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  1. Yeah idk why he have so many apologist on his behave . Dude is shaky af . The fg they gave him in this game even look like he missed it. Never liked him. Misses crucial fg rather it’s short or long . N somehow always getting his kicks blocked
  2. Lol oh Joey lol every time he misses a fg during a game we lose by less than 3 every time. He garbage af
  3. Looking at this site and the amount of posts you have made i damn sure can’t tell lol
  4. I don’t understand football at all teach me sir . You have all the answers i truly seek in this game called football .
  5. You wanna be noticed so bad we weren’t even speaking on you master lol
  6. Awh yes the go to privileged move. Attack ones knowledge when they don’t see eye to eye with you . You mad . Drink some milk and relax Timmy
  7. Who football knowledge did i attack ? I’ll wait . Who did i get mad at for not agreeing with me ? Buddy made an obvious subliminal towards me but wasn’t man enough to quote me so i responded likewise . Don’t talk poo then tuck your tail . At least you were man enough to quote me .
  8. “ Agree with me on everything or you don’t know football no in between “ - Huddle
  9. It’s always someone on here attacking someone football knowledge just cause they don’t agree with them on a topic . Some of y’all too “old” for that .
  10. Who would you rather have Star or Aaron Donald . Exactly that hidden stat poo can only take you so far . N no one is saying brown suck i thinks the question went over a lot of you guys head . Based on his position he was taken was he worth it . And honestly that’s to be determine . Not cause he suck but because he was taken so high .
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