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  1. Would you care to explain how actual data has less intellectual capital than your opinions? Which i mean let’s be perfectly honest here are 100% worse than polling data because at least there is some semblance of fact supporting it. The only person who is spitting clownish hot takes is the guy who calls his opinions facts and takes serious level trump think to discount actual numbers.
  2. Dude honestly what goes through your brain where you can legit think your own opinions are facts and actual numbers complied and verified aren’t true? that has to be some sort of mental disorder or the worst case of cognitive dissonance I’ve ever seen
  3. CRA is such a fuging mark and he doesn’t even know it lmfao
  4. It’s really sick and fuged up libs have weaponized minorities to vote against themselves. If not bernie there isn’t any candidate in the field purposing policies that haven’t already been failing them for generations
  5. idk biden is still positioned really well sadly. Bernie needs to win Iowa NH and Nevada for biden to start dropping in super tuesday
  6. Yeah especially when millennial and gen z generations can’t count on the same systems that older generations have relied on which gave them confidence in those systems.
  7. god, fuging heat is being dropped ITT today I love it.
  8. harbs doing his best ENLIGHTENED CENTRISM act here smh
  9. This is your single biggest issue that must be something deep seeded within your psyche that you can’t seem to overcome. your thoughts, views, opinions, or ideas ARE NOT FACT. just because you view something a certain way does not mean you are right. you think bernie got punked? Cool. The vast majority of people watching this don’t agree. That doesn’t make your assessment of the situation the right one. It’s just your ramblings on what happened. when you say things like “if my perception is Baker Mayfield comes off as a douche? that simply is what it is. I'm not wrong if you happen to like Baker Mayfield.” it proves you don’t really have a strong grasp on the difference between subjectivity vs objectivity. you can have a subjective opinion but still be objectively wrong. learn the difference before you spit your nonsense
  10. the players have a decent amount of leverage. as usual you have zero clue what you are talking about lmao
  11. I also love when he says his opinions are "just facts" lol
  12. Unions are good and I’m glad for them too. We should have more of them in this country.
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