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  1. That sucks. Hope he has a quick recovery.
  2. https://www.panthers.com/news/who-s-the-answer-at-safety-new-and-improved-rashaan-gaulden-prepared-to-make-his Meh.
  3. Yeah, i agree, but we see it every year... if they felt he was a difference maker, they can move money around and restructure to keep him. He was largely underwhelming last season. Same for his time with Miami. That's all I'm saying. He isn't the player we thought he would be coming out of college... he's mostly a non-factor.
  4. Suh is way overrated... if he wasn't, the Rams would've wanted to hang onto him. If he plays like he did in the playoffs, he's someone to be accounted for. If he plays like he has regularly thought his career in the regular season, I honestly don't care that they have him... so long as he's cut the cheap shots out.
  5. Bradberry is ok... but how do you lock up an "ok" CB? At what price?
  6. Throw them a 3rd rounder... hurney doesn't care about those anyway, lol.
  7. Imo, sloppy, sloppy, sloppy... I was reserving judgment on how I felt about the whole final season until we saw it in its entirety, namely the finale. Even though I knew what was going to happen bc of the leaked spoilers, I was really hoping they wrote it and edited it smoothly to tie it up nice and clean... instead, jarring after jarring jump cut they just seemed to give us an hour and a half of bullet points via dialogue, instead of an essay. Like the writing was so robotic, it literally felt like all of the conversations were actually voiceovers for the audience as a sort of narration to 3x0lain the actions they were taking, out loud. As someone else pointed out, the Tyrion about to be executed, but instead is allowed to talk for an hour and appoint all of the positions of power scene was possibly the worst, most disingenuous scene I've witnessed in the entire series. Grey Worm went from telling Tyrion to shut up, ready to kill at a second's notice anyone he perceived to be an enemy of his (now fallen) Queen, and then allows him to create a new government instead, lol. It was unbelievable. Then, you are will king to forgive Tyrion, but are insistent on Jon being punished, so he is sentenced to Castle Black. Except, as others have pointed out, there is no longer a Castle Black, or a need for one, because there is no Night King. But, I figure, new rules, new rules right? Nope. Because then they make it a point to tell him he can't take a wife or have children. fug that. The most heroic character in all of the GoT universe, and that's how he gets rewarded? Speaking of... even the beginning is asinine. Tyrion wants Jon to kill Dany. The same Dany that Tyrion betrayed Varys and had him executed for, for foreseeing what she was becoming and trying to have her poisoned before all of this KL massacre even happened. If Tyrion let Varys poison her, they could've written it to where she still wins the war at KL but suddenly falls ill and dies from the poison after, it could then be revealed Jon is the heir to the throne and bam. But, I understand the theme of love and duty that they used their for conflict to make the stakes higher for Jon by having to kill his love. But still... after all of that sacrifice. He gets sent to live in the true north, and Tyrion gets to become King's Hand despite the fact that he pretty much caused all of that? And as others have said, I kept thinking, if the unsullied were leaving anyway, wtf does it matter what they want done with Jon? Tell him to act like he's leaving and then come back and chill... instead, the family legit basically tells him to leave and never come back lol. So dumb. Super wack. Then Bran... the dude is psychic. He can see past, present, and future. But, the writers pretty much used him as a prop all season, instead of a character with any sort of depth. Then all of a sudden, he tells them he came back for this very reason? He already saw everything that was gonna happen, so he just sat there and waited it out until he could be appointed king? Again. Wack. Overall, I wasn't mad with the plot itself. Bran becoming King. Tyrion becoming the hand again. Sansa as queen of the North. Arya going to explore. Dany being killed - I foresaw that seasons ago... but Jon's story was the one I had the biggest issue with. But, i guess it depends on how you frame it too... even when we were still in the thick of GRRM's source material, he demonstrated that always doing the right thing doesn't guarantee any rewards... Jon's entire story has mirrored Ned's - carrying other's burdens, led by his principles and values above all else which is about the greater good of the people, a natural leader by example but doesn't necessarily want leadership... he finally is forced to carry Tyrion's burden and make another great sacrifice for the greater good, and gets absolutely shat on for it, even by his own family. But, then again, I've seen it pointed out that in E4 Tormund even alluded to Jon belonging in the true north, and in the final scene, as Jon crossed into the true north with the wildlings, he smiles. As to signal he is happy to leave it all behind. So, in that sense, it's bittersweet... and I like that the Starks, after all they have been through, come out on top. That is satisfying. And at least Jon will still be able to have a woman and child at some point, I guess... but the show glossing over the fact that they didn't even need a night's watch anymore was just lazy and sloppy. But my overall impression of the final season again, is I had no real problem with the end of the story and what happened with the characters, but rather with the pacing of the final season. Had they stretched out what they had for another 2 episodes at least, they could've made it a lot cleaner and smoother. But it was clear D+D wanted it to be over with. The pacing was just so jarring that it left a lot of holes in reasoning that were never there in previous seasons. I'd love it if one of the spinoffs was based on what happens to the surviving characters, but I heard HBO has already said they won't be... so, what's done is done.
  8. I definitely think that played a role, and I think we couldve scrapped out the series if the refs wouldn't have flattened our mojo in game 1, but once they got going it just felt like we were at their mercy. They were seemingly everywhere.
  9. Man, I cant even be mad. They were just that much better than us. The talent discrepancy was obvious from the get-go in this series. Rask was fuging ridiculous and it just felt like they were bigger, faster, stronger, and better skilled than us. All that being said, this was a great season and a springboard for the future. Oh, and fug Boston/New England.
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