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  1. Your assumptions are way off base but if you're feelings are truly hurt I won't use the nickname going forward. PS...don't care about your opinion on my opinions
  2. (i) I don't really see much similarity between PSL's and time shares. From the perspective of the owner the PSL is working perfectly! (ii) As for the value, simply a matter of supply & demand. If the Panthers had 84,000 people who want tickets but can't get them like the Broncos do you would be able to sell your PSL for a lot more than you paid for it. (iii) As it goes to the PSL system, I can't think of a single reason Tepper would change a thing. If you were referencing other reasons seats are going empty I'd agree, some adjustments need to be made.
  3. (i) There are great seats/PSL's available in every section of the stadium. Tickets are expensive and not just anybody can afford the best seats. (ii) You have hit on a VERY important point here and I wonder if Tepper really is a supporter of the new system. The NFL (and other professional leagues) are for sure doing this so they can capture some of the revenue stream on scalped ticket, and in order to track ticket-holders and how they do or do not use their tickets. I concur that a lot of folks who would like to purchase a $10 or $20 ticket just before game time are now being shut out.
  4. Not sure I understand the link between TV and PSL's. That said, I think the "blame the PSL culture" observation was in no way a shot at fans, but rather a shot at ownership. Because the PSL holders have shown they will renew pretty much no matter what, Richardson milked the cow for profits first.....winning was secondary. I think it will be completely different under Tepper. He has no partners and I believe he will solve for winning first and doesn't care if the team loses some money in the short run. Tepper only took over 16 months ago. Like turning around an aircraft carrier these things take time... ...we're still in the top of the 1st inning, Tepper will get it right.
  5. Spot on observation. Not sure if Max and Ol' Jer' realized that would be such a major long-term benefit for ownership but it certainly has been --- PSL holders have been very sticky. Given the (i) change in ownership and the attendant politics, (ii) skyrocketing total costs to attend a game, (iii) security delays to enter stadium, (iv) hurdles put in place making it very difficult for ticketholders to scalp their seats, and (v) an almost non-existent PSL resale market...which have all come when the team is playing lousy... ...it will be interesting to see what the PSL renewal rates look like for the next few years.
  6. Exactly. Not sure if he planned it this way but for Richardson the up front PSL investment had the effect of keeping fans in the seats regardless of how inconsistent or bad the product was. Folks just do not like to part with those PSL's.
  7. It's just a nickname lol. The fro is something to behold and clearly he's proud of it! "shoe shine" isn't relevant in any way so just stop.
  8. Said "decision" rests in the hand of 2 people --- Dr. Patrick M. Connor, and Tish Guerin, MSW, LCSW, LISW-CP. Given what you know, do you trust them to make an accurate evaluation and a good "decision"?
  9. What do you recommend? If you were in charge what kind of creative solution would you undertake?
  10. Who cares? All that matters is what the NFL scouts in attendance think. None of them are making decisions based on video that might be aired on the Rachel Maddow show.
  11. This is probably his last year as an NFL starter. He's a bottom tercile NFL safety and with top-notch new talent entering the league every year his window has pretty much closed.
  12. Clearly Ol' Jer' was "ok with mediocrity". Do you believe that is the case with Tepper as well?
  13. You are 100% correct...."not everyone" shares that opinion. However, a very large portion of the Carolina Panthers ticket buyers do so.... If what I'm suggesting is inaccurate what other reason can you provide for Tepper not signing 'Fro Bro?
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