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  1. Miles starting and looking good. Okay Borrego. What took so long
  2. This is worse than Jerry. Jerry wasnt accused of paying women to play with his weewee.
  3. YES! This is definitely worse than Jerry Richardson. No way he is allowed to own a team again. The end has come for the Pats. Anybody’s game now boys.
  4. It would be awesome. Im already on planning to go to the draft this in April. Pretty excited. This past weekend was fun with the all star. But was sorta disappointed too. Wasnt much to really do. I was expecting tons of booths with roads shut. Stages with singers and bands. Not even close.
  5. Yeah. And we here know better talking about players like them. We are here mentioning Glover Quinn. Someone who is debating about retirement. Definitely the type of guys we sign.
  6. Now, Saints some how get Collins, Mathieu or Earl with the limited cap space they have.
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