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  1. Cam We need his experience and he's hungry to shut up the haters. The only downside if he did start, the 49ers are legit and if Cam struggled people are going assume he's done as a QB, but in reality, he just struggled against a very good team.
  2. When will the NFL get Aaron Rodgers' dick out of their mouth? The Rodgers lovefest continues.
  3. 100% and there's no one in sight to challenge him.
  4. Who's to blame? Conditioning coach? Athletic trainer?
  5. The injury bug has found its way to Charlotte. So much for it being an odd year.
  6. Looks like the injury bug has come out of hiding and now is making its presence known. Not good.
  7. Very nice. But as soon as Cam throws just ONE incompletion, the haters will be screaming BENCH CAM, PUT IN ALLEN NOW!!!
  8. So he got paid, then the following season his performance was underwhelming and now he's hurt and is going on IR. Money well spent.
  9. I'm still not sold on Allen, but I hope he continues to prove me wrong.
  10. All people do now on this board is attack each other. I'm old enough to remember when you got banned for personal attacks on here.
  11. My Panthers going 0-3 and my Gamecocks are 1-3. Football is back, baby.
  12. I would be fine if we at least gave him a look, but realistically, he wouldn't be ready to start. He's just been out of the game for far too long.
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