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  1. Doesnt fall in line with the numbers we've seen elsewhere... that 21 million likely has something to do with political issues there... well, that would be my guess.
  2. fug Tepper and Rhule. And Marty too. Bitch ass pussies.
  3. Excellent signing, but can't get excited about it, bc all I keep thinking is imagine if they had done this much in one offseason to help Cam out.
  4. Oh no. My Bears fan friend doesn't have enough bad things to say about him. And from my personal observations, he is a human torch lol.
  5. I really think Cam ends up having a Randall Cunningham-style rebirth.
  6. I agree about the state if the team, and we needed a massive overhaul in energy and culture... that being said, I still dont agree with how this has been handled.
  7. Never said that. Nor did I say, as others have suggested, that today's moves have any bearing on Bridgewater's trajectory here. I'm sure some didn't read the whole post, but I said Bridgewater is and has been a fine player. He may look incredible here in virtually tte same system with several uniquely talented weapons in DJ, Samuel, and CMC. This thread is more about appreciating Cam, while questioning Tepper and Rhule's direction and decisions. I understand it's a business, and the NFL tends to be a lot more vicious than other leagues. I understand all things must eventually come to an end, but this was handled horribly and fairly unprofessionally, especially considering all Cam did and gave to this franchise. We look classless and clueless as an organization.
  8. Wow. Thought their inclusion in the group of possible destinations was an absolute impossibility. I figured LV or LAC, a big market with a good young core in place. Then again, if I was a a QB, I'd love to play for Arians.
  9. Our franchise is run by a bunch of drunks. I tried to buy in on Rhule, but if this is his plan, it sucks. And at this point, under Tepper, all I see are breadcrumbs that lead me to believe he is an impulsive, meddling owner - to a much greater degree than JR was. I dont really get a sense of a master plan at the end of all these seemingly random impulse moves, but rather a rich big boy who gets to tear down his playset and then fix it how he likes, just to tear it down again. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I understand Cam was hurt the last few years, and ironically not from all of the running he did over the years that everyone was worried about, but in fact because he couldnt be protected in the pocket by two different GMs. But, if he returns to form, he is 2000x the player Bridgewater is and 10,000x the player Allen is. If he returns to form, you're getting an MVP caliber player for relative peanuts. Letting Cam go at this juncture feels like a mistake of a move that we're going to regret down the line. Back to Bridgewater - to add further insult to injury, nothing against Teddy, but Cam fell out of favor after repeatedly getting injured behind a porous OL. Cam, at 6'5" 260 lbs, couldn't stay healthy. Now you expect the same GM to build said OL to keep a much more slight-framed Bridgewater healthy, all while paying him quite handsomely... and mind you, Bridgewater also doesnt have the escapability or arm strength of a Cam... seems like a solid plan. And furthermore, not only do I think you're botching the on-field product up, but you really couldn't have done much worse in the optics and presentation of all of this. We went from he's gone, to "I'm gonna win a Superbowl with him," to Cam declaring with absolute certainty that he was led to believe he would be back, to Hurney being non-committal, to now today, our team signing an inferior replacement and then telling Cam publicly to go find another team while thanking him for how great he is. Sloppy. I will always be a Panthers fan, but I feel less invested than ever before. I'm just tired of bad move after bad move and stupidity running rampant, regardless of who is in charge. We'll see how all of this plans out, and maybe Bridgewater ends up being fine... as a Panthers fan, we have to pull for him and the best outcome, but man, this just looks and feels bad. And finally, thank you for all you have done here, Cam. You are a legend of untouchable stature now and forever. In your prime, there never has been and never will be anyone like you. In a gladiator's sport, you were the ultimate gladiator... one who could put an entire team of 52 other players on your back and carry them to the endzone, time and time again. It has been an honor to see you grow, mature, and become the incredible player and humanitarian you have become - all while wearing the black and blue. There will never be another Cam Newton - the greatest player in Panthers' history. Period.
  10. Don't gotta ask me twice lol.
  11. Signing borderline 53-man roster guys for Scrooge McDuck money. What's there not to like?
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