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  1. Our DLine has been gashed the past two weeks and barely gets any pressure. Acting like our DLine is anything better than above average is homerism. They have a top five DE in D-Law. They also have LVE and Jaylon Smith which is one of the best LB pairings in the league. It isn't like Shaq is a world-beater like TD was.
  2. We are only clearly better than Dallas at the TE position. Everything else is a push or we are worse.
  3. i mean, two of those had a dude right in his face so he couldnt really step into the throws...
  4. Eric Bienemy as a Reid disciple and always ahead of the curve Kellen Moore if things continue to progress well with Dallas Dave Toub who is maybe the best ST coordinator ever Greg Roman since he's made Kaepernick and Lamar look good Frank Reich assuming he is fired but I don't think he will be
  5. The defense in 2013 was way better. Hardy and CJ were terrifying. We had healthy Thomas Davis with a robot leg. The defense right now is struggling to get sacks when the '13 season I think put up 60. We also ran the ball a ton that year and gave up on it pretty much immediately last night. Only thing going for us right now is we have a pretty weak schedule with Bucs again, Cardinals, 49ers, Texans who have their own OL issues, etc coming up before the bye. We need to win three or all of these games to want a chance at the playoffs with how brutal the schedule becomes later in the year.
  6. I think we are pretty average, maybe above average, when we are playing our best ball. Too many avoidable mistakes are made (losing every fumble, 12 men in huddle or not rushing to LOS every fuging snap, etc). OLine is bad. No other way to put it. No idea why Daryl is at LT instead of Moton. Even Gettleman said when Daryl was drafted, "He's a right tackle." That guy and GVR are gonna get abused by mediocre-at-best speed rushers like Dante Fowler and Shaq Barrett all season. Moton or Little need to get a chance ASAP. Not buying the pass rush either. People love talking up our front seven but in reality, we only have an elite DL if you are looking at 2015, not 2019. McCoy and Poe aren't special anymore and Short isn't elite either, though still good. Another inexcusable thing is no screens called when we are getting blitzed like crazy, and that god awful trick play to end the game, which EVERYONE knew was coming. Not one person watching was fooled. Like, how do you mess that up? How do you not go with a money play like Armah and Cam diving up the middle? Like I said earlier, easily avoidable mistakes are killing us. I'm actually slightly encouraged by Cam's play last night. I haven't seen that much zip or air underneath his passes since 2016. Maybe he just needs game action to get back into a rhythm and get used to the timing again since he's been mostly dinking and dunking the past two years. I do hope his foot is okay and that he can begin running again. Excellent dimension he brings to the offense and we're clearly worse off without it. Not convinced he's done. I mean, he just outplayed Goff last week and no one is saying Goff is done. I am however, done with Rivera and Norv. I just don't envision us winning the big one with them. We need an offensive minded coach who can take advantage of the tools we have with guys like DJ and Samuel and CMC who can line up all over the place, in addition to what Cam and Olsen obviously bring to the table. It doesn't make sense that we don't have constant big plays and guys getting open all the time like when I watch other teams play. It's embarrassing that we are so behind.
  7. donald didn't show up in the box score but we were doing a lot of quick passes to avoid getting sacks and fowler dropped cam twice, including once on a stunt from donald and a second time when daryl failed to kick out. not a great performance from the OL on the pass blocking side of things. congrats on this pyrrhic victory though, looks nice alongside your 32-13 prediction!
  8. aaron donald probably poops on GVR and paradis. best hope at winning is luke switching up the defense for goff once mcvay is turned off. really gotta hope we can contain gurley and the new rookie RB as well. eric weddle, aqib talib, and marcus peters are all experienced vets going up against a pretty young and unproven wideout crew. like i'm pretty surprised this board keeps talking up samuel and moore. samuel has proven next to nothing and his ability to score on bizarre plays is probably not sustainable. he also has the camp mvp curse to worry about. dj had a good streak but needs to prove he can be consistent. no one has any reason to think wright or hogan will have some miraculous career resurgence and then we have two random returner waiver pick ups... we really need to establish the run game and try to attack the middle of the field on short and intermediate passes. we can lean on cmc and olsen. they're great players. that'll open things up for the young kids hopefully. so anyway i'm predicting a close loss. rams are rusty from not playing much in preseason and traveling but ultimately they're the defending champs and have a great roster. oh well.
  9. this was his plan all along. great move for player rights in the NFL. great day in general as well since julio just got a nearly completely guaranteed contract.
  10. tepper should force hurney to sign him. tepper probably knows him okay, right? then we don't have to worry about curtis samuel facing the camp mvp curse. will open things up more for him, dj, cmc, olsen...
  11. Daryl Williams has never been an All-Pro. I think he was just the highest graded RT by PFF. Paradis is one of the better centers in the league... then why didn't Denver keep him after he had a major injury? I'm aware Little is a rookie. But he was skipped by the Texans for a D2 player (and Matt Kalil lol). Buffalo traded up (someone very familiar with our scouting tendencies) because they thought we were going Cody Ford (who is penciled in to start for them, by the way). Lastly, if you want to talk up Moton and Williams.... guess which GM acquired those players? I'll give you a hint: he isn't our GM anymore.
  12. Well it's a good thing we have a great GM like Marty Hurney signing injured centers like Matt Paradis. And trading up for Greg Little, who the Texans passed on. And he isn't good enough to start at LT over a career RT in Daryl Williams.
  13. good for him. colts seemed to really mismanage his injury a couple years ago and now with this mystery ailment... same thing you're seeing with trent williams with washington at the moment. not right to do this to players. at all. he's smart, has money, and can get out before he takes more damage. anyone giving him grief is a dick.
  14. unable to log into my account whenever i come here on account of forgetting my password and being locked out after only two tries (stupid) didn't feel like making a new account caved yesterday and this has been my first chance to complain about it tbh
  15. embarrassingly bad nickname, please do not use it again
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