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  1. TBH, I'm starting to think the testing itself is unreliable, both for the antibodies and the virus itself. My wife is a therapist and staff supervisor at a skilled nursing facility and they had the virus rip through there starting somewhere around March. Obviously with the patient demographics, they had quite a few patient deaths. But interestingly enough, just about the entire staff got it as well, and despite quite a few having preexisting conditions such as BP, obesity, older age, etc., all fully recovered within 2 weeks or so. They got it under control there now... all that being said, my wife directly spoke with, made contact with, and sat in rooms with patients and other therapists who were confirmed to have it within the incubation time period after their interaction, and yet, my wife has been tested multiple times and they have all came back negative. She then volunteered for an antibody study and also came up negative for that. I just find it almost impossible that she and our family havent already had it, considering. Even the lab techs told her they recently switched their tests because the ones they were using before were turning up "too many" positives - which I'm assuming they meant false positives. I also have a friend who is an ER nurse in one of the five boroughs in NY, and all his tests have been negative, but he thought he already had it as well. I just wonder if the virus is so new, the test manufacturers are still working out the kinks themselves in what they're trying to detect. Idk, just thinking out loud... it's the only sense I can make of situations like that and seeing stories of even pro athletes testing positive then negative, then positive again weeks apart while being asymptomatic. Also, as an aside, I recently read that certain strains of corona that cause the common cold were shown to give people who recovered from it some degree of immunity to COVID-19. So, I wonder if that also plays into what these tests are hitting and missing on?
  2. Yeah, was just posing the possibility, mostly out of hope for a best-case scenario. Still, in realizing the full scope of what's going on, my wife is a therapist at a SNF and if I went off of what has taken place there, it is clear they are dealing with something new that wasn't around in December. But yeah, my curiosity stemmed from both stories of people I know - a college classmate's children both came down with a horrible upper respiratory infection that required hospitalization and oxygen supplementation back in December, and the doctors could not figure out what it was, as both tested negative for flu and eventually fully recovered - and an article I read in the New York Times recently about multiple similar cases in California from late last year... combining those things with the news that they have confirmed some people died of the virus as early as February. Again, I guess it's just wishful thinking - hoping that we're past the peak... Just wishful thinking, man... maybe "hard to believe" wasn't the right phrasing... I want to believe it was here earlier so that we're likely through the worst of it. And I'm well aware of the contagiousness, as that is what separates it from everything else we're accustomed to at this point, but I was saying if looking at it from the possibility that this is the second wave, then couldn't it be possible that there were a few cases here and there late last year, but it took time to spread to such a degree that we now see in NY? And as far as the travel thing, you're right... I forgot when I wrote that, most of the US strains came from Italy... Regardless, I'm not purporting to be an expert of have any more knowledge about it then the next man... again, I was just asking for the sake of hope, that we're on the other side of it.
  3. Anyone think this could be the second wave we're currently in? I've read many an article and even know some people directly who believe they may have had it back in December. I just find it hard to believe that as much as people freely travel that it wasn't here much earlier. I suspect in a place like NY, that it was slowly percolating to the point that it got to now, and that took time. Also, read an article out of the UK yesterday that a former director of WHO said he predicts the virus will actually naturally burn out on its own by the time that the vaccine will be available.
  4. Yeah, I liked him a lot coming out and think he still has tons of potential... the Cards havent exactly been a stable organization since he's been there.
  5. The problem is, it's not about being attached fanboys to specific players. It's that so much talent was wasted. Cam was an NFL MVP. Luke was a DPOY. Olsen was a multiple time pro bowler. We didnt win with them because they were tied to an inept coach who failed to recognize and target talent and failed to develop a roster around those pieces. We should've been a favorite to go to the NFCCG every year with that core, and yet we didnt. So, sorry, a lot of is are going to be salty... yes, its exciting seeing this roster develop from nothing into what it is becoming, but it's also bittersweet because Tepper could've made the call on Ron as soon as he acquired the team, and MAYBE, just maybe, Cam and Luke would still be healthy enough to reap the benefits of it, as they deserved. Instead, Tepper let Ron linger, waste more time and more seasons, and run two generational talents into the ground with nothing to show for it.
  6. My bad, huddlers... didnt see Scot had already posted the story yesterday, so I merged the threads. My apologies.
  7. Great signing. Incredible draft. It's like we decided to finally build a "team" after getting rid of the guy that deserved the opportunity (Cam). I'm happy, and yet bitter at the same time.
  8. Yeah, I didn't know about him until the article, but his history, measurables, and stats make him very appealing as a developmental project. And honestly, despite what they just paid him, I do NOT believe the hype regarding their belief in Taysom Hill. I just think it's an angle to drive his value up... I don't think Payton sees him as an heir to Brees at all. So, his hope may be to find a way to hide this guy on the active roster (a year or two as a gunner?) to groom him as Hill's replacement.
