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  1. Picking the Saints every year, is the laziest take of all and it just shows that Bleacher Report rides with the national narrative when it comes to the NFC south. No analysis.
  2. I think we lost every game that we had to practice in the convention center due to rain last season.
  3. My favorite quote for Brad(Barely) is "Always there, but never there". He's very good at press/man to man coverage and always seems to be in the vicinity of any receiver, whether its Julio, Mike Evans, Thomas, OBJ, etc. However, he almost never makes a play on the ball. It's almost as if he takes pride in the DB participation trophy of getting a bunch of tackles. These weird stats that they have for him are misleading, outside of his lack of interceptions, 5 since joining the team (two of which were basically punts).
  4. If we happen to win the Super Bowl this year, would you be cool with Tep resetting the QB market and giving Cam whatever the hell he wants for the next 5 years?
  5. I say Holyfield and Scarlett go 12 rounds for that back up spot.
  6. Butler not being in the plans is something to look forward too. Holding out hope for this
  7. The Vernon butler selection may have set us back YEARS and honestly may have been one of the worst decisions made by an NFL franchise in a long time.
  8. wreck my car leaving the draft party, cam newton style.
  9. Proponent of the old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Moton was an Excellent RT, no reason to shake things up and move him to the left side and let the uncertain knee of Daryl Williams take over that RT position. Why not invest in a first round, anchor-worthy LT in the draft, and figure out what to do with Williams on the interior. If the opportunity presents itself to trade up or trade back and be able to do so, I'm all in!
  10. They'll switch their lenses by Week 8. Keep Pounding!
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