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  1. We might net a 5th rounder max for Shaq, and I doubt that. He's just not very good.
  2. While I'm finding this to be encouraging as well, the defense is still absolute poo outside of Burns, Douglas, Chinn, and maybe Donte. Also, I know rookie DTs start slow, but I'm now starting to get concerned about Brown as well. I know he is eating up blocks, but his impact just hasn't been all that evident thus far.
  3. Yeah, I didn't want to pile on, but I've also been thinking for awhile that I will not be the least surprised if his career is only 5-8 years as well. He is tough as nails, but RBs don't last long anyway, and he touches the ball more than any other RB out there. It's not a formula for longevity.
  4. it was only a matter of time. It's about to get really ugly.
  5. Wow. From one of the best centers in the league, to a turnstile in like 2 years. He's bad. Really bad.
  6. And the thing is, as much as I loved Delhomme for his gambling man/gunslinger, gritty, all-heart-and-balls style (until the elbow injury), I remember thinking all of those years losing to better teams that the one thing we were really missing was a true, face of the franchise QB. We spent years after Jake jumped the shark looking for that and just kept struggling... then we finally get that one big missing piece that all those perennial contenders had in drafting Cam... but, we did so under an incompetent staff that git him pummeled to poo for nothing, under an owner who knew Cam's worth but who would find himself ousted in an unprecedented fashion for being a creep, all so big wig brass balls could come in here and poo on any and everything we found sacred. All those years of toiling in mediocrity, waiting for a savior at QB, and we finally get a once-in-a-lifetime, franchise QB who wins MVP and was building a HOF resume, just so he could get tossed on the street like he was Brian St. Pierre. And we're back to toiling in mediocrity. But honestly, Cam deserved to get out from under this shitshow. It just hurts that our organization regardless of leadership just can't fuging get themselves right and make the right decision even when it is blatantly fuging obvious. We would literally do handstands on hot coals with poo in our pants to make the wrong move over making the right/easy one. F Tepper. P.S. - Say what you want about statistics, but speaking of Jake, I would watch him pre-elbow injury 1,000 times out of 1,000 over Teddy.
  7. Just one man's subjective opinion, but I'm sure I wasnt the only one who sensed that in watching that interview. It just never sat well with me at all and I instantly started feeling some concern for who we just got as an owner.
  8. I saw red flags before that, but that was completely crass and disgusting to me. For all the crap Mixon gets, he is relatively harmless and well-meaning, and I want to say it was one of the first on-air interviews Tepper did after buying the franchise during the preseason that year, and after Mick completely hyped him up, Tepper came in and basically bullied him on air. Tepper made fun of him, talked down to him, etc. It just really never sat well with me. Then grabbing his wife's ass at the presser was just further confirmation. He just seems like a huge douche.
  9. Yup, but, man, what way to really swing those brass balls around and leave your indelible stamp on a franchise. Ghost ride a Lambo off a cliff for a 1992 Honda Accord with missing door handles and 2 donuts for wheels.
  10. Honestly, the more I have thought about it, I think knowing the offense had very little to do with it at this point... i forgot until they said it on the broadcast today that Teddy and Brady were both from Miami. I think it was more a "who you know" kind of deal, and the offense was just a bonus. Anyone watching the Saints offense in Brees' absence last year could see he wasn't any more than a game manager even in that system and the offense was lacking something with him at the helm. I didn't find his time as starter to be a ringing endorsement for him as a starter anywhere else. Hell, and people seem to forget Teddy couldn't even win the Jets' starting QB job before he went to New Orleans. I think Joe just likes him for his shared background and familiarity. Grier hadn't run this offense. PJ Walker hadn't run this offense. And yet, both of them are on this roster... I get Teddy is the starter and they are on the bench, but again, I just think knowing the offense had very little to do with it. Brady liked him and wanted him for personal reasons, and Rhule and Tepper wanted to hit the reset button for their own egos. Honestly, at this point, I would rather them just start PJ or Will, because having to see Teddy out there struggling and then see how well Cam is doing elsewhere is just utterly depressing.
  11. Thats the thing. I feel the exact same way, except I liked Teddy in college, but in a "he's solid, I hope he continues to do well," kind of way. But, my fandom for Cam was much more invested, because I felt a kinship with him for overcoming past mistakes off the field, and proving people wrong. I sulked when I lost games too and wore my emotions on my sleeve, so we had that too... and then there is the fact that he is built like fuging Optimus Prime and was the absolute, video game-like prototype guy you would want to have in a QB both in size and ability. So, it was like creating a 99 ovr player on Madden and just watching them dominate like no one we had ever seen before. It was FUN. So, again, it is not Teddy's fault, and I still think he is a good dude, but we literally kicked out a former MVP and the face of the franchise at 31 years old, when many QBs are playing up to 40 now... all so we could pay a guy who can't grip a football to throw without wearing gloves, and even then he doesn't throw well, 24M dollars... all while we had Optimus Prime already here, who was willing to play for less. You couldn't fug this up worse in a nightmare, but here we are.
  12. I agree.. and for all JR's flaws, at least he had a personal stake and interest in bringing a championship here because he was tied to the area/region. He just couldn't get out of the way (or not be a creep with women). Tepper just wanted power and to be part of the billionaire boys club with a shiny, new toy to show off to his friends.
  13. Yessir. Agreed on all counts. But God, it hurts knowing we should be seeing that QB play for our team every week. It's hard to fug up as bad as we did here, but, we wouldn't be the Panthers if we hadn't lol.
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