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  1. That sounds bigger than just depth.
  2. https://www.panthers.com/news/panthers-claim-dillon-gordon-off-waivers CHARLOTTE – The Panthers have claimed offensive tackle Dillon Gordon off waivers from the Chiefs. The 6-foot-4, 322-pounder spent last season on injured reserve with a shoulder injury. Undrafted in 2016 out of LSU, where he primarily served as a blocking tight end, Gordon was signed by the Eagles and started out as a tight end before shifting to guard and then eventually making the 53-man roster as a tackle.
  3. Proudiddy

    Sam Amick: "Kemba More Likely To Leave Than Stay"

    You're right. Well, it's still worth gauging what his market value is, signing him to that, and then trading him... Idk man, I just feel like the worst thing we could do is let him walk for nothing. I know it's easier said than done, but hopefully we can find a deal for him.
  4. Proudiddy

    Sam Amick: "Kemba More Likely To Leave Than Stay"

    I want to sign him to a max and then trade him, and I love Kemba... but we have to get assets and start rebuilding. And if we don't pay it to him, another team will... may as well get something of value in return.
  5. That was hands down the worst pick, both when it was made and now revisiting it almost a year removed. I expect Gaulden will wash out pretty quickly. He wasn't athletic enough to play corner, so they talked about moving him to safety. Yet, he lacks the instincts, range, and physicality to play safety. So, he has no position... the talk of playing him at nickel is even more confounding to me bc even at nickel, you dont have to be blazing fast with top end speed, but you have to be quick, explosive, agile, and preferably strong... none of which describe Gaulden.
  6. Proudiddy

    Around the league FA moves

    That sucks man... if he could ever stay healthy, I'm convinced he is a very good receiver... but, I don't trust that arm to hold up to anything at this point, but I hope he stays healthy and puts it all together there.
  7. I figured they'd lay off of him once the settlement was made. That's ridiculous.
  8. Proudiddy

    Around the league FA moves

    Hmm... wondering if he's let go if he would be willing to take the vet min. to join a division rival and seek revenge?
  9. Proudiddy

    FA Target: Allen Bailey

    Would be a GREAT move! But, he seems like the perfect Patriots-kind-of-guy signing at this point in his career. I hope we get him though.
  10. Proudiddy

    Gronk retires

    Wow. Didnt think he would actually retire yet... figured he'd just take it year by year, but he has been beaten up a lot. Great player.
  11. I still think FS, edge rusher (depth or starter), and backup QB. In that order.
  12. I loved Mayock. Kiper is ok. Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks are prolly my favorites now that Mayock is gone.