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  1. I was caught up in the Simmons hype at first . I still am . But Okudah gotta be my top choice rn . BPA and Need perfect mix
  2. I like Crock but he’s not a number one . I would like him back tho
  3. Uh okay so wtf are we gonna do at corner ?
  4. Imagine giving up on a former mvp who’s only 30 only to give Teddy Bridgewater a contract to lead your team lol . This new regime is looking real shady . Esp Tepper and now Rhule.
  5. Every time i see a Vikings game this guys pop out . He plays d tackle just as well as end and he small . Dude plays hard
  6. You guys are casuals . This guy is pretty good and play hard . I’m not mad at it and I’m not saying he will be a star . But comparing him to Mario Addison is the prefect comparison . I like his upside and we didn’t pay him way too much .
  7. Draft BPA . If he there grab em. People have to get it out of their mind that we can fix our defense in just one draft . I wish we could but it’s gonna take time . Always draft BPA with a mix of need
  8. Not everybody . brown Simmons and Okudah all have great arguments as being the number 2 defensive product . One will fall further than we all expect . Only reason i feel that way is because we need a corner just as much as D tackle . If not I’ll def take Brown over Okudah
  9. When it come to the draft we so damn predictable every year lol . Last year was embarrassing how the media knew our whole draft except for scarlett weeks before it happened . I do like Brown tho . But I’m leaning towards wanting Okudah and Simmons more
  10. You said all that and it still was a bad trade . If we even had got a 7th rd pick i would’ve been more okay with it . But we did a straight up trade for an older guy when we had all the leverage . It’s not that hard but boy does this front office make it hard .
  11. And a day later Jason peters and Trent becomes available . Lol hurn dawg never fail
  12. Hmm def a Cam move . The old coaches should’ve did the same . They never helped cam in any kind of way with technique cause they weren’t football savvy at all
  13. So we def not taking a LT with our first pick. I’m starting to get a feeling Jeffery Okudah Just may fall to us and I’ll love it
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