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  1. That contract earned him a reputation he hasn't lived up to... and that reputation is what got him this Pro Bowl, undeservedly.
  2. Yeah, the no-call on Lewis was bad, but the refs turned around and called PI on Barron first pass of OT that almost put the Taints at midfield, and they still blew it. I don't want to hear poo about officiating after what the NFL did to us in the Superbowl. They wouldn't even let us move the fuging ball. Phantom holding on offense anytime we made a play, pass interference on defense when we stopped them... so, idc how bad the call was.
  3. Changing of the guard, young gun QBs/future of the NFL, rematch of best regular season game in recent history...
  4. Proudiddy

    LMAO... Suck it Saints

    I love it... sweet justice. The greatest no call in NFL history. Can't wait for Sean Payton to drown in his vicodin-tinged tears.
  5. I felt like he had kind of regressed after the Steelers game, but I suspect there may have been a confidence issue after the AB TD. I also maintain that the AB TD was a offensive PI.
  6. I definitely dont think we're a realistic option, but I just wanted to say I definitely don't think he commands a first round pick... the WR market is volatile and unpredictable... Brandin Cooks was traded for a first round pick, while other guys haven't garnered the same return. Also, Brown is 30 and has a history of locker room/off-field drama... I'm guessing a 3rd round pick at most.
  7. Tbh, I've been thinking about it a lot more the last few years... how aggressive our defense looked in the 3-4 days. Growing up, I viewed the 4-3 as the ideal defense. Simple. Stock. But, with the evolution of the game, my views on defense have changed... although the bulk of defense is played out of the sub packages now, when you need to generate pressure and confuse an offense, the 3-4 is the way to go... you can give multiple looks pre snap and then run something completely different once the ball is snapped. It just feels more aggressive and intimidating. And if you look at the recent perennial contenders, the majority run 3-4... outside of Seattle, I can't think of another recent champion that ran a 4-3. And with the turnover required across the defense at this point, and the lack of effectiveness in the 4-3 from the personnel we currently have in the front 7 outside of Luke, I think it's perfectly timed.
  8. Proudiddy

    TD not returning per WFNZ

    This is stupid. I dont agree with this decision at all... TD still has plenty left in the tank. I understand needing to know when to cut ties with aging vets is paramount to running a winning organization, but so is knowing when to hang on to aging vets who can still play. TD can still play at a really high level, and outside of Luke, he is still our 2nd best LB. There's even video from the Steelers blowout earlier this season where Tomlin is just unabashedly fanboying out about TD, including a play he made during the game demonstrating his athleticism and IQ... and from my own eye test, I haven't seen any noticeable drop off in ability, so, I just don't get it. And TBH, Shaq sucks, and TD in his late-thirties is better than Shaq is on his best day... so again, I just don't understand this decision. Really dumb. Best of luck, TD... a Panthers Legend, and keep pounding! (I think he ends up with either the Saints, the Bucs, or the Bills.)
  9. Proudiddy

    Knock Knock. Who's there?

    Disgusting... but maybe there's hope. From the article:
  10. Proudiddy

    Montez Sweat 6'6 245 DE/OLB

    Looking forward to the ultimate slap in the face... having to trade a few spots up to get a guy we need, that we could've had if we just lost.
  11. Proudiddy

    Peppers might not be done.....

    @SIGCHI222 any idea? Is he planning on being here or elsewhere for 2019?
  12. Proudiddy

    Raiders Hire Mike Mayock as GM...

    Full disclosure, I just always appreciated his in-depth study and analysis of the picks. I didnt pay attention to his mocks, but rather, I just liked to hear his breakdowns of guys - the good, the bad, the strengths, the weaknesses, etc. That and he is a football lifer. He is NOT Mart Hurney. The dude played football through the professional level and knows football... that being said, that doesnt mean it makes him a great decision maker as a talent evaluator. I just appreciated his knowledge of prospects and thought that COULD translate well into an official front office position. And again, Washington reportedly offered him their job last year and he turned it down... only reason I can think that he took Oakland's instead is all of the upcoming first rounders?
  13. Proudiddy

    Raiders Hire Mike Mayock as GM...

    Ok... well, this thread was a great success lol.
  14. Proudiddy

    Tampa Bay is going after Bruce Arians

    Lol, there would be no greater insult to my fandom than having made the suggestion multiple times to hire Arians (before Rivera and again this season if Rivera was fired), only to have Arians hired in division and then go on to whoop our ass twice a year. Smh...