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  1. Are you suggesting Tepper agitated to get Tomlin fired?
  2. Was the storm on your personal radar screen at the time?
  3. So wholesale changes are clearly in order. What's your list look like?
  4. Difference being Fitz is just joking around....
  5. Yes, her name is Tish Guerin. You may be onto something here....
  6. What did you think when Danny Morrison walked from the Panthers?
  7. Interesting quote here. Anyone care to guess the date it was written? "Newton has been a force, a game-changer, and despite the criticism he's faced—some of it earned, some of it not—he will go down as one of the dominant players of his generation. Most people with a shred of football knowledge and an ounce of honesty know this. Yet it's also true that at times Newton looks spent. He's been hurt, sure, but that doesn't seem to be the problem. More and more Newton appears a bit sluggish on the edges, where he once routinely destroyed defenses. Newton's never been extremely accurate, but some of his passes are shockingly errant nowadays. It's always dangerous to doubt Newton. He could follow his bad game against the XXX's by torching the Buccaneers. Again, he's not soft. But he also may be breaking down. And there may be nothing anyone can do about it but watch."
  8. That would be impossible. The NFL have very strict uniform rules, Cam has no choice in what he wears on the field.
  9. Today on the radio Mushin unequivocally said CMC is the best player on the team "right now". After he said that, he was very wishy washy on defending the play call....kinda trying to play both side of the situation. Luke is the best player on this team as far as I am concerned.
  10. Spot on observation. Cam fans first....Panthers fans somewhere down the line after that.
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