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  1. You have to be one dedicated fan to watch that prison rape. Today was more than likely the last game I'm watching of this season. No reason for me to spend my Sunday SMH for 3-hours.
  2. Not sure why it would matter. A loss benefits us more anyway.
  3. Yeah, let's trash talk a team who lost to the Superbowl favorites by two points. Have people forgotten that we haven't beaten the Saints in a real match-up in years? While we're here talking about potential coaches, player replacements and the draft, they're fans are discussing the playoffs.
  4. My top three: Jim Harbaugh Robert Saleh Greg Roman Riots would ensue if we hired Jason Garrett.
  5. 2015 will still go down as one of the most exciting seasons I've encountered as a Panthers fan. So thank you for that memory, Ron.
  6. If it weren't so late into the season I would say yes, but our season is done. There's no point in signing him.
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