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  1. As I suspected... smh, it's been worse than originally reported all along.
  2. At least the NFL helped them win a Superbowl before they decided to poo on them and they fell apart injury-wise.
  3. It's trades like this that are worth doing. If the guy you're trading for is young and he's already shown to be among the league's best at his position, you do it. Much like the Mack trade last year, when the odds are you won't draft someone that good in the first, it's worth trying. That, and Jackson needs to move to the slot.
  4. Man, the Aints are an absolute trainwreck without Brees in there.
  5. Haven't read through the thread yet, but I don't think it was structural. On one of the replays, it looked to me like the webbing between his thumb and index finger was ripped/gashed. Could be why he can't grip it, but then again, that doesn't seem like enough to keep him out.
  6. Honestly, the biggest thing that stood out to me about this sequence was the fact that Arian thought our offense was so doodoo that he didn't even bother to challenge it.
  7. Hard for me to ever be objective when it comes to other teams getting screwed by officiating, but yeah, it was bad... but, then again, I have felt like for years, as much as Boger's crew screws us with calls, it often seems like they're just as bad for both teams... you just don't want to be on the receiving end of what ends up being the most pivotal call... but his crew looks like a bunch of inept idiots everytime we've had them.
  8. Regardless of his diet or lifestyle choices, I'm not a fan of his current frame. He looks frail and small, and I agree, he doesn't look like he can take hits like he used to. But, as others have alluded to, I think what we're seeing is less about his frame and newfound lifestyle and diet, and more about the beating and illegal hits he took all the years prior. Also, when talking about his diet, keep in mind, he was a pescatarian for years prior to becoming vegan, so although he was consuming great sources of protein, he wasn't eating steak and eggs as people keep recommending.
  9. I guess I was trying to convince myself that it was just his foot and that affects his throws from the base up... but, yeah, he used to be able to throw 50 yards with just a flick of the wrist... so, you may be right. I was still hoping this last surgery got the shoulder back to at least 95% and that what we're seeing now is just the foot issue, but in all honesty, it's entirely possible the shoulder is shot now.
  10. But really think about it... he was completing almost 70% of his passes last season and he couldn't even throw over 20 yards. He had shoulder surgery again, then came out in camp looking crisp and was hitting bombs 40+ yards. Then he comes out and injures his foot behind this horrid OL, and details are sparse besides "not as severe as we feared." He comes back and now his throws are all over the place and he isn't even attempting to run, roll, keep reads, or scramble... he has no base to throw off of. This all started with his foot.
  11. I'm just letting y'all know, if he's done, I'm gonna be the last one here to accept it. I still have hope until there is none.
  12. I don't agree. This isn't his shoulder. It's his foot. Luck sat out a whole year before he was right. The issue is Ron has been coaching scared for going on 3 years now so he won't sit his best opportunity to win.
  13. Good news is, I don't think it's his shoulder. I suspect it's his foot... That 4th down confirmed it for me, if there was any doubt. It's 4th and short, and not only do we not even run Cam in the play, but we motion him out, completely removing him as a threat. Two years ago, we were almost automatic in 4th and short, all because of Cam, usually via sneak or over the top. And now we don't even use him. Let him sit till healthy, because this lame duck staff is gone anyway.
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