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  1. Yeah he was....right at the end of the leash Ol' Trainer kept him on 24/7. Cho had no autonomy, he was a yes man.
  2. If Kemba is not retained what will your reaction be? Assuming Kemba leaves, in your opinion, what kind of statement does that make about (a) the owner, and (b) the GM...? Please be specific about both.
  3. Shinn hired smart basketball people and let them do their job... ...Air Train Wreck hires yes men and his butt buddies, and micromanages their every move --- recipe for failure (as his track record since 2006 illustrates).
  4. Air Train Wreck. 7 coaches and 4 GM's......1 single Air Train Wreck.
  5. If Air Train Wreck lets Kemba leave what will your reaction be?
  6. Shinn's Charlotte Hornets won first round playoff series on 4 different occasions.... #FakeNews on your part. (oh wait, were you describing Ol' Trainers Bobcats when speaking of the 1st round losses?) Yes, winning seasons 7 out of 9 years (with NO losing seasons) appeals to me a lot more than winning seasons 7 out of 24 years.....for sure.
  7. Of course Shinn made the final call on that....just like Air Train Wreck made the calls on Batum, and Ol' Fumblerooski (Biyombo), and Kwame, and Vonleh, and MKG, etc.... Folks need to understand the buck stops with the owner, period (even when it's not convenient for the hero worshipers). Shinn left Charlotte on his own accord....once in New Orleans he did kinda go off the deep end and run that team into the ground....but his record in Charlotte is unsurpassed.
  8. Dave Twardzik was the GM who signed LJ to that contract. I don't understand how with the Bobcats everything is "Cho's fault" but with the Hornets you guys want to blame everything on Shinn. A convenient double standard being exhibited here...
  9. I'm sensing some hero-worship with Alonzo to go along with Ol' Trainer. Shinn's track record of consistently winning far outpaces that of Jerry Richardson. I don't think you are capable of rationally analyzing the situation in an unemotional way due to some kind of personal animus you have for Mr. Shinn. Is it because he dumped Alonzo? Do you feel the same way about Jerry Richardson as it relates to Julius Peppers?
  10. I agree with you that playing Batum all those minutes is a bad idea. That said, take a step back and try to think of a reason why a coach would execute on a bad idea that is so obvious to all of us....why? Because the owner told him to? It's the only logical explanation.
  11. Assumes Hillary doesn't do an about face.....then again, why would she? #BitchIsUsless
  12. It is truly mindblowing that MKG & Monk had a grand total of ZERO minutes between them.... ....wow. Just imagine the whining if Clifford had controlled that rotation (or lack thereof).
  13. Too funny. If a blind taste test was done and you were presented with those two track records you'd pick the loser huh? So why did Air Train Wreck hire Dunlap and Clifford instead of a proven coach like Nate McMillan? You say the GM, not the owner, is in charge of "talent"...yet you want to hold Shinn singularly responsible for getting traded....can't have it both ways pal. The Hornets went to the playoffs 5 straight seasons after Alonso was gone...clearly the whole thing didn't hinge on him....the Heat's record was very similar with Alonzo. Your Mourning thesis (pun intended) has no merit. In 24 years the Panthers have had 7 winning seasons and have never had back-to-back winning seasons --- that sucks donkey dong. Shinn was a better owner than Ol' Jer' by a magnitude of at least 8x....
  14. You're kidding yourself about Air Train Wreck's level of involvement as it goes to "talent" --- he is the GM, Cho & Kupchak are assistant GM's. Ol' Trainer micromanages everything. OK, answer me this....why did Jordan hire Dunlap and Clifford instead of Nate McMillan who was available at both times? As for Shinn....if you like winning, he was a FANTASTIC owner! (at least relative to every other professional sports team owner in the history of Charlotte....Shinn is a giant amongst midgets vs. Richardson, Johnson, Jordan) In a 9-year time frame from 1992 to 2001 (excludes lockout season of '98-'99) the team had a winning record in 7-years and went 41-41 the other 2 years. Shinn's teams won more then 40 games every one of those 9-years, and won 49 or more games 4 times, 50 or more games 3 times. In that period of time the Hornets went to the playoffs 7 times, played in 11 playoffs series, and won 4 playoff series. In that period of time the team played 48 total playoffs games. If we give Ol' Trainer a pass on the first 3-years of his miserable reign, in the ensuing 9-years his Bobcats have posted a paltry 3 winning seasons and only won more than 44 games once, never had a 50 win season. Made the playoffs 3 times, never won a playoff series, and only played a grand total of 15 playoff games. Also, keep in mind this total is inflated by about 4-games as Shinn's teams were playing 1st round series that were best-of-5 (so apples-to-apples the Hornets prob would have played close to 60 playoff games). Shinn's teams won, and won regularly....the Hornets were winning at a 57% clip in that time frame....Air Train Wreck's Bobcats have lost 58% of the time. If you think Jordan is a better owner then Shinn it can only be chalked up to either (i) you have some sort of personal animus toward George Shinn, or, (ii) you have fallen into a hero worship mode with Michael Jordan like many folks do.... (or a combination of both)
  15. Question, do you consider coaches to be "talent"? In your opinion how important is it to have a great coach? Lastly, the ol' win-loss record..... ...do you consider the ol win-loss record to be a good yardstick for evaluating owners? (clearly you do on coaches, based on your previous posts) PS....if you don't understand that Air Train Wreck is leading the "finding talent" parade, well, you are kidding yourself. There is no separation of church & state with Ol' Train Wreck's Bobcats....
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