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  1. Need a true #1 WR, they're above average, but more of complimentary pieces.
  2. I mean he does have a SB with one of the better D's we've seen in NFL history.... But coming after a loss def looks bad. Optics
  3. If Cam comes back Cam, hopefully Allen can be Cams next Derek Anderson. Lol. And then we still have Grier. Kyle and or Grier could be trade bait. If Cam is still hurt, make it an open comp next training camp. Just to see if Grier could possibly be ready to take the reigns, and if you need to part ways with Cam.
  4. Vernon Butler Christian Miller (with limited play) Still rooting for healthy Cam, but Kyle Allen has def been solid in small sample size. My best of both worlds outcome, Cam comes back to reg Superman Cam, and Allen provides solid backup depth until Cam is done and Grier is ready.
  5. Idk if Cockrell is fully conditioned or what, but he sure seemed slow. He is ok depth, but def wouldn't willingly put him on the field over a healthy Jackson. Even when Jackson is not totally disciplined, his speed makes up for it, and the D in all seems to play with more edge when he's on the field.
  6. Def need Jackson back. I saw several balls today thrown Cocrell's way today that I'm for sure Jackson would've picked. Cockrell has been ok, but def seems to be getting picked on these last 2 games.
  7. Just because you're being sacked, doesn't automatically cause a fumble. He has to do better. As said before, the pressure is coming from the outside, step up in the pocket!
  8. Small sample size but so far, looking good for GL. He actually looked better than Moton did in his brief time at LT.
  9. What's your definition of an effective DL? Our DL is looking great, doing what they should, eating up blockers, stopping the run and collapsing the pocket so the DE/LB can rush the QB. I honestly dont know how much more you can ask for at this point.
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