be?
  15. GeorgeHanson

    Giants letting Landon Collins walk?

    #FakeNews Getty was world class and unstable Ol' Jer's ill-fated kneejerk reaction resulting in World Class Getty's departure was a gigantic setback for the Panthers....cryin' shame.