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  1. You don’t know that. There are more instances of pigs getting off for murder even when they are caught in film than there are convictions.
  2. God, imagine the unrest if these fugers walk. People are upset about the protests now? If they walk I feel it will be a cultural flashpoint. Cause fug this poo
  3. M4A, Legalization, Overturn Citizens United, GND, Debt cancellation, and moving away from capitalism for me
  4. How you act when you realize that people won’t compromise their values and integrity as easily as you will
  5. That’s rich coming from you lmao your point is that 1) she did nothing wrong(false) 2) she could be a leftist(false, she’s a mayo Pete supporter) 3) she apologized so she isn’t racist(also false. Just because a racist apologizes doesn’t mean they aren’t racist.) im not missing anything. You are being a racist apologist.
  6. Racists 100% apologize when they are caught being racist and their lives get ruined for being publicly racist as they should. i can post countless examples of racists doing terrible poo then apologizing after facing consequences.
  7. You seem pretty defensive. All that I did was point out that you didn’t have to vote for biden.
  8. You don’t have to vote for biden either. You just choose to vote for one senile old rapist over the other.
  9. This is a biden thread. If you want to have a discussion about trumps recent comments make a thread about it. Trying to highlight trumps comments in a biden thread and using them as cover to what GJBC is saying IS whataboutism. “I also stated very clearly that the complaints about Biden are coming during the same weekend when Trump made comments which are also not unexpected. ” this is whataboutism. Make a thread about trump if you want to have a discussion about it.
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