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  1. If we are going to suck can we do it 2 years in a row please so we can grab sunshine from clemson to sit behind cam until he retires lol
  2. These deals are getting insane lol. Who the hell turned football into the nba?
  3. You just said 25 mil for them. That would have us at about 15 left. You spend that on the replacements. I'll take the best secondary in the league, and after the draft you have a starter on the edge in most likely cleland from clemson at 16. The rest of the draft on the o line. This isn't hard to figure out.
  4. If we had cut everyone we should have then we would have been at around 40 mil on cap. Spend big on 2 playmakers, and then sign depth. We had the means, but the idiot running the clown show makes his usual vet leadership moves.
  5. So paying out the ass for average at best players is your solution? No wonder I never posted here in the past lol. You either go big on the best. Or keep having to hope and pray on mediocrity and injuries to other teams. No wonder our team sucks lol the fans are just glad we have a team
  6. Cut the people I suggested, spend the 25 mil on them, and draft an edge rusher. You suddenly have the scariest secondary and a hard to move line. So yes it would be worth it.
  7. If the world was fair then the headlines would be, panthers release poe,speedbump, shaq,smith,and searcy. Then the Wednesday headlines read panthers sign honeybadger to play the hybrid role, Landon Collins, and any right tackle that can stay healthy with moton going to lt. Draft day goes de, dl, center, tackle. Suddenly we have a chance.......... but that vet leadership though!
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