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  1. If Cam plays NFL football in 2020 he will do so for the Carolina Football Panthers. I get a good chuckle out of the "Walter Payton Award".... ....the guy was one helluva football player.... ....and a complete degenerate off the field.
  2. I don't think you understand what really took place in the situation and how it went down.
  3. That jibes perfectly with many on this site who have "insider" sources. Maybe Newton has the same sources?
  4. So noted. Sounds like he fits in perfectly with all the other hacks in town. Overall this town has the worst sports media I have ever seen/heard. The morning group on 730 are kinda decent and Kyle Bailey on 610 has some potential but outside of them it's a barren wasteland.
  5. There's a new sheriff in town and the paradigm you're trying to fit around him does not apply.
  6. (i) Whether he is #1 or #6...overpaid or underpaid....is in no way relevant. None of those affect on field performance....nor do they constrain investment in other parts of the organization in any way. (ii) Rhule may flop too. How much money Tepper burns finding out is, again, irrelevant. Doesn't affect anything. (iii) Your premise here is completely wrong. Tepper has no partners, and he has way more cash than any other NFL owner. As such, he can run the business at a loss if he chooses to. If other owners who have partners run the business at a loss, when the calendar flips the partners are asked to write a check to replenish the coffers. Partners don't like this....so pretty much all pro sports managing partners try not to go there. Tepper is not limited in this way....it is a very relevant factor.
  7. (i) If he were the highest paid, it would be irrelevant. (ii) That's exactly what happened. Big Tepp kept slapping million $$$ bills on the table until Rhule said yes. (iii) In no way is Big Tepp or the Panthers tied to anything. If he chose to Tepp could buy his way out of the contract before Rhule ever coached a game. (iv) If in X-years (pick your time frame) Rhule is failing miserably Big Tepp will in fact pay the guy to go away. A $32 million buyout would only take us back to 2019 on seconds/time scale....Tepp's money goes back 1636 on the same time scale. (v) Two things to be aware of: (a) None have the money Big Tepp does. (b) The vast majority of the others (if not all of them) have minority partners to whom the managing partner has a fiduciary responsibility....this is not the case with Tepper. Let me know if it's unclear why this is so important.
  8. Curious why you think "we overpaid" and why it matters what the level of pay is? If money were a scarce resource and paying the new Head Coach a ton of money would somehow be a disadvantage to other parts of the operation I could understand this line of reasoning... ...but, Big Tepp truly has an unlimited amount of money and what the coach gets paid is not relevant in any way. (at least not that I can figure out) On a similar note, ever stop to think about how big a number 1-billion is? If you went back in time 1-billion seconds it would take you back to the year 1988. If on the calendar you went back 1-second for each of Tepper's $12 billion you would land in the year 1636 when the citizens of the Massachusetts Bay Colony were fighting the Pequot indians for control of what are now parts of Connecticut and Rhode Island.
  9. Class personified. Lotta folks been saying "Tepper is a fool, doesn't know what he's doing"... ...this guy Rhule is likely to serve up a massive plate of crow to said folks. #OldCrowMedicineShow #BigCrow
  10. We are not stuck with him in any way.... ....Rhule is on a series of 1-year renewable deals at Big Tepp's discretion.... ....Rhule produces, he stays. Stinks up the join, he's a goner.
  11. Rhuler here. I know of one who will not get on the record, never does under any circumstances! The guy carpet bombs the site all-day every-day and never says anything...
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