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  1. Cam just basically admitted that he hurt in his presser . Damn he’s done for
  2. Cam is done . Curtis Samuel could’ve had a 3 td game “at least” if cam could sling it like he once could . Dude was running wide open with no safety help plenty of times man this hurts to watch
  3. I’m tired of this excuse man . Cam my guy but I’m a Carolina panthers fan. It’s time to cut bait and let him herb healthy with another team. It’s been what 3-4years of this he hurt excuse
  4. I never seen a offense coordinator lose a game like tonight . Even if you take the last play away . His calls were garbage. I knew we shouldn’t have took him after the Vikings literally blame everything on him
  5. This is about as bad i felt after a lost since the Super Bowl . Man something not rightness something has to change and not in the off-season . Now !
  6. This is sad we are struggling against the bucs at home . You can’t make this up . Damn
  7. Norv go to crossing route literally every third down if i notice it norv I’m sure other nfl teams do too lol
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