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  1. If I’m not mistaken Ron and Hurney put together these crop of guys in this locker room . Why didn’t Tepper go with his gut feeling and just fire them last off-season .
  2. Stop calling him a rookie lol . I guess jimmy G is only in his second year then . That’s how it works right ?
  3. So your guy Kyle is literally handing the ball off to the other team and the first person you throw under the bus is Donte lmao you a joke once again. Donte fault we loss today guys. No one else
  4. Do you not see this team ? And how they fare against good teams . Hell the falcons were a 2 win team and took our pride at home lol . What the hell you think we can do if we make it to the playoffs please tell me my friend
  5. We def need to let will Grier get in there and spin the tires next week . See what we have . I mean we trading our franchise qb anyway why not ?
  6. Y’all think this is a mess just wait until next year when we trade cam for making us the most relevant this franchise ever been lol . Good times on the way . I don’t wanna hear no complaining this what you and media wanted so bad . So let’s deal with it guys . Come together as one lol
  7. This team give up when we down early under Ron it’s always been that way . He gone
  8. Trust me I’m thinking about a permanent nap after just seeing the late 3rd quarter up till now
  9. Y’all called me a Alabama fan when i said Ridley was better than dj or maybe he just like playing against Donte Jackson damn he getting toasted I’m sad
  10. I literally just woke up . What’s going on ? No way we performing like this all game after Kyle Allen just Put up 16pts and had the best 4 quarter we even seen in franchise history . All jokes aside somebody inform me what happen ?
  11. *Yawns im bout to go make me a mayo sandwich leave me in peace my friend
  12. You tell me my opinion is unsupportable based off what my friend ? “Your opinion” lol like i stated up there a hit dog always holler . You exposing your self getting your panties all in a bunches lol . Okay my friend yeah i just stated something i read on google and put in on here . You got me pal .
  13. Aww Look him upset i don’t conform to him ways . It makes him upset .
  14. You must be a guilty party . Your post scream guilt. A hit dog always holler .
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