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  1. i know full and well what the boomer generation is. Maybe one day youll understand that the term boomer means more than just being from that generation....
  2. Explains the boomer responses. 1990 here.
  3. Of course it doesn’t. The demographics of country absolutely matter when it comes to predicting the popular vote. moreover if trump loses the popular vote but wins the EC then that’s the result they will use. They will complete ignore the popular vote. You know why? Because that’s not what decides the election. but you go ahead and see how winning the popular vote but not the EC does for you.
  4. Republicans have won the popular vote exactly 1 time in the past 20 years. I think I’m pretty safe in voting for someone who speaks to my values in a solid blue state.
  5. So we agree that voting third party in a solid blue state is indistinguishable from actually voting for biden? cool cool cool.
  6. Let’s re cap for the viewers at home because obviously GIGA brain Captroop over here can’t follow. Me and rodeo are talking about our healthcare system in which the ACA(our current healthcare system) has estimated 60k preventable deaths a year from lack of coverage, under coverage, rationing of care, etc where as M4A saves those 60k people. Me and rodeo are in discussions on whether a vote for biden continuing that system means his voters are on the hook for the 60k deaths because our healthcare system has failed them. Perpetual dip poo captroop comes in and says “what about trumps policy about re opening the country and all the covid deaths! Derp” And now wants to claim talking about the merits of voting for biden or not and the direction of our healthcare system at large is the same as whatever trumps perceived re open america will do to covid numbers. He is unironically trying to say I’m “artificially constraining” the conversation to healthcare policy and not including covid response. The drooling baby is soooo out of his depth here and watching him fumble around is quite funny. Healthcare policy = issues that BLM supporters are fighting for trumps covid response = saying white lives matter too as a deflection from BLM supporters talking about their issues. can you follow that mouth breather or do I need to continue to hand hold you through it?
  7. Lmao the levels of pure incompetence you display at every given chance is hilarious. Keep going please
  8. Cool! that’s 100% your right. Now leave me tf alone when I vote for my candidate and stop trying to blame me for poo that’s not my fault. Agreed?
  9. Artificially constrain the conversation? It’s called context dip poo. Your argument is equivalent to saying “what about white lives! They get killed by the police too!” To a BLM supporter. God you are fuging dumb
  10. Rodeo, if I’m in a solid blue state and Biden carries that state, do you know if I voted for biden or not? You don’t. My vote is effectively meaningless in terms of who decides the presidency. But my vote is absolutely meaningful in protesting that the Dems platform doesn’t go far enough and they have to earn my vote. I will not accept you trying to lay the Democrats failings at my feet and telling me I’m shooting them in the head.
  11. Reminder this conversation started when you tried to pin 7.25 per hour on me and claim I was hostile to workers. it’s pure fuging gaslighting rodeo.
  12. Of course it was a non sequitur. When me and rodeo are taking about the healthcare system at large and you come in and say “what about covid deaths” it is a complete non sequitur. It doesn’t even logically follow the preceding conversation me and rodeo were having. Then you go on to say that me calling out your non sequitur is me being ok with the 230,000 deaths from covid. Something I know for a fact you can’t quote me on saying with is again a strawman argument. So like I said, come back when you look how to logically form an argument, when you understand what these things mean and when you go back and re read the conversation. Hahah ok man whatever you say. But I’m pretty sure any casual observer can see you repeatedly struggle in any conversation you have. But yeah keep thinking you are smart. It’s funny
  13. Are you seriously going to make the comparison that a vote for a third party candidate is tantamount to loading the gun and pulling the trigger on people?! This is pure lunacy Rodeo.
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