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  1. That's just it, your transgender girls are NOT girls... regardless of how much you want to believe they are .... nothing more just pretend girls is all... im starting to think a lot of so called transgender girls are boys who can compete against other boys in sports, so they say they are really girls so they can win the race,,, and REAL women and girls are starting to speak out abut the unfairness of it...
  2. its true, there are things im set in my ways,,, there is a GOD, Jesus Christ is his son God created the universe and man abortion is WRONG there are just two sexes, male and female sex and gender are the same, different words same meaning you are the sex you were born as... just because a man wants to wear panties and live as woman doesn't give him the right to go into the women's public bathroom at Walmart and cutting your pecker off and taking boob pills dont make you a woman. you're just a peckerless man with boobs
  3. I think I said why, people were full of hate and evil... you being dismissive to me ? Im shocked !!!
  4. Schiff gives two falsehood during debates, and repeated them for the record Schiff states, his committee has not communicated with the whistleblower and a statutory right to anonymity Washington Post fact-checker gives Schiff four Pinocchios for whistleblower remark https://thehill.com/homenews/media/464374-washington-post-fact-checker-gives-schiff-four-pinocchios-for-whistleblower Schiff’s claim that the whistleblower has a ‘statutory right’ to anonymity It’s not a right spelled out in any statute. But national security experts warn that disclosing the whistleblower’s identity could expose him to danger and retribution, and chill whistleblowing in general. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/11/20/schiffs-claim-that-whistleblower-has-statutory-right-anonymity/
  5. totally legit, where does it say unless you do this you get no aid ? they are getting all their aid Ukraine did none of the things you and the democrats are saying trump said they had to in order receive foreign aid and just curious ? in your post where does trump DEMANDED to the president of Ukraine that he investigate Biden as the democrats new hero LTC Vindman testified to congress and the whistle blower explicitly said trump did in his complaint
  6. I didnt say they were right about everything, I'm just saying if they cant handle being offended and needed a place to feel safe because they were offended by what someone said, dont think they could beat the Nazis in a real war... I'm assuming your black and you wife is white, if that's so then yes, you might be right,,,, the things that were done then were just evil and hateful being called a boomer dont bother me, I didnt know it was an insult at times till this thread which way did you mean it ? PS: all younger generations are usually full of ignorance, regardless of the generation
  7. I dont know what they are called... I'm saying what things maybe would be like if the kids back in 44 were like the high school and collage kids today....
  8. you mean the one lied to congress today saying he didnt know who the whistle blower is the same one who told congress Trump demanded Ukraine start an investigation.. read the transcript the same vet who said he was THE MAN when it came to Ukraine but yet has never talked to trump about Ukraine the same man who to upset and said trump didnt follow his talking points on the call basically the man who said the president sets foreign policy but yet thinks it should be his call he may be a decorated war vet, but he showed he thinks he should run the show when it comes to Ukraine but yet when asked if he could name an actual crime trump did a quid pro que, or bribery as the dems talking points have changed, he admitted "NO", look on page 317 of his transcript night
  9. Yawn... the left with Schiff is just seeing what they want to see... all is just a show, they got their talking points on what to call trumps supposedly crime from a focus group... SAD... shouldn't they know on their own ? PS: this is going nowhere
  10. its true no boomers stormed the beaches of Normandy but the sentiment is correct, if 18, 20 yr old's in 1944 needed safe spaces to protect them because somebody disagreed with them, hurt their feelings, thought they have a right not to get offended by anyone, we would all be speaking German right now... and so called Antifa would have a lot of real Nazis to fight
  11. most every generation thinks they can do it better than the one before them.... in general they do about the same as the one before it,
  12. your going to have to do better than that... but you have a good night..
  13. really? you ask why not... because he's trump, everybody else is ok cause you know its a different standard for trump than everybody else
  14. I already answered you no but that has nothing to do with impeachment
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