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  1. I quit soda over a year ago, but yuck. #pepsigang
  2. I'm excited. I'm also curious as to whether he's already attempted to throw a deep pass? I'm guessing he has if he's cleared to throw in drills... and if he's still pain-free, that is awesome.
  3. After playing with walking INT and sexual assault machine, Jameis Winston, I would imagine a guy like him is used to compartmentalizing his responsibilities separate from things out of his control. His other options are Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson - both second-year QBs who could hit big-time sophomore slumps now that the league has had a year to study them. I think both of those situations are more scary than the prospects of Cam's health.
  4. Not really interested, but even the lesser version of Coleman was better than Adams was last season. He also would fare better with the new alignment/front seven, especially if we get McCoy.
  5. It means Torey Smith took his pay cut. McCoy signs for two years at 11M per. McCoy gets 11 sacks each year.
  6. TBH, with all of my criticism of Rivera, I have to say, having followed McCoy since college, I think he and Rivera are kindred spirits and that will work in our favor. My criticisms of Rivera have revolved around his coaching, but I've always maintained that I believe he us an outstanding human being and high-character individual, and from everything I know of McCoy, he is the same. This would he a huge steal for us at this point, if we can pull it off. The fact that we even have him in for a visit is exciting.
  7. They downgraded us for losing Funchess and mentioned Torrey as an outside threat?
  8. Also worth pointing out, that the report about the 11M offers was "per year," which I can only assume means he usn't gonna be taking a 1-year deal either. But, I'd be happy with giving him a front-heavy two-year deal.
  9. DJax is fast, but man, Ginn's speed on the field was something to behold.
  10. Via PFT: According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, McCoy has drawn interest from 10 teams with offers coming in up to $11 million per season. The amount of interest has reportedly “overwhelmed” McCoy and he appreciates the decision by the Glazer family to release him when they did. McCoy will visit the Cleveland Browns on Friday. The Carolina Panthers, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts are among teams reportedly interested in McCoy as well.
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