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  1. Well that's not hard. Rightwinger trying to use Sweden as an example, when they have no clue about what actions we have taken or how our society works. But what did Fauci mean when he said New York was hit badly? Part of the exchange https://mobile.twitter.com/justinbaragona/status/1308794079417954305?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1308794079417954305|twgr^share_3&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.huffpost.com%2Fentry%2Ffauci-corrects-rand-paul-herd-immunity-claims_n_5f6b7345c5b629afbe9996a1
  2. Second time he make this error. He puts in million instead of thousand. Last time was in, june july or something, he said 120 million, but then correct himself right after and said 120 thousand. I think he did correct himself also this time, but not immediately.
  3. So, how many points did he put up on the board?
  4. Allen played in a offense set up for Newton. Bridgewater was handpicked for this offense. I see some promising qualities in Bridgewater and its too early to judge. But he needs to do better to keep his starting job for the coming years. Allen was a "rookie" behind an awful o-line, so this thread is valid. He could end up having a long career as a backup or even start some odd years. Who knows. Sort of the same career Bridgewater has had. Injuries. Sure. Having 14 td for a season as a starter is abysmal.
  5. Atleast some great QB prospects in this draft. Let the pick sit one, maybe two year.
  6. I know. I am surprised he has lasted this long. But I don't know much about how old people age and all that. Maybe he can even sit one term. But if they are smart, they should let him sit two years and then let Kamala take over. Then she can build recognition and run as an incumbent and still be elected twice. (I hope there will be a center-left or atleast a centrist candidate in 2024 instead of these right wingers)
  7. I am not surprised. Went to my office so forgot to post my second though. In McConnell / Trump position, I would consider get it done before the election. Maybe it could discourage progressive voters since some of them try motivate themselves to vote for Biden because the SC. Could also be helpful in close races on the down tickets. Yes very weird. haha...
  8. McConnell will of course try get this done before there is a new president and new Senate. The republicans senators up for the election will vote on this before the new term. If they got voted out they have nothing to lose, if they win they got their "approval".
  9. When you don't need two three jobs to survive you get a lot of free time. Sweden is heavily influenced by America culture and the entertainment industry. Spills over to politics, news and sports. Oh we do, we have this saying that we use. "Only in America".. can be heard among friends when heavenly intoxicated but is most often used in scary bedtime stories to our kids.
  10. Weren't there some bills providing funding to strengthen the election security including measures to counter hacking attempts but it was not passed or that states decided to opt out from it? This is why the US is one of my hobbies. Who need reality tv shows when we all can just follow the regular US news feed.
  11. kass

    Corona Virus

    But still. This new revelation just shows that Trump is being Trump. Not up to the task he has been given.. and all this information have been available and being talked about during spring and summer.
  12. kass

    Corona Virus

    Then you have not been paying attention, the 190k is a colossal failure because in other western countries the first wave was handled and the numbers went down significantly. A few regions was hit hard but in other regions the spread was some what contained. This has not been the case with the US. States who had a small spread early, have now ended up having a high death toll. When I first heard the 250k number, my reaction was. They keep it high, so they easily could get below it. Well, nope. Such a failure.
  13. kass

    Corona Virus

    I don't understand this latest scandal with Trump. What's the big deal I am missing? What's "new"? I mean, he did say in the beginning, March/April something, that millions could die if no actions was taken. And if they could keep the death tolls as low as 250k, they would have done a good job.
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