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  1. Nope. He was lucky to keep his job last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. Cam saved his job in '15 and bought him several more seasons he didn't deserve. Then when Cam needs the favor returned Cowardly Ron is nowhere to be found... he literally got outcoached and blown out by a guy who was Vegas' favorite to be fired in-season like 2 weeks ago. If that isn't telling, idk what is.
  2. Yup. He's been figured out by Payton and Quinn for years. That's why he should've been gone for several years.
  3. Still, subbing in Williams for no apparent reason right before that play makes zero effing sense. Who rotates OTs regularly? I knew when they said Littke was back healthy that they'd find a way to mess it up, and they did. Moton was a top rated tackle last year... The coaching staff still does some of the dumbest things I've ever seen in my 25+ years of playing and watching football. That being said, McKinley is a head case and classless, but he's right.
  4. If he leaves Rivera on place, he just doesn't care. That loss effectively ended the season. Also, Kyle Allen is ass... the glass slipper fell off. What an embarrassment.
  5. Yes the line is sucking ass, but so is Kyle. The mistakes he makes are his own. They're costly and just dumb when and where he keeps having them. He has zero pocket awareness and his decision making is often horrible... it's why I've maintained he is a great backup/developmental guy, but that's about it. ...and I'm really hoping the stuff he's been doing thr last two games is enough to make our decision makers rethink their decision on Cam. We need him.
  6. What's more Panthers than former Panther Barner returning a punt on us for a TD while we continue to put guys out there who can't even cleanly field a kick?
  7. Maybe, but we didnt have speed last year and were still getting gashed. I really think it's scheme/execution related.
  8. Not excusing what Garrett did, but he was clearly provoked. If he gets suspended for the year, Rudolph should too. Both actions were uncalled for, but Rudolph instigated the whole thing.
  9. I dont know what other guys are available, but I would've taken any of them before bringing back Elder. Yuck.
  10. While I agree the run defense was super shitty and the DBs struggled (especially Jackson), Irvin's right. The refs were responsible for at least a 6 point swing, possibly 10, in the Packers favor. That RTP call on McCoy came at a time when the defense finally gained their footing and executed perfectly, pinning them back on their goal line. Forcing the punt there was almost a guaranteed FG, possibly a TD. Then that late FG by GB was gifted to them bc they missed the first attempt, so they were given another 3 points. There's no way around it... the refs gave them the game.
  11. Yes, and I'd like to add, those mistakes were even more costly early because it preceded the essential blizzard that came on in the 2nd half, which made playcalling and passing a lot more difficult.
  12. He had to be incredible in the 4th, considering his fumble and INT that put us behind to begin with.
  13. While you're right, the thing that makes this sting is the extremes that took place with Cam in particular. I have tons of favorite players before Cam as well, but how many won MVP? How many led us to a Superbowl, almost entirely on his own? As great as all the other Panthers were before Cam, they weren't capable of his impact because they didn't handle the ball every snap (in combination with his size/skill). Take all that and ruin it with s coaching and medical staff that ruined his shoulder and likely his career, and he doesn't even make it ten years here. That is just jarring. I understand they play different styles, but with guys like Brady, Rodgers, Brees playing through their mid-30s and beyond, it's insulting that we finally got our franchise QB, and we rode him into the ground by 30. And for similar skillsets, Russell Wilson is still going strong. Rodgers is pretty mobile, has taken a lot of hits, and he's still going strong. In the past Vick and Cunningham both played into their 30s without major injuries derailing their careers. The way this staff and organization used him up like a piece of meat despite the sheer amount of talent and impact he had is despicable.
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