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  1. Don't see the point in trading Cam and rebooting the franchise unless we also dump CMC. He's by far our best player and he happens to play at a position that is famous for having no value or longevity. If we had a RBBC we would have lost, what, one or maybe two more games? Giving him a big extension when we are in rebuild mode would be an enormous fuging mistake. We could replace CMC's production with 2 or 3 other cheaper RBs/a WR. Why keep him around while we suck? Dude is gonna get eroded to dust with how hard we work him from our awful stopgap QB dumping off to him/running the ball a ton and he's gonna be wasted by the time he gets to his second deal. His trade value will never be higher than it is right now.
  2. the article where tepper talks about 'i hear this team has an owner with some resources' is one of the worst, most cringe worthy things i've ever read when it comes to football. spending money on a fuging sports science facility and new team headquarters (except those are actually taxpayer dollars lol) doesn't mean poo if you have a GM who sucks and hire a college coach who can't even win a conference championship and has no specialty on either side of the ball. are people really buying into this poo? seriously?
  3. Having Hurney nailing 1st rounders at the helm and whiffing elsewhere has led to 8-8 or worse records ten times in thirteen seasons. Do you comprehend the gravity of that? LMAO!
  4. Second rounders taken under Hurney ranked from worst to best: Eric Shelton Bruce Nelson Dwayne Jarrett Jimmy Clausen Greg Little Everette Brown Donte Jackson Keary Colbert Amini Silatolu Deshaun Foster Richard Marshall Ryan Kalil Over 13 years he found 2.5 longer-term starters in the second round. His fourth best pick was a backup guard that hung around for awhile. Not really sure how anyone can defend this. I get that there are hits and misses in the draft but this is pretty overwhelming evidence that he simply has no idea what he is doing. And for fun, Gettleman got Curtis Samuel, James Bradberry, Devin Funchess, Kony Ealy, Taylor Moton, and KK Short in his five drafts in the second round. One was a day one starter, one of them was an All-Pro, and three or four will be starting for us next season. We aren't even sure Little or Donte will start for us next year. LMFAO!!!
  5. The moment we fired Gettleman (I know - not trying to re-litigate it) and re-hired Hurney as an "interim" was the most demoralizing thing I've experienced as a Panthers fan. Worse than SB50 (which I attended) or the 08 Cardinals game. Because it isn't just one game or one season; it's a mindset that will effect the franchise for years to come. And so far it has resulted in two seasons with 7+ losses in a row. Embarrassing.
  6. It's my understanding that Colbert/Pittsburgh have a year-to-year agreement and that he's the man as long as he wants to be. A Steelers fan I know said he's reportedly expected to align his retirement with Ben's.
  7. Not really interested in poaching from New England. Brian Daboll, Eric Mangini, Romeo Crennel, Matt Patricia, and Josh McDaniels all flopped. Bill O'Brien is doing okay. If we aren't getting Bill Belichick it doesn't really matter. Getting Kevin Colbert to leave Pittsburgh is a pipe dream. There's just no way that happens unless we offer him an obscene amount of money. Maybe we could get someone who works underneath him like Brandon Hunt, who was apparently in love with Antonio Brown and was largely responsible for him being drafted. He also pushed for the Minkah trade this year. Not bad imo.
  8. - Ron Rivera fired, Marty Hurney retained relentless vomiting - Marty Hurney fired, Ron Rivera retained vomiting - Ron Rivera and Marty Hurney both fired not bad - Ron Rivera and Marty Hurney both retained infinite vomiting
  9. you said everyone was average or good and our defense is clearly not average or good. either today or at any point in this season. the only times the defense has been good has been when teams refuse to run the ball, which it seems as if everyone has learned to do by now.
  10. dontari poe didnt play today and we gave up 250 yards to one of the worst offenses in the league. every player you said was average or good was on the field... there were also there with poe the other games where the run defense sucked. doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me!
  11. why are you exploiting taxpayers when you are worth $12b?
  12. Eric Reid has been a fine player for us. Not sure if you are aware of this but this is hands down the best pass defense we've fielded since 2015. Dunno what you're crying about. We didn't lose this game because Reid was late to assist Luke on one play, we lost it because Kyle Allen gave the ball away four times. We also didn't lose the game because Reid fights for social justice. And what makes you think this is his main focus throughout the season? Is it because he keeps getting asked about it (particularly after today's game since that's what this thread is about)? That's what the media does, kid. Especially after today's game since Kaepernick just had that work out yesterday and Kyle Allen fuging sucks. The media goes for low-hanging fruit constantly because sports reporting is a joke. These are the same people who hate Cam for being too black and celebrated Kyle Allen as the new franchise QB after one month of easy games where all he did was give it to CMC while the defense had 6 sacks and 3 turnovers every game. Also he should absolutely use any media availability to promote his desire for social justice if he wants. If you get a platform you should use it. And if you want to get upset about the media doing their thing, well, that's on you. Don't get mad at Eric for answering a question, dingus.
  13. Gosh, I would hope Panthers players weren't knuckle dragging cro-magnons and supported social justice and equality instead of deep throating the NFL's boot... Furthermore, this is a fuging idiot thing to say. I have disagreements with my coworkers and we still get work done. Imagine thinking that players are too stupid to focus on multiple things at once. Oh, Reid has something bad to say about the NFL and wants to defend Kaep??? HURRR THAT MUST MEAN HE ISN'T STUDYING FILM ENOUGH OR HIS MIND AIMLESSLY WANDERS WHILE HE'S ON THE FIELD. HE'S TOO BUSY WORRYING ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE BEING MURDERED BY COPS OR THE OWNERS TAKING ADVANTAGE OF PLAYERS. Do you people honestly believe this poo?
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