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  1. no you cant, Trans people dont exist, you can prove some people want to be a different sex they were born as... but they are still the same sex they were born as, and always will be and no, I cant prove a virgin had a baby... just like you or science cant prove life came from NOTHING which is what you believe and science tries to teach... you believe life came from nothing, I believe life came from GOD creator of heaven and earth …. still if your born male or female, all the operations, and all the drugs can make you the opposite sex... just so you know, the BIBLE is comming true... Israel is now a country again fulling prophesy... and they will ALWAYS be a country … no matter what AOC and the squad says about Israel... Gods will be done
  2. if she a real girl id rather her see a team of doctors... but better than a real dude with a dick claiming he is a she
  3. there is NO transgender... you dont changer genders, no more than you change species ... people need to see people who work in the psych dept. of the hospital… sorry this BUST everybody's BUBBLE of make believe... man wants wear panties and play sissy cakes, fine, let him, but he's still a MALE... he should NOT be allowed to complete as a girl in completion, go to women's prison etc... or go in the GIRLS BATHROOM OR DRESSING ROOM... they dont have the right top make any REAL girls feel uneasy about THEIR SAFE SPACE... that's not right
  4. retired


    why would anyone need to explain why anybody killing us would be bad ?
  5. actually its not a crime... you yourself can try to get any ambassador removed, recalled, or fired, if you can get the president to agree to it, they are gone, simple as that... nobody can charge you for anything by arguing for someone's removal
  6. no, your the one ignoring that bill actually committed a crime... the State of Ark didnt disbar Bill Clinton because he had sex... he lied under oath, shouldn't he have gone to prison, you think everybody that trump knows should go.... or do you just think people you dont like should go to prison for lying under oath ?
  7. not that will stand constitutionally … the constitution says high crimes and misdemeanors... im pretty sure that phrase constitutes actual crimes... not, I dont like you or your polices... that's why he will be acquitted in the senate
  8. you just made my point... Trump just bad in general... but yet his impeachment list no crimes Trump has committed.. all witnesses asked point blank... what crime has trump committed ? no witness has yet to name a single crime trump has committed
  9. it wasn't what he lied about, it was that he lied under oath to a grand jury...
  10. that's your and the dems whole argument… Trump is just bad in general, he's mean and he's not very nice... so he has to go... you may be right, a lot of times Trump isn't nice, says things that are totally out of line... is rude, crude and down right says things that are just mean... true... I realize they are death offences to you and a lot of people on the left … Trouble is, they aren't impeachable offences… let the dems campaign against him and the voters will decide it all in just a little over 10 months
  11. you still haven't said anything they have done wrong... trying to get an ambassador removed isn't a crime.. Memos from Giuliani to Pompeo regarding a Jan. 23, 2019 meeting with Ukraine’s former prosecutor general Victor Shokin were included.” … ok what crime did they commit ? I wonder how many more people are going to be tied to this whole scheme before the gates finally burst? … ok exactly what scheme ? what exactly have they done ? your argument so far is nothing more than... they did bad things... we dont know specifically what they did but they did bad things
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