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  1. I've been preparing myself because of what Jeremy and Zack have said here, but it just doesnt sit well with me. I understanding rebooting, but Cam has never been part of the problem here. He's a former league MVP, and beat himself to a pulp carrying the team... if he's truly 100% healthy, then imo, you give him every opportunity to remain a Panther. We won't even get good value for him at this point bc of the injuries he's had over the last two years... to me it's just disloyal and bad business.
  2. Said his "guess, understanding" is, the FO will look to trade Cam once he's healthy. If this is true, F this front office.
  3. I think it's this... I think others close to him knew it was a possibility, but it still makes it no less shocking that he actually did it. And once he did go through with it, it now gives Cam a lot more to think about for his own plans for the present and the future, specifically what that looks like with the Panthers. It's a lot to digest.
  4. I still held onto hope that Cam was still coming back until this. Luke knows what's coming. Cam is gone too. Luke didnt want to have to go through a rebuild.
  5. I felt like there was smoke and consequently some fire there, but his reaction to Fowler when he said he would maybe see him in Charlotte soon seemed to pour a bit of water on it. I still hope we get him. Man, he would be a gamechanger. All the frustration we've felt defensively when playing the Saints, imagine doing it right back to them. Their scheme is literally unstoppable when the QB has time. We need that.
  6. Wow, that sounds atrocious. Like, worse than working for Snyder or Jerry Jones-bad.
  7. I've seen give educated guesses on NFLN before, but you're right, not a "hot take" guy like so many now... I just figured if he hasn't tweeted it or officially reported it, that he was at the least, making an educated guess as to what happens. I'm still not sure why he would throw in the "if they win" caveat, though.
  8. Yeah, I'm thinking if we offer, it's a done deal. It's worth noting that even with the extension, he still is only their passing game coordinator... he's not even the OC there, so if an NFL team offers you even the same position, it's an upgrade. That being said, he absolutely deserves to be our OC.
  9. Yeah, being that it hasn't been officially reported, my guess is that it was either said on a radio or podcast segment as like a "bold prediction," like a lot of shows do now.
  10. So they have to win for him to accept the position? Lol Or was that just a 2 for 1 guess. I need to know, so I can decide whether I need to grab my lotion or not.
  11. Dont know if it's already been posted in this thread, but saw on ESPN this morning that they said Joe Brady signed a 3 yr extension with LSU worth 1 mil per, BUT that the contract has an out for him if he were to accept a job in the NFL. So... I desperately want this hire to happen.
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