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  1. And as far as the OP. Yes, Burns is elite now, but I think he has DPOY potential moving forward. His explosiveness is rare, but he's also showing some incredible ability to defend passes and make plays against the run. Really excited about his future.
  2. Not a big fan of future hall of famers Amini and Kugzilla, are we?
  3. I've been wondering why Book from ND isn't talked about more? Admittedly, I haven't watched a lot of him, but he seems well-regarded and from what I've seen of him in the few parts of their games I've watched, he's always been fairly impressive.
  4. There is a part of me that still hopes the year off magically healed his body and made him indestructible, and he returns to play another 5 years and leads us to a Superbowl. But, I hope he's healthy above all else.
  5. After watching the Monday presser the last two weeks, it's clear Rhule knows it's an issue. He's been asked the last two weeks to basically give an evaluation on Whitehead's season, and he has declined to both times. In fact, he seemed slightly perturbed with the question yesterday, and said something like, "look, as I told you guys, I'm not going to sit here every week and evaluate a guy's whole season. Tahir goes out there and is trying to give his best effort every snap, like all of our guys." He also alluded to Tahir being banged up, so they activated him in case of emergency, but it sure seems like considering everything said and done, they saw the issue and are trying to handle it accordingly with respect to Tahir. As far as Pride, I think he's developing just fine. I saw him out there a lot Sunday, and he was holding his own.
  6. Wow. This sucks. How old was he? EDIT: Nevermind, saw he was 54. Condolences to his loved ones.
  7. I wonder if the NFL will have him do his post-game presser directly in the same corridor in front of the opposing player who just picked him off to end the game who then brags about how his team just thrashed him? Still waiting for that to happen to another team/QB...
  8. I would like to contribute with a .gif I made from today's presser.
  9. Hard to tell what we're doing. We just re-signed Biz, which makes no sense to me unless we plan on moving Cody, or plan on not playing the rookie bigs significant minutes. If I'm a GM, Biz is my 15th man/bench vet and doesn't come off the bench... especially with the other pieces we have, I don't see how Biz fits on the floor. Then there are the posts from Terry suggesting he is on the way out. The initial whispers were that Terry would be the guy we move to Boston so we wouldn't have to stretch Batum. But, signing Biz back makes me think it may be Cody. Then I have to wonder, if maybe they're trying to get a 3 team deal done with Indy. Indy wanted Hayward, who is from Indiana. But, who else is from Indiana? Cody.
  10. I could be wrong, but off the top of my head, we rarely have led in the 4th - as you said, because of the horrible defense - but, the defense, more often than the scenario you present, finally stopped them and gave Teddy a chance to win or tie, and he made a bad decision that ended the drive. So, it's hard to put that on the defense even though they suck, because they still put him in a position to winer tie in regulation. Most games come down to a single score. That scenario happened 5 times this year and Teddy failed each time. But, yes, with how the defense played today, it helps, and he likely would have won easily as well.
  11. Can't believe the colts blew this.
  12. The FOX ticker simply said he was benched.
  13. But they didn't have to say he has a strong arm, as it is immediately evident to anyone who has watched PJ play, either today or in the XFL. I fully believe that Teddy is smart, and processes hot reads and progressions faster than most QBs. But is he a better passer than PJ? I don't think so. Is he more athletic than PJ? No. And again, just watching the two of them, PJ appears to throw a better ball, has a lot more zip, and does indeed have a stronger arm. I don't know if that will translate against a better team, but I've seen enough to want to see more and find out. We know what Teddy is and what he can do.
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