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  1. Well......at least they can finally rebuild.... MJ is a f’n joke...... terrible owner. TERRIBLE.
  2. Pretty ridiculous that the AD/MKG draft is still screwing us over........ until the Hornets get their sh¡t together, it’s hard to give a crap about the nba.....it’s depressing. I mean hell, look at the Pelicans , not only they miraculously land Zion.... they get a huge pull for AD. And the Hornets can’t even let MKG walk for free...... it’s f’n depressing..... #SameAsItEverWas
  3. I like Coke more, but Pepsi is Carolina.... I don’t like the move. We’re not Atlanta .......
  4. Got Jake? (remember how stupid that was?) I like his move though....next up: fire Mixon!
  5. Would e a fantastic move, he should've never left to begin with...he is the voice of the Panthers. Mixon is grabage.... sooooo bad..... literally the only time it's worse to mute the TV and put on the local radio team...... Mixon isn't the voice of the Panthers, he's the old voice of UNC Football... and he's f/n terrible. #BringBackRosinski
  6. Aka we just made a butt load of money off of this!!! (That none of you will touch or see the remnants of)....
  7. Love this!!!! Amazing to see Pepp do his thing elsewhere and then come back to his roots with his beautiful family and establish themselves in Charlotte. Very cool!
  8. Post the article.... I’m not giving the Falcons fan page a hit. Not a chance.
  9. Hellllyes not to mention, Evander Holyfield is a Panthers fan now....
  10. Yeah because the Panthers were going to get a starting S in the 5th round............ O.o
  11. Sorry but I always thought it was... but until I realized that Tennessee’s is “Titan Up” last night..... tighten up...holy fug
  12. Cam isn’t getting any younger, we need a solid option behind him in case he gets hurt again. His shoulder might not even be 100% this season, we need a damn backup. And have for years. If he becomes a solid backup, this will be a nice pick late in the 3rd round.
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