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  1. Easy. They’d have to relocate, plain and simple I mean come on, there’s no damn way I’d be cheering for the LA Panthers (if Chargers moved back to SD or something), Portland Panthers, San Antonio Panthers, St. Louis Panthers, Los Panteras de Cuidad de México, etc etc The onnnnnnly chance of the Panthers moving and me still being a fan (to some extent, probably wouldn’t be as diehard).... would be if they moved to Toronto, my birth city. Huge Leafs and Jays fan already, but the Toronto Panthers, now that would be f’n weird. The Carolina Panthers. /thread.
  2. panthersphan

    Official NFC Championship Game thread.

    Nervous wreck over here lol let’s go RAMS!!!!
  3. panthersphan

    Official NFC Championship Game thread.

    Surprised Payton’s little bichass didn’t go for it there instead of kneeling...
  4. panthersphan

    Frank Garcia arrested for Assault on a Female

    Does not surprise me, Garcia’s a f’n assbag... I can’t believe WFNZ has given his dumbasss a platform for so long TBH.
  5. panthersphan

    Playoff hunt

    Gonna have to beat Seattle, TB, Cleveland and ATL ... losing twice to NO looks like a lock at this point. 10-6, and that’s if we go 4-2 over the last 6......goddamn today was a bad Loss.....
  6. panthersphan

    A tale of two coaches

    They put in Dobbs in the 4th.....
  7. We’ll win 4 in a row and then lose to NO twice and beat ATL = 11-5
  8. panthersphan

    Just the plain honest truth

    10-6 second round playoff loss
  9. panthersphan

    WHAT THE fug

    Yeah this is f’n pathetic. Not even a retaliation penalty on Pittsburgh, horsesshit We’ve been dominated by Pittsburgh and the refs... doesn’t change the outcome. But doesn’t give us a chance with this ridiculously lopsided refs
  10. panthersphan

    The Best Panthers Bar In The World

    Gee thanks bub;) I’ve been in Denver for 7 years and have never watched a game there. I went there once in 2015 and the place was so GD crowded I could barely see the TV. It was a playoff game, so I left and went home to watch. And I do love watching the Panthers from my home...but I HAVE TO go watch a Panthers game there at least once! Bucket list for sure, need to make it happen this season. maybe Linville and I should hit up a game soon! Whaddaya say?
  11. I had to drive through Utah during the game yesterday, would love to watch it today! Is there anyway to watch it without a GamePass account? Seemed like one of the best 1st halves in Panther history! But typical Rowboat Ron 2nd half........ gotta watch it somehow. Thanks in advance! GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!
  12. panthersphan

    Official Uniform Thread

    White on Black tomorrow, first time in the regular season.
  13. Or smoke?! Fvck that! No way would I be down with someone smoking cigs by me during the game. Hell no.