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  1. Not nearly as pathetic as someone with user name PleaseCutStewart claiming to be a Panthers fan.
  2. Best post in the whole draft discussion. TY. The Panthers still had a lower third left after giving the higher one up to address highest priority at the time. Forget all these specious "draft capital" calculations, we needed a LT, and he happened to be 1 +/- BPA available in that spot, regardless of need. NO team was going to let the Panthers slide with giving up 100 instead of 77 to move that high up. NO one. People are acting like moving up ten spots to get fifth pick in the second round was supposed to be obtained by giving up a fourth and sixth pick. That is NOT reality, folks. The price was not cheap, but it was far from exorbitant to get what we got.
  3. We know that 20 other teams are getting 2 future pro bowlers, so then we know Hurney should get at least three first day starters or else he is worst GM of all time.
  4. "[Hurney] seems like a drug addict. Classic case of projection.
  5. I think the larger issue how to keep our first QB on the field in the first place, or, failing that, how to keep a succession of backup QBs on the field for more than half a game.
  6. There is nothing about addressing more pressing needs on the O-line and D-line that precludes drafting Herbert or whomever else next year, either. OTOH, drafting a QB in 2nd/3rd round would preclude Panthers paying best attention to most essential need now.
  7. I think I just misconstrued, maybe. I thought you were saying that the post you responded to claimed Ferrell was a speed rusher. Now I get that you were only stating objection that Ferrell isn't a speed rusher. Got it.
  8. It wasn't anywhere in the post quoted. Why don't you tell us where this comes from?
  9. Does the Suzie Sorority Rah! cheer for this signing.
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