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  1. yeah, they are about to sign a deal that will allow NHS to import drugs from the US which will only mean prices get raised and they know this.
  2. g5 and his immense political knowledge definitely knows how this will play out guys. Trust him
  3. i hope he doesnt survive this. alot of noise around him and just in time for iowa. If bernie can win iowa and new hampshire its a wrap. Cause he will win cali and nevada
  4. to answer your dumb ass question, if jared or rae curruth did the same type of atonement and betterment of their sins like vick has and subway/nfl deemed them worth for a second chance no im not going to start a petition to have them removed out of some moral indignation. Thats the difference between me and you. you want to rest on some moral high ground that your view people who do bad things are labeled as such for all of existence. they should never get another job opportunity, they should never be allowed back in public life. that 100% makes you a pos. and the fact that @Anybodyhome and you are so caught up on the racism aspect when multiple black posters have come in this thread and expressed the same thing shows how tone deaf you guys really are.
  5. petes lack of younger and POC support is the death knell for him. the media cant manufacture that and they cant be seen pushing that. He has 0 shot of actually winning because of that. Thus you see the shift.
  6. using your collective power to take a job opportunity away is 100% you being a pos. sorry to burst your moral bubble there
  7. When Mayo Pete and Warren are both getting poo on by the media and not being treated with kid gloves anymore.
  8. ok cool. dont forgive him. but to activately hold him back because YOU wont forgive him makes you pos. full stop.
  9. we differ in the idea people are capable of redemption then. i dont think you actually whole heartily believe that. or i guess a better way to put it is that you dont want to have to witness someone try to come back from that sort of thing in public. if it were up to you people would just go crawl into a corner and die. I choose be a more understanding person. Not hide behind some sense of moral indignation.
  10. no hating people who have paid their debts, atoned for their sins, and made actual efforts to right wrongs afterwards who are black while giving passes to other people is rooted in racism. it may not apply to everyone. but you are lying to yourself if their arent people who are comfortable hating on vick while keeping their mouth shut about others who havent gone as far to mend situations as vick has. i would counter that not adding the context of vicks impoverished and violent upbringing as a lens in which to view his indiscretions is even more dumb and willfully ignorant of the violence poor people are brought up in. It would be wise to education yourself before judging.
  11. hes still under contract, teams cant offer him anything. those 10 teams were willing to trade for him when the idea that he would be ready to play by week 8. instead his injury didnt heal right and he ended up having to be IR'd and have surgery. Cam staying makes more sense then him leaving.
  12. Either biden or warren dropping out helps bernie. Sadly she has a lot of cash left. she will atleast go through super tuesday.
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