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  1. No. LT. CB. FS. DE. OLB. OL. RB2. This team still has a ways to go to become elite again.
  2. Elway is such a f'n tool.... I live in Denver too. Can't stand the guy...
  3. panthersphan

    Eric Berry Released

    Ummm Tennessee has an NFL team too ya know.......
  4. panthersphan

    More info on team HQ relocation

    Nothing but speculation, but I bet the new stadium eventually gets built where the current practice fields are Uptown. As a Charlotte kid who has no ties to SC besides my girlfriend is from Aiken - we live in Colorado now - I'm a bit bummed about them moving the practice facilities and HQ to Rock Hill, but I completely understand this move. Hell, it is the Carolina Panthers and all SC has ever had is TC and the inaugural season 24 years ago. And let's be honest, Rock Hill is basically a Charlotte suburb at this point anyways. I would've loved to see them put the HQ and practice facility at the old Knights site, utilizing and repurposing a wasted plot of land that once meant something to the region. Also would've been 15-20 minutes from my parents place back in Charlotte... But anyone worried about them moving the stadium to SC one day should relax. This move gives SC their share of the team. They are the Carolina Panthers, that's been Tepper's point the entire time, and moving the stadium - along with everything else - would completely contradict the entire point of this move and the whole 0ne Carolina thing, to market the team in SC more and to build a larger overall fanbase which = more revenue. If they built a new stadium in SC, then it would be all SC, no NC...which makes no sense from a marketing and revenue standpoint as it would alienate the rest of NC even more from the team. That won't happen under Tepper's watch. He has said time and time again that Charlotte is where this team will play and that it's the perfect place for them to be playing. And he's hinted at a new practice facility in SC since day one. He has been very transparent at this point, and I don't see that changing with him. This dude is different than JR, and we've seen that right from the get-go...
  5. Mick sucks.... bring back Bill!!!!!
  6. Mixon next please, thanks Tepp!
  7. panthersphan

    Browns the new super team

    America’s Team.
  8. Whalers night is a disgrace ....
  9. Easy. They’d have to relocate, plain and simple I mean come on, there’s no damn way I’d be cheering for the LA Panthers (if Chargers moved back to SD or something), Portland Panthers, San Antonio Panthers, St. Louis Panthers, Los Panteras de Cuidad de México, etc etc The onnnnnnly chance of the Panthers moving and me still being a fan (to some extent, probably wouldn’t be as diehard).... would be if they moved to Toronto, my birth city. Huge Leafs and Jays fan already, but the Toronto Panthers, now that would be f’n weird. The Carolina Panthers. /thread.
  10. panthersphan

    Official NFC Championship Game thread.

    Nervous wreck over here lol let’s go RAMS!!!!
  11. panthersphan

    Official NFC Championship Game thread.

    Surprised Payton’s little bichass didn’t go for it there instead of kneeling...