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  1. What’s the latest on Sweats medical? What does your source say about it?
  2. So If Moton is better on the right, why not draft a true LT and have two inexpensive great tackles instead of paying Daryl 10x the amount pick #16 would cost?
  3. That’s just noise. He’s a bonafide LT in the league and could play the guard spot if necessary.
  4. Yeap, Moton was the emergency backup at LT because Kalil was hurt. If he was such a stud there then why did we sign Chris Clark to replace him? He’s way better on the right side, that’s why.
  5. Agree to disagree on that one, Moton is not a LT. He’s been a stud at RT and it would be a moronic choice to make him switch positions now.
  6. How do you know Moton will be such a fantastic LT? He’s played there 3/4ths of one game (Cowboys) We also signed Bruce Irvin. DL does need to be addressed but as I see it right now, we have a huge hole at LT. That won’t be solved by putting a lifelong RT there and hoping for the best.
  7. It’s strong because it’s deep - meaning there’s talent in rounds 2 and 3 that can immediately help our pass rush. Protecting the franchise that just had two shoulder surgeries is a more urgent need. That said, depending who falls I can see it go either way. But strictly speaking, OL vs. DL in the order that needs adressing - it’s OL all day.
  8. Jonah, Dillard, Wilkins, Sweat, Ferrell. Any one one of those guys and I’ll be happy.
  9. You don’t see Jonah being there at 16 or you’re not a fan of him at tackle?
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