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  1. lol...how stupid
  2. Don't listen to the Nancys giving the film poor reviews. They know nothing of what thet say. I was fortunate enough to watch the movie on the 12th, and was forced to sign gag orders and a 50 page NDA. So I didn't visit the site for 2 weeks to avoid spoilers. I saw it again on Thursday and it is without a doubt the best MCU movie out there. If anyone creates a spoiler thread, count me in!!
  3. woohoo!! I was in DC for the game too!!'' PIE for all!
  4. So great to see us in the top 3!
  5. I too have always thought Little finger to be alive.
  6. Looks great...happy Ant-Man will be in this one.
  7. Since we are on the topic of ranking shows: 1. Arrested Development 2. GoT 3. True Detective 4. Mad Men 5. The Sopranos 6. Ozark 7 The Wire 8. Homeland 9. The Simpsons 10. Breaking Bad
  8. A break wouldn't keep TD out if we win. Breaks can be played through.
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