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  1. Seems like an End of an era kind of loss
  2. Probably another 7-9/8-8/9-7 season... or were really fuginng good and go 13-3
  3. What do you mean, 2 stadiums?! They would do what Atlanta did, and Denver and most cities that build a new stadium...they build the new one next to the old, and then demolish the old one once the new ones ready to go. A bridge connecting the two? Wtf lol
  4. Bullsh!t.... Plenty of NHL teams sell out regularly: Pittsburgh, Toronto, Washington, Minnesota, Las Vegas, Nashville, Winnipeg, Chicago, Montreal, NYR, etc etc... The ‘Canes, even during the best season in a decade, ranked 28/31 in the NHL in attendance; 14,300/night and only 76.7% full per night, which ranks 2nd to last at 30/31. Compare that to the Checkers, who put up just under 7,000/night which ranked 9th in the AHL...I guarantee a NHL team would be successful in Charlotte, and would be a better home than Cary....I mean, Raleigh... sorry but it’s true. I would imagine Tepper wants to keep the team in the Charlotte metro area. Who knows if downtown will ultimately be the spot, let’s hope. But I wouldn’t be shocked if it ended up by the new Stateline HQ... which would kind of suck.
  5. Well......at least they can finally rebuild.... MJ is a f’n joke...... terrible owner. TERRIBLE.
  6. Pretty ridiculous that the AD/MKG draft is still screwing us over........ until the Hornets get their sh¡t together, it’s hard to give a crap about the nba.....it’s depressing. I mean hell, look at the Pelicans , not only they miraculously land Zion.... they get a huge pull for AD. And the Hornets can’t even let MKG walk for free...... it’s f’n depressing..... #SameAsItEverWas
  7. I like Coke more, but Pepsi is Carolina.... I don’t like the move. We’re not Atlanta .......
  8. Got Jake? (remember how stupid that was?) I like his move though....next up: fire Mixon!
  9. Aka we just made a butt load of money off of this!!! (That none of you will touch or see the remnants of)....
  10. Sorry but I always thought it was... but until I realized that Tennessee’s is “Titan Up” last night..... tighten up...holy fug
  11. 0 SNF or MNF games ........wtf....... that’s ridiculous.....
  12. I love hockey... but the Canes won’t get by Washington unfortunately. And my Leafs won’t get by Bawwwston....I hate hockey.
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