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  1. Doubt he will be a pro bowler but he could be good enough if he gets more help.
  2. Are Gano on a team this year and if so, how is his stats looking?
  3. Did he intend to throw it out of bounds? Mindblowing anyway
  4. So this is my comment, not from the clip. Some parts are promising and also a few red flags. Someone here said he goes through all his reads. Not in this tape. Also, I am not so sure about the anticipation that JT Sullivan is talking about. Sure, Wilson seem to be able to do it, but sometimes he is also forcing the ball when his wr have not won his match up. So how much is it anticipation or is it forcing the ball out because his team mates often win their match ups anyway. The athletic ability seems to be there, some questions about the mental aspect. The OC seems to do a good job also, getting players open.
  5. That was actually the second half of the game, 35 yards. The second quarter the team got a whooping 37 yards... So the three last quarters the team gained 72 yards.. for a game total of 187.
  6. Don't forget the brave attempt at the end of first half. After the DJ Moore catch was reversed. Back at Carolina 25.. Teddy pass short right to Davis for a 5 yard gain with 16 seconds on the clock. Then he makes another short pass with Davis as the target.. incomplete. Shame it would only be just shy of the 30-40 yards needed for a field goal attempt...
  7. It's fine It is not really possible to have a meaningful discussion in this kind of thread. Reading your post, I think we actually agree a lot. Most of what you wrote could have been me saying the exact same thing using the same argument.
  8. I like all of them.. I came here from being a ~15 year Manchester City fan and the last years, they were always expecting to win their games. That wasn't what I signed up for l, when they didnt even play in Premier League when I started to follow them. Imagine my horror when this team went 15-1 and to the super bowl my first season as a Panthers fan... Back to the original question, this losing streak will be my favorite. We are in all of the games to the end, the team show some promise and we all knew the team is re-building and will be for a few years. So this is what I signed up for! I greatly enjoy it. Sorry for the rest of you .
  9. The argument I started with was that he only had 2 passing td this season, directed to another user who talked about what Cam could do in this offense. His completion percentage shows his arm is still attached to his body so he should have more than 2 even with a worthless wr core.. even bad QB get that. And all this I have already written here. But then you jumped in just to say that Cam sucks a$$ and argue about irrelevant things.
  10. Also, it's not like I was arguing that he is A. Rodgers. It's more a comparison to his old self's, and his career below 60%.
  11. Don't be so picky. No matter the QB arm quality, the QB should atleast execute the play calling and if it's short passes then so be it. Maybe you could have read my post more, "he doesn't miss all his throws so it's not like his arm has been melting down but he should still have more than 2 passing td".
  12. I think his completion percentage is in the high 60s so his throwing is not bad. Maybe my criticism was misdirected. Probably more because the play calling, but still. It is shockingly low for a starting QB. New England offense is a mess and been for atleast two years.
  13. I was thinking to add, coaching as another reason. But still, 2, even worthless QBs get more than that. But sure, they really don't trust their wr to do plays in the red zone. But I think they put to much on Cams shoulders. Have seen a few of their games. Just to be clear, I think Cam is a ok to good QB. But I expected alot more passing td this season.
  14. Sure. But his passing td is shockingly low, 2 for the whole season. Even with that useless wr core.
  15. And cut Bridgewater? Is there not a 7-9 million cap hit on Jones per year? I would rather look into the Jags situation. If they get pick 2, are they willing to trade Gardner Minshew.
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