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  1. On the radio today some guys were suggesting there's still a window to tank this season and get an imroved draft position. Odds of a top-6 pick are higher than odds of making the playoffs if I remember correctly.
  2. But after we got out of it last time Jordan swore it wouldn't happen again, and here we are.
  3. The Maverick's had to have had scout in the building to watch Kemba last night -- he delivered for sure.
  4. ...and Bonnell sucks, he is awful, always the last to know. Citing Bonnell is not a good strategic move. #FakeNews
  5. I do see a lot of stories.....but they all cite one single source, Shams Charania of "the Athletic". None of those stories mention Kupchak in any context. From my perspective the veracity of Sham's (appropriate first name!) information is about the same as what Sheena Quick reported on Greg Olsen today --- nil.
  6. Kupchak said that? I'd be interesting in reading about it, could you provide a link?
  7. Did they? I don't remember seeing that reported. If it did happen, and Jordan did decline it....why? What was the rationale behind declining that trade? Good point on Doncic and him dominating that ball. While DSJ was a bit of a problem child, which was surely a contributing factor, I do remember reading that a big motivation for moving him was the belief that he would not be willing to "play off the ball"...as you say. Sounds like the best of all possible worlds for Kemba...play with Doncic, check...play with Porzingas, check...play for a brilliant & super wealthy owner, check...be in a position of not having to carry all the load all-night every-night, check. I'm at a loss to figure out why Kemba wouldn't sign a contract with Cuban and the Mav's.
  8. Cuban is very very smart, and very very very wealthy. Both are absolute must haves in order to successfully operate an NBA franchise.
  9. I'm don't think other teams value Kemba anywhere near the level a lot of the slurpers.... ....Jordan might just get a shot at signing Shorty to his second below market contract in a row!.
  10. Curious, what's the timing on such a deal? Does the team have to wait until after the season to lock him up?
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