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  1. omar is against jews , hilter was against jews, your a fan of omar, I told you that you are the other side of the coin of Nazis... which means your the same
  2. people aren't racist because they aren't racist, other people anywhere have nothing to do with it …. duhh do you work at comming up with off the wall stuff like this ?
  3. i was wondering the same thing, he sounds 19, or 20
  4. I always wondered how anyone could do such a thing... I remrmber when they were sent into Somalia, funny thing was, they went to help feed them people , it didnt turn out that way, very sad
  5. cant imagine killing somebody making me sleep better for any reason
  6. not at all... Hitler wanted to hurt people that disagreed with him just like Antifa does... and minorities shouldn't be treated any differently than anybody else, although Tliab thinks that should, that's why she said Nancy Pelosi should keep in mind they are women of color when she addresses them...
  7. well if they do let them … I dont understand why anybody throws anything at anybody at a protest... even if I disagree with you, I dont want to throw things at you
  8. Hitler thought no one deserved any civility , you sound like Hitler,,, just like Antifa.. although they are too scared to show their face though... pansy terrorist
  9. there's a saying dont talk so people wont know your not very smart, I think you just might be the reason this saying was started... aggressive contempt for other American citizens give me an example that I have this? supporting businesses over human beings give me an example that I do this? lose the need to debate them kindly or remain civil you should always debate this issue and remain civil towards people even if you disagree with them protect themselves from criticism from public scrutiny. I get criticized almost daily and until the moderator stopped it, was told to die and kill myself almost daily their ideas are shitty and unpopular, opinions vary that's why they're so bitter they can't claim the fun states like NY and Cali isn't Cali on of the states that has some of in the worst homelessness and feces on the street problems in the country even though its one of the riches states in the country? and celebrities hate them.. you would think with all them celebrities in LA with such large bank accounts actually help these homeless people that they have to step over instead of saying someone should help these people , who better than them ? but are we talking the same celebrities that honored Roman Polanski after he was know to have committed statutory rape ? are these the same celebs your talking about … actually honored him with an award .. Maybe its good they dont like my ideas... Retired is always complaining about how educated people and celebrities talk poo about his ideas. celebrities know about my ideas ? what ideas do they know ? Is Paris Hilton, Richard Gere one of them ? now that I know they know and think my ideas are poo, I may have to start complaining depraved, passive aggressive assholes... you almost made it without calling names antifa scares them so much. no, not scared, but sadden by the things they do, the same as I am by white supremist, KKK Nazis, Hamas, ISIS, Al-Qaida ,,, the list goes on
  10. well he said he wasn't aware of his endorsement, cant say for sure cause I wasn't there when he became aware... dont know about his dad, but I dont see him stopping his speech and throwing out someone wearing a kkk supports trump shirt if he supports them... how do you know it did it resentfully ? that's just your opinion its ok if its what you think, but you should say its what you think, what that you know it to be fact
  11. your right it is ridiculous, I think she said all of that trying not to say yes because …... she could have just said "no"
  12. he has done it many times, but nobody listens or cares, they just like to accuse
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