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  1. The Rhuler has spoken! QB1 is still our guy!!! Keep Pounding!
  2. Tired of the disrespect, 9 years worth of it. We are treating the best player in our franchise history like he's just marcus mariota or jamesis winston. Ignored the o-line for almost 7 years, undoubtedly aiding in injury. (2018 we had ANDRE FRIGGIN CLARK starting at Left tackle, not to mention the Matt Kalil years). We have consistently missed on just about 75% of every draft pick after the first round throughout his tenure. During his MVP year, the best WR receiver on his team was TED GINN. Failed to get him a competent offensive coordinator for 6 years. Literally did everything in our power to disregard and build around cam's clear and OBVIOUS talent. Now this. This is just wrong. This forced rebuild feels sloppy and without clear direction. It's the NFL, you establish a culture, stick with it, and let football run it's course. Statements like "we'll see when he's healthy" in MARCH (the season is not until September) are non committal, unclear, non confident, and appear to sound like something straight out of a New York jets press conference. How about "If he's healthy, Cam is our guy"??? That's what the colts did for andrew luck (on top of building an offensive line for him afterwards) and Cam has done WAY more for us than that guy. We are being disrespectful. To our fans and to our best player EVER. Just dangling him out like a piece of trash. Not to mention devaluing him for any potential trade and also increasing the chances of getting nothing in return for letting an MVP walk. In a few years people will look back at this as the lowest point in franchise history. By getting rid of cam there is one thing we can all agree on: we are going to SUCK. we are banking our future next year on A) Trevor Lawrence, who imo is Extremely over hyped. B) Justin Fields (who I like and fits the new NFL mold, but please point to the last successful Ohio state QB) or c) some washed and underachieving FA, who keep us mediocre at best away from the top pick for sure. Either way that's at least a 2-3 year curve with the rookie (or indefinite with the FA). In that time we are likely to have overpaid CMC who will be on the decline (as history has shown with RB's, especially ones with his amount of touches), lost Joe Brady (assuming he shows promise, we all know what the trend is with 30ish yr old o-coordinators), and who knows what else. Is it worth it?
  3. was good when healthy and motivated. But we can't let him keep taking money from the training table. Good luck big dawg!
  4. I can't wait until ESPN feels this way and gets David Newton the hell out of there
  5. 1a. Dee Brown 1b. Dee Brown 2. Isaiah Simmons 3. Jedrick Willis 4. Andrew Thomas 5. Jeudy (not a need, but would not be mad at all)
  6. LFG, best news we’ve gotten in a while.
  7. who's the most successful inexperienced college coach in the NFL right now?
  8. Not one person in Marty's first reign can equate or even come close to Cam's impact on this football team. This team was finally built for him to succeed. It is not fair to any party involved to give up on a GENERATIONAL talent after one year of a mismanaged injury. Allen is benefiting from the (finally) stategic build of a team that was intended for Cam. This will be the dumbest thing the franchise has ever done if we cut Cam Newton, but I can't say it wouldn't be the hallmark of a franchise that consistently does these kind of dumb things.
  9. I think we should extend Cam. Not to some crazy max contract, but at least something reasonable in the same ball park as now. 1) We have no better options, via draft or free agency (unless you want andy dalton) 2) His foot will heal before the 2020 season. It's not like he tore his Achilles or something. He will be okay. Plus a year with out any shoulder hits and a mental break from the game. 3) We owe it to Cam. Every thing he has done for this city, for our team, for our attendance numbers. We literally don't have a better option. This kyle allen mediocre-magic will run out soon. 5-1 is cool, but don't forget who took us 15-1.
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