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  1. Proudiddy

    Missing Huddlers Alert

    I don't think it's the huddle... i think it's society. There is no such thing as civil discussion anymore, or substantive, thoughtful, detailed posts without it being trolled all to hell. The internet has diluted society so much that people treat discussion as they have grown to perceive it to be on the internet - anonymous and without consequence. And that format allows you to say what you want, or hide behind things you wouldn't ever say out loud, without having to answer for it. It allows you to be more crass and hateful then real-life would ever allow. It didn't used to be like that... but, it isn't just the huddle. It's how the world has evolved and adapted to the internet. Go look at social media comment sections, it's the same as it is here... politics, name calling, insults, etc. And being a message board, by nature, the mode of communication lends itself to non-stop trolls and alt-accounts. Again, I think the trolling has (d)evolved over time with the internet... people didn't seem to be as desperate for attention years ago here, but now they do... there's not much you can do about it, aside from ban them as they show up... but, it's like trying to rid twitter of all the anonymous egg profiles... lol. I agree, the tenor of the board has changed, but i don't think it has anything to do with moderation or leadership... it is just a sign of the times.
  2. Proudiddy

    There's dumb, then there's Le'veon Bell....

    I'm glad he did it. The billionaire boy's club got way too many advantages in the last CBA, and he took a stand against it. I mean, look at what Washington did to Kirk Cousins... they played him in the tag, two years in a row, under the guise that they were still negotiating in good faith on an extension... never gave it to him, he played under an unguaranteed contract if he were to get injuredfor two years, then they turn around and trade for a QB older than him and let him walk... i mean, he got paid in the end, but still not the long-term security he wanted and the team just left him to fly in the wind and then moved on from him anyway. The Steelers did Bell wrong. It's tough for him bc running back is such a devalued position nowadays, and yet, it's also probably the toughest on the body leading to shorter careers... so he had to maximize the long-term security he could before he hits 30... the Steelers were basically just trying to rent his body until they found the next cheaper option... it's a dirty game.
  3. Proudiddy

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    I knew it was coming. Said it back a few weeks ago in one of the threads... he was growing unhappy with his role, and our staff hardly used him. Figured he would become frustrated and want out. What a waste. Our defense is getting 51 dropped on them with offenses moving the ball at will against them... and we release our short yardage back we hardly use. BRILLIANT!
  4. Top to bottom, especially offensively, I felt this was the most talented team we have entered a season with... maybe you could say our 2003 team was better, but they never lost a game like this, which is my point... for the amount of talent/potential we've seen, a loss like that should never happen... the only way it does is a complete lack of preparation. Again, if we can pick up where we left off before the Pitt game, then great... but, I'm still not gonna trust our ability to really lock in and dominate playoff-caliber teams going forward. We lack focus on the road and the defense is more than suspect.
  5. Some losses are worse than others. That might've been the absolute worst loss in franchise regular season history, considering the level of talent we're currently fielding. If they can bounce back and pick up where we left off before the Pitt game, great. But even so, NO looks distrubingly good, to the point that I worry our games will be just as bad as last years... and regardless of what happens with us and NO, there is something seriously wrong with the defense, and it isn't personnel, and I don't trust the coaches are capable of fixing it.
  6. I wish I could get excited about this, but i just can't trust this team... especially the defense.
  7. Proudiddy

    Black helmetz for realz?

    Is it "changing" helmets though? IIRC, several teams have had alternate helmets during a season.
  8. Proudiddy

    Black helmetz for realz?

    Wonder if they meant to post that in the shop? I mean replica means a facsimile/copy of a real, existing thing, right? Coincidentally enough, it appears to be matte, as many of us had asked for. Interesting. Not a fan of the white fasmask though... but, prolly looks better with the uni.
  9. Yup... same thing they did in '15. Let us freely play and pummel our opponents, then waited for the biggest possible stage to intervene and humble us on.
  10. He's soft. Same reason why when Rodgers was supposed to be fired, he was gently demoted.
  11. In this case yes, and if not, at least we're playing with the same intentions as our opponents... all is fair in love and war. Also, our soft ass team welcomes the hits on Cam bc they don't retaliate. Notice who defended Cam on the Kazee hit - a first year WR, and he got penalized for it. When we get a questionable hit on an opposing QB, like last night, the fuging biggest dudes on the field are coming for blood. I always go back to Trai looking back at Cam against Denver and walking away like it wasn't his problem. Man... Smitty almost killed Talib one year in Tampa for taking a headshot on Pickles... if that was Cam, somebody would be getting mollywhopped. Under Rivera, our culture is soft as wet toilet paper. Want to injure our QB? Ok, but you better not do that again, or we're gonna send tapes to the league office afterwards, who wont do jackshit bc they want Cam knocked out too. People need to realize, sometimes you gotta take justice into your own hands.
  12. Gettleman's best picks were KK, Williams, CMC, and Samuel. Only 1 of those guys is a first rounder. Butler and Shaq are huge disappointments, Butler even more so... and Bradberry needs to be replaced as soon as a better option presents itself.
  13. Been asking for the same thing for years... i'll still never forget Cam taking a headshot against Denver, the crowd is going nuts, and Trai turning around looking at him, and then walking off.
  14. Go home gooby, you're drunk.
  15. This is pretty much my stance @LinvilleGorge. Your stance is reasonable, but after watching our QB be freely headhunted for over 2 years straight now with impunity, i couldn't care less if we take shots to injure other QBs... in fact, I want us to. Is it right? No. But, is it just? Yes... until they start giving Cam the same protection, we may as well force their hand and give apples to apples comparisons to measure their consistency within the same game until they're forced to blatantly lie about why one QB is protected and the other isn't. Watching people purposely try to knock Cam out in 2016 almost made me quit watching football altogether.