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  1. Sapper

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    I'm watching
  2. Sapper

    PHEW, We Won PIE.

    PIE for all!!
  3. Charlotte looking decent but it's early
  4. Sapper

    OKC at Charlotte

    I might go to this one...anyone else? Who's going to watch?
  5. Sapper

    Heat at Hornets

    Anyone else watching?
  6. Sapper

    Haunting of Hill House

    I love Timothy Hutton's work. The score was also great.
  7. Sapper

    Defense PIE

    PIE for all!!!!!!!
  8. Sapper

    can we have half time PIE?

    pie pie pie ohhh PIE
  9. Sapper

    Game Day Menu

    Pork dumplings and sushi from CO.
  10. Sapper

    Hornets at Philly

    down by 1 at the half...I'll take it.
  11. Sapper

    Hornets at Philly

    Charlotte travels to the city of brotherly love to take on the 76ers. A very winnable game if you ask me.
  12. Luke is easily the best backer in the game. Anyone who says otherwise is moronic.