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  1. Dj Moore Dj Moore Dj Moore Dj Moore Dj Moore
  2. Look at this dude man he is so toxic lmao... this draft was good and I think Hurney made some good decisions drafting 2 OLB who can rush since we are converting to a 3-4, and greg little is an experienced left tackle in one of the most competitive conferences in the NCAA. The only complaint is trading away a pick but it really isn't the end of the world kid lmao. Since u think ur such a GM humor us, how could u have done a better job in any way possible
  3. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/three-round-2019-nfl-mock-draft-bills-get-quinnen-williams-patriots-take-two-tes-and-a-qb-redskins-load-up-on-offense/ This is a mock draft covered by cbs sports and I love it. 1. Montez Sweat (Heart Condition could drop to us) 2. Yodny Cajuste (OT from West Virginia, said to have protected Will Grier's blindside well) 3. Deionte Thompson (Safety from Alabama, would be a blessing to see him drop here) 4. Ben Powers (OL from Oklahoma, basically the best offensive line in college) I would wanna see a linebacker too sometime, but this seems fine to me. These three positions from what I've seen are what we need to improve.
  4. I highly doubt Deionte Thompson would drop to the 3rd round, most of these mocks are inaccurate but u never know i guess. Hopefully the real draft is like this T_T
  5. If Cam can come back healthy and can throw consistently as a pocket passer then maybe around 6-7 more years of him, which I hope he is capable of doing.
  6. Honestly tho that site doesn't have updated draft orders, i mean they predict nick bosa is going 1, which could happen but probably not
  7. Lol only if we can draft Brian Burns which would be such a huge steal I might cream my jeans... alot of mocks recently say hes gonna drop tho so hopefully
  8. Right this def got out of hand im sorry. and honestly idk what potus is lmaoooooooo
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