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  1. I been saying let Bradberry walk. He’s only good against big bodied receiver anything with speed he is toast . He still good just not a number one corner . A perfect number two corner tho. I’m torn on Addison tho he so consistent
  2. Derrick Brown Isaiah Simmons Jeff Okaduh I guess a O Lineman Cedee Lamb
  3. Hey look guys a literal asshole is speaking shh and listen . You the only one that Take the term “film” on a forum and run with it as if we literally saying we are scouts . Then dick ride any other post in other threads that don’t agree the person you don’t agree with . Corny lol
  4. Nobody : Huddle: ima throw a temper tantrum if you don’t agree with me on every single thing i say . Then act like the smart guy/bigger man when it’s all said and done . Weirdos that’s why i don’t even like coming on here . We walk different paths of life . You couldn’t come where i’m at trust me
  5. Your welcome . You show a lot of Lil boy tendencies . Man up . It’s okay to disagree when having a discussion. Everybody that doesn’t agree with you . You do this . I’m starting to see this trend with you
  6. Highlights game tape film all Fall under the same category . it’s what you do with it is what counts . lol somebody upset . Throwing subtle jabs for no reason
  7. You also said you’ll take Jordan gross over Luke so i think ima stick my ideology when it comes to football over yours .
  8. Did you not see Eric Reid last year? if he can Simmons 100 percent can . Look at his film dude a freak . I thought the same thing until i actually watched him do it . I eve seen him play the slot better than his corners did .
  9. Exactly never settle . Never ever . when it comes to relationships, life , nfl drafts . Never settle . Lol esp when you have options like we will have when the draft come up . But i doubt Simmons will still be on the board when it’s our turn to pick . If he make it pass the lion the gaints for sure gonna take him. I can see it now
  10. chase young > joe burrow is my point . but i agree he would make sense for team at 7th than he would at number one . The value is there . And idk man in 5 years he’ll be 30 I’ll pass on that . Good talent tho
  11. I agree LT hard to find but that’s why i don’t wanna risk the 7th overall pick on one unless you know for sure he hof worthy . I don’t think this year Corp has one . They all look like RTs to me but I’ll admit i suck at scouting lineman . If that Tackle from Louisville is there in the second then I’m all for it he’s huge
  12. That was a win/win Btw lol but Luke edges him out by a yard or so . This pick really the only pick i give hurney major kudos for cause he went against the grain and took his guy and it turned out great . But even then his guy retired early on us lol I’m jk but still damn ima miss Luke
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