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  1. You are the trumper lmao you aren’t fooling anyone
  2. The “im fiscally conservative, socially liberal” bs is the most centrist status quo bs thing to say. Man up and say you are a right winger. It’s plainly obvious
  3. You aren’t left wing lmao and I suspect you are lying about your support for the things you claim you do. Someone who is serious about these issues sees the policies Bernie has and it’s an obvious choice. your main issue aren’t the problems Americans face. It’s that you don’t like trump in the White House. but on some deep level I think you love having trump as president. All your republican policies are getting passed and you get to be the classic conservative conspiratorial nut on this board. It’s a win win for you.
  4. Idk, I look at someone extremely skeptically when they do want fryfan does. He says he’s progressive but when it comes down to nominations he has very weird and specific criticisms as to not vote for the progressive. And it mainly comes down to idpol stuff.
  5. No you disingenuous loser. The overwhelming majority of AA’s are middle or lower class. Fixing class issues directly benefits them. Your fake ass concern for Racial issues as a reason to not vote for the one candidate with actual policies to help are noted. thats tiki torch poo if you ask me.
  6. That’s cute coming from an “electability” guy
  7. 14% of the population vs 60%+. You are just wrong. You create the climate to fix racial inequities when class ones aren’t the issue. You will never pass racial inequities because you can divide whites vs blacks on it. Like me I said, you don’t actually care about helping. You are only pretending
  8. You serious? You really going to talk about a candidate polling >1%? There are 4 or 5 actually candidates.
  9. The middle class as a whole has shrunk. There’s less class mobility in general. You can’t have less inequality in racial terms when there is still overwhelming class/wealth inequality in the first place.
  10. Serious candidates, come on now.
  11. I don’t believe you actually care about bold as much as you think you do. No other candidate in the field remotely comes close to creating an environment where race problems can actually be addressed and fixed. The country doesnt fix race problems from the middle or right. Every racial equality step forward has always come from the left. Class and race race have been linked since the founding of the country. Tricking poor whites that they are better than poor blacks when they have more in common than differences. You only begin to fix race issues when elites can’t divide via class. If you actually cared about racial issues there is really only one choice.
  12. It’s really obvious concern trolling. He doesn’t care about the hundreds of thousands of other kids suffering in debt right now so why tf would he care about a future group of kids “not getting the same full benefit” it’s weak af
  13. This is a very shitty argument on why not to do something you know that right? No one ever makes this type of argument that we give tax breaks to people who own their own homes. It shits on all the people who rent. It’s because we as a society realize and put value on owning homes. We as a society put value on being educated yet stifle economic growth with indebting our younger generations. Some will benefit from this plan more. People always benefit from certain policies more than others. But the net positive greatly out ways the net negative. This is is a shitty right wing framing.
  14. The gaffes, increasingly obvious mental deterioration, and record will surely do that. He, at this point is only being propped up by a flimsy at best “electability” argument. once that argument erodes, his support slips. Bernie is the biggest second choice among Biden supporters.
  15. That will change once Biden eventually drops out.
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