  9. I've said it time and again... he's the type of guy you absolutely despise as an opponent, but you would absolutely love him if he was part of your organization. He does whatever it takes to get a leg up... still an asshole though. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29119477 "The Saints originally did not have a seventh-round pick. In fact, they didn't have any picks in Rounds 4-7 after trading up to select Dayton tight end Adam Trautman at the end of Round 3. So they spent most of their Saturday trying to identify and recruit the undrafted rookies they wanted to sign. Stevens was high on their priority list. He became even more of a priority once they found out Stevens had agreed to join the Panthers if he wasn't drafted. Stevens had previously worked with new Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady when Brady was a graduate assistant at Penn State. And Brady, of course, used to work as an offensive assistant with the Saints -- which added to the intrigue of this bidding war. "It became my project," said Payton, who said the Saints first offered to match Carolina's offer (a $15,000 signing bonus and $30,000 of Stevens' salary guaranteed). Then Payton said the Saints tried upping the offer to $144,000 of the salary guaranteed. But Stevens and agent Buddy Baker didn't budge because Stevens wanted to honor his commitment to Carolina. So the Saints decided to outflank the Panthers by trading their 2021 sixth-round pick to the Houston Texans for a seventh-rounder this year. They took Stevens with the 240th overall pick. According to Payton, he sent one text to Brady that said, "Not so fast," and another to Stevens and Baker that said, "I'm tired of asking. Now, I'm taking." ... Oof. That last line is both disturbing and creepy. I just hope Rhule gives it back some to Payton instead of rolling over and submitting like Ron did.
  10. I and many others had been saying it for years... that's what makes Cam and Luke's era so devastatingly hard to accept. That's a HOFer/generational talent on each side of the ball, and our best run was reaching the Superbowl once and losing. Teams win every year with a lot less than what we've fielded. I'd say it also speaks to lack of a solid 53 from top to bottom, but that also goes to coaching because we never developed those guys at the bottom of the roster either.
  11. I appreciate the thought that went into the OP, but while I agree, there is always some posturing, bluffing, and thought that goes into the process of the draft, I don't think this draft was so much that as it was really we played our hand really, really well. The draft always can fall into your favor to get great value at positions of need if you draft the right guy... in the past, we didn't always draft for value. This year, on paper, it looks like we did draft for value and made all the right choices. I was vocal about my lack of belief in the first two picks, but I'm hoping I'm wrong, and if I am, this stands to be our greatest draft ever, top to bottom. Those last 5 picks completely won me over regardless, bc again, it feels like the first time we ever took the best guy possible at each pick - and each one stands a legit chance to contribute a lot early. The reason I don't believe it's as deep as the OP frames it, but instead, is more due to a change in philosophy, which is credited to Rhule regardless, is because of the post draft videos I watched yesterday on the team site. Some bullet points: *Hurney acknowledged at several different spots, we had someone else we really liked, but due to the teams in front of us, we ended up taking who we did based off of who was picked ahead of us. He specifically said guard and WR I think were in consideration at a couple different picks. I was surprised he was that candid. But, that tells me, a lot of what happened was really determined by our board. The picks just so happened to pan out where they gave us great value at positions of need. *Rhule made it a point to say he really drilled home to the staff that the mid to late round picks aren't "throwaways." He said those are the picks you develop and will build your team for years to come. I thought this was poignant that he made it a point of emphasis to the staff and to say it in the presser. Why? Because it's clear in years past, under Hurney, and especially under Gettleman, those picks clearly were "throwaways," as Rhule called them. Look at the Gaulden pick, or someone like Zach Sanchez, for instance and compare it to what was done this year. This year, we drafted athletes with demonstration of some football skill and a love for the game - another point of emphasis that Rhule made in the post pressers - find athletes that love to play and can be coached up. In years past, it feels like we took a ton of guys who were hard workers who had already capped out their potential and it made no sense. This year was hard workers who checked all the other boxes athletically and intangible-wise, but had room to develop more. It was perfectly played. I've never been more excited about our rounds 2-7. Ever. All these guys have potential to start eventually. *Rhule went into the draft with that strategy and held to it... in one of the post pressers, he was also asked about his opinion of playing rookies... he said ideally, you would love to play vets and guys with experience who have been there. But, he said this season with where we're at, we need young guys and rookies to play immediately. It's clear we drafted these guys with purpose and Rhule plans on them contributing early and often. It also brought me back to his introductory pressers, where he said everywhere he's been, he's played the best players. He said it didnt matter if they were a 5 star or a walk-on, senior or freshman, if they recognized their ability to contribute, they played. That is a complete contrast from Ron's philosophy where tenure meant more than anything. We definitely played the draft game perfectly. And again, I'm excited about this class as a whole more than any other draft class ever.
  12. This is why I like the move... for us. If Arians couldn't fix him, I think the odds are much higher of him screwing up there than figuring "it" out. His issues dont seem coachable.
